Photo shoot
23 May, 2017

Last days of summer with my horny mates Valentin and Caleb

It was inevitable that my mates Val and Caleb were going to end up in a scene together. It just took a while for me to get the guys in the same place for it. Both Val and Caleb have been making regular appearances over the past year. I like shooting with them. They are fun and love sex. Being one of the last days of summer we decided to make the most of the remaining hot days by having some fun on the roof. There’s lots of teasing and kissing between the boys as they strip each other naked. We also took the super soakers up for a fun waterfight at the end. I’m really happy with the photos from this set. But I can tell that it’s getting late in the season from the long shadows. This was an crazy and very horny shoot. I will post the following hot video the guys made back in the studio later this week. In the meantime you can also see all of Val and Caleb’s other sex scenes now.

21 May, 2017

Jeffry Branson is jacking on my bed in this hot new video

My hot mate Jeffry’s new video is here. After taking loads of stripping and naked photos at my hotel, Jeffry strips one more time on the bed. Armed with some porn, lube and a fleshlight, he starts one very hot show. I follow Jeffry around the bed as he surprises me with a few new moves as he works the rubber fuck toy up and down his thick shaft. He’s a big boy and he uses all his weight as he pushes down into it. I got some great angles of Jeffry really going crazy fucking that thing. Eventually he gets up on his knees closer to the screen and tells me he’s about to cum. I get in to position just in time to capture his cum spill on to the bed. What a hot show from my handsome hung mate.

Photo shoot
20 May, 2017

Shooting with some of the hottest guys in the world – David Ivan

David Ivan would have to be one of the hottest guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with. This is the first photoshoot he did with me in Berlin. This guy looks great in a speedo. Though it was too cold to shoot outside so I had him posing in the skimpy speedo in my bathroom. The speedo soon slipped off as he started pouring warm water over himself. That beautiful big bum filled the speedo really well. But wait until you see David’s very thick cock. He works it hard very quickly as I click away from the floor beneath him. I wasn’t going to waste those muscle either, getting David to pump up those big biceps. David looks amazing and I’m really glad I got to hang out with him for a couple of days there. He’s a great model and a really sweet guy. I’m looking to shooting more stuff with him again later in the year. In the meantime you can check out David’s photos and his first video now in the member’s area.

Behind the scenes
18 May, 2017

Summer shoots on the roof with Jesse and Sam

It was so much fun doing this shoot with the boys to mark the end of summer shooting outside. I knew the hot days in Melbourne were just about over and I wanted to get one more rooftop shoot done. My sexy mates Jesse and Sam volunteered to come back and make one more hot scene outside. They looked great dressed in the footy gear, but even hotter hone they got naked and started playing up out there. This is the BTS video from the photoshoot on the roof. I moved the video cameras around to make sure you see every moment of the fun we were having out there. Jesse and Sam are really great mates to have. I am looking forward to making many more scenes with them this year. You can also check out their raunchy sex videos back in the studio.

Photo shoot
16 May, 2017

My beautiful mate Jeffry Branson came to visit

I was really happy to see my mate Jeffry Branson when I had a mid-winter visit to Budapest earlier this year. We had stayed in touch after I met him on our first visit there about 4 years ago. I was really surprised the handsome Hungarian had agreed to model for me after I saw him in a porn movie for one of the big US studios. He put on a really hot show in that first video, and I love catching up with him each time I get back to Europe. On this very chilly day in Budapest Jeffry is warming up in my hotel room this this hot strip show. I love making photo and video shoots with Jeffry. He’s a fun and really sexy guy. And check out those bum shots on the couch. I am looking forward to editing his new video this week. You can also check out his previous videos in Budapest and Berlin now in the me member’s area. I told him he looks like a lumberjack now with the beard and flanno shirt.

14 May, 2017

My hot straight mate Micky is jacking off at my hotel

I think Micky Petrov is one of the hottest of our straight mates I’ve gotten to shoot with. Since he was nervous in his first shoot last year, I wanted to get him back in for a second shoot. This time he was much more laid back and ready to get off while being filmed. Micky is super fit. I love his tight muscly body and very laid back nature. I made some great shots with Micky that day in the bathroom and again on my bed. And this video is pretty dam hot too. You might even see a surprise appearance in this video. Micky is one of our many awesome mates from Berlin. I’m looking forward to shooting more stuff with him later in the year. In the meantime you can see all his videos now loaded.

Behind the scenes
12 May, 2017

That crazy rooftop shoot with our hunky mate James Novak

This is the video footage from the day I spent with James out taking crazy photos out on the roof. This was actually James’ first day back after a long break. And since it was a hot day in Melbourne I decided to take him out on the roof armed with a skateboard and 2 bottles of champagne, of course. Well the purpose was because I wanted to do a regular shoot with James stripping naked on the roof. But I also wanted to get some Christmas themed shots with James popping a champagne bottle and spraying the champagne. There were two problems. It was windy, and James had never popped a bottle of champagne before. So mostly he was spraying it all over me while I lay on the ground taking the photos. It’s one of the funniest shoots I have done so far with my hunky friend. Make sure you check out all of James’ videos now loaded in the member’s area.

Behind the scenes
9 May, 2017

Behind the scenes with Oscar Wood in Berlin

This is the BTS video from my shoot with the very sexy Oscar Wood in the Berlin studio. I was really excited about meeting the Polish porn star for a long time. We had managed to work our schedules in Berlin so we could meet there and do this shoot. I had seen some of Oscar’s videos and photos before, so I already knew he was super hung and loved showing off. My favourite kinda model. We had already done some shots in the shower before Oscar changed in to those long socks, track pants and hoodie. I started to click away as Oscar stripped one more time. I really like the photos of his furry bum on the couch. But I still can’t get over that big cock. And the more photos I took, the bigger it got. I can see why Oscar is so popular in porn. He’s one very horny boy when it comes to putting on a show. Make sure you check out the video we made right after this photo shoot.

Photo shoot
8 May, 2017

Flexing and stripping – My hot mate Micky Petrov is back

The first of my European mates I got to meet up with during my recent visit to Berlin was Micky Petrov. We met for the first time last year. I remember he was really apprehensive about modelling for me back then. I love this super fit straight guy. My mission during this photoshoot was to try to get him to smile, because I love Micky’s mischievous smile. And since we don’t speak the same language, this was going to a tough mission. Dressed in some track pants and a Bonds ringer, we got down to stripping on the bed, and flexing those muscles. Micky is a real hottie. He works his cock stiff on the couch as I continue to click away. Finally I get some shots of that beautiful hairy bum before I finish up and start his video section of the shoot. It’s really great seeing Micky again.

7 May, 2017

Romain and Luc’s hot sex video is now here

After that hot shoot out on the roof, Romain and Luc returned to the studio to make this amazing sex video. The guys had already started playing with each other naked out on the roof. They were already turned on and ready to go by the time we got back inside. I grabbed the camera in time to catch the guys kissing and undressing each other again on the couch. Then Romain pushes Luc down on to the bed so he can get his face in to Luc’s bum cheeks and give him one of the best tongue fucks he’s ever had. You can see that Luc is loving all the attention. It takes Luc a little bit of time to accommodate Romain’s fat cock, but once he gets used to it a very long fucking session follows. Romain starts pushing Luc in to different positions so he can fuck his new mate from different angles. You must watch this right to the end to see the hot sticky mess at the end. It’s one of the hottest fucking sessions I’ve ever filmed. Luc could barely walk away from this one.

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