22 Oct, 2016

My new straight mate Kyle Decker jacking off on my bed

25 year old Kyle Decker is a giant man. He was very keen to try out at making porn. Even though he was a bit nervous about doing his first shoot in front of me, he did a great job of it. Being ex-military I’m sure there’s nothing this guy couldn’t do. I had just finished a really great photoshoot with Kyle stripping off and showing off naked in my Texas hotel room. So the only left to do now was to get off. Up on my bed with some porn running on the TV Kyle set to work getting naked again and jacking off. I got him to move in to a few different positions so I could make sure I filmed him from every angle. Eventually Kyle gets up on his knees and blows a load of cum across the floor. He’s looking pretty satisfied with himself as he heads for a shower.

Behind the scenes
21 Oct, 2016

Romain’s first shoot – Getting naked on the city rooftop

This is the video of Romain’s very first nude photoshoot. It happened on the last warm days of summer earlier this year. Our new mate was very amused about stripping naked in the middle of the city. I’m glad he kept his sense of humour when one of our neighbours “popped” up on the roof mid way through the shoot. Romain is a super nice and beautiful guy. I knew after this shoot that I would be inviting him around for more shoots. His hot action scene was Cody a couple of weeks ago was very popular. I love shooting these big guys in the sports kit out on the roof. They look very sexy, especially in those long sports socks.

Behind the scenes
19 Oct, 2016

Posing in his skimpy speedo – James Nowak in the hot tub

James is back in this solo hot tub shoot. I had the cameras set up to record our muscly mate’s speedo/strip shoot in the hot tub. There’s a bit more space in the tub today with James modelling alone. He is stripping out of his speedo and flexing while I move around the tub taking his photos. The photos from this shoot, as well as James’s shoot with Romain in the same room is already posted. I love making these shoots with James. I’m planning to do a lot more with James over this summer.

Photo shoot
18 Oct, 2016

Straight Ex-Military hottie Kyle Decker getting naked on camera

Meet our newest mate to join us naked on camera. It’s 25 year old Texan Kyle Decker. I met this chunky straight guy when I was visiting Austin late last year. Kyle was working as a personal trainer when I met him. But prior to that he was travelling to some of the most dangerous places in the world with the US military. I was really surprised by Kyle’s story and the life he’d already had at the age of 25. Physically Kyle is huge! He’s kind of a gentle giant. I found him to be really interesting to talk to. His background is so different to where I come from. After hearing his stories I could tell that posing naked and getting off in front of another guy was not going to be any problem for him. I like big chunky guys a lot. So it was fun shooting with Kyle and getting some great shots of him stripping off on the couch and the bed. I was really happy to get to meet Kyle during my time in Texas, and even more pleased that he is now living a much safer life back in the USA.

Photo shoot
17 Oct, 2016

Our beautiful mate with the XL cock is back in this strip show

My beautiful mate Damien is back in this impromptu hotel shoot. I met the 24 year old Aussie earlier this year when he came over to get naked on my roof. I was so impressed by this incredibly handsome boy that I invited him back for several more shoots with me and our mates. Damien looks great in and out of his clothes. He has a really fit slim body and one very very large dick. Today we are doing a simple strip show on the couch and on the table. Damien looks totally hot as he strips naked and starts showing off his body and cock. We finished off his shoot with some nude photos in the big window looking out over the city. I love shooting with Damien. Apart from being being beautiful, he also has a great positive fun attitude to getting naked, showing off and making porn. Make sure you check out all of Damien’s solo and action videos with our mates now loaded in the member’s area.

15 Oct, 2016

Matias gets a muscle massage and much more from James Nowak

The very sexy surfer boy Matias gets a full body massage from our hunky mate James. It didn’t really matter what these guys did in this video, I knew the action was going to be hot. The guys were already horny for getting each other naked during the photoshoot. It’s not long in to his massage when Matias starts pulling out James’ big dick from his undies. You can see James is already excited as his fat cock falls out and Matias quickly puts it in his mouth. James returns to the favour, going down on Matias’ throbbing cock. The guys eventually move over to the bed where there is lot more kissing and cock sucking. What an amazing hot video between my incredibly fit mates. I could film these guys rolling around on my bed again and again. I will also post the BTS video from this scene very soon. In the meantime you can enjoy all of James and Matias’s videos right now.

Photo shoot
14 Oct, 2016

Tristan Folder’s first nude shoot was in my shower

Quite often when I’m doing a solo shoot with the guys I’ll get them to do some shots in the bathroom or shower. It gives the guys a chance to show off their body in a speedo and for me to get some “wet” shots. Last year I met Tristan Folder in Berlin. It was my first time taking photos in this bathroom where the light is behind the model. So this was a bit of an experiment shoot. I’m not entirely happy with the shots, but I’m very happy with the model. These shower shoot scenes are very popular so I decided to post Tristan’s first photo shoot regardless. He’s a very sexy boy and I have since shot with him a couple of times again. He told me a couple of months later that he has become very popular after his photos on the balcony in the soccer gear were released. Make sure you check out all of Tristan’s photos and videos now loaded in the member’s areas.

Behind the scenes
12 Oct, 2016

Ryan shows off his big erection on the coffee table in this BTS video

I’m so glad I set the BTS cameras recording this fun shoot with my hung Asian 22 year old mate Ryan over at the hotel. We shot this in winter so we were stuck indoors for today’s scene. Ryan dressed in a collar shirt and tight jeans begun stripping as I took his photos. I love shooting with Ryan. He has a fun attitude to shooting and stripping off. Some of my best solo scenes have been with him. He gets rock hard just from the clicking of the camera. And he has an insanely beautiful round bum. I am already planning what fun shoots we will do together over this coming summer. In the meantime you can enjoy this BTS video of his photoshoot as well as all of his previous videos in the members area.

Photo shoot
10 Oct, 2016

Hooking up my horny mates James Nowak and Matias Toledo

I’m really excited about posting this shoot between my two horny mates James and Matias. After I met the South American hottie Matias a couple of months ago I knew exactly who I wanted to match him up with. James was eager to do this shoot too after I suggested Matias as a scene partner. Both of these boys are super fit and were very popular amongst members in their previous shoots. So putting them together was a no brainer. It was a funny shoot because the guys were actually a little bit shy around each other to begin with. Remember that they had not met before we got together for this shoot. But they easily warmed to each other once they started undressing and kissing during this shoot. I got the guys posed on the couch first, followed by the massage table and then the bed. Even though this shoot happened in the middle of winter and it was a little on the darker side in the studio, I was still happy with the quality of the photos. And the guys had fun with each other while working through this very horny shoot. Since the massage table was out we decided to go on to make a very hot massage video between the guys. I will post the very hot sex video between James and Matias later this week. in the meantime you can enjoy their photo set together as well as all of their previous videos in the members area. Oh man I love shooting with these sexy hot men in Australia.

9 Oct, 2016

Benjamin is working his fat cock in this new jack off video

My straight mate Benjamin is back today stripping and jacking off on my bed. By the time we got to making this video Benjamin was already pretty horny. I had already had him posing naked for me in the living room, and again in the spa tub. So he was really ready to get off now. I set him up on the bed with some porn on my computer. He was watching some stuff he had picked online and was intensely watching the sex going on while stroking his own fat cock. He got naked pretty quickly in this video. For much of it I laid on the bed filming him wanking his cock above me. I think Benjamin is such a beautiful looking boy. It’s a pleasure taking his photos and filming him jacking off. He is definitely one of my favourite mates to join us this year.

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