Behind the scenes
12 Nov, 2017

American hottie Jake Wilson stripping naked in the studio

This is the behind the scenes video taken from the Go Pros in the studio when I met up with American hottie Jake Wilson. I met Jake earlier this year when he was travelling through Melbourne. I could tell that he was apprehensive about doing this shoot. But I’m really glad he did it because the results look great! This video was taken during his photoshoot so you can watch him slowly stripping naked, showing off his bum, and then wanking his cock hard on the couch. I posted his photos and jack off video a few weeks ago, which were very popular. I’m not sure where in the world Jake is now, but I’d love to shoot with him again sometime.

11 Nov, 2017

Jacking off in the studio with our sexy mate Hunter Jones

My sexy mate Hunter is back this week stripping naked and jacking off in the studio. He was very popular when he last appeared on the site late last year stripping off and wanking in the hot tub. So I was really happy to hear that he was back and coming around for a new shoot. He’s a lot of fun to shoot with, and he’s really hot. We had just finished taking a load of photos from clothed to naked, so I got Hunter to get dressed one more time for the video. And with some porn on the TV our hunky mate begins stripping again. His focus is on the porn and getting his fat cock out. Hunter prefers to use his hand with no lube or toys. I get him to move in to some different positions so I can capture him jacking from every angle. I can tell when he’s close to blowing because the muscles in his chest and shoulders grow massive. And then with a few heaves my hot mate his squirting cum across the bed. And the thumbs up and big smile is a sign of how happy he is with another hot shoot wrapped up.

Photo shoot
9 Nov, 2017

My mate Justin Evans is getting all soapy in the kitchen

What a hot soapy shoot this was with my twink mate Justin Evans. We were having a lot of fun making loads of shoots when we met up in Berlin. And after I thought I had shot with him everywhere, I suggested we do a “wet” shoot in the kitchen. Justin thought it was funny to be starting the shoot wearing just a kitchen apron and some undies. I got him started washing up some dishes in the hot soapy water while I snapped some photos. But soon I started getting him to dump some of the frothy hot water over himself, drenching himself and the kitchen floor. The shots look good, but I want to get some better angles. So Justin jumped up on to the table so I can get some low down shots of him showing off his hole and balls between his legs. This is such a hot pose. I put more soapy hot water across his bum to really make it shine. And then we finished off with Justin stroking his big cock hard for me. I gotta say that it was really nice getting full naked shots of Justin without any gear on. And even though it was quite dull light on that day in Berlin, the shots still turned out great! And Justin is such a good sport doing all these different shoots with me.

Behind the scenes
8 Nov, 2017

Behind the scenes with Cris Knight – Shot by Seth Knight

When I met with porn star Cris Knight in New York earlier this year his partner Seth Knight was having his shoot on the same day. So I had Seth make this BTS video of me shooting Cris getting naked. It was fun spending the day in the hotel with these two hot guys. We had a lot of fun making these shoots too. You can see in the video how much fun these guys are. I also forgot how hot Cris’s bum is until I watched this again. At one stage during this shoot Cris points out that there are workers in the building next door with a full view of what’s going on in my room.

Photo shoot
6 Nov, 2017

Hunter Jones is back in Australia and stripping naked in the studio

My handsome mate Hunter is back in Australia for a short visit and popped around to the studio for a quick shoot. It was really great seeing the 26 year old again. You might remember Hunter came from country Victoria about a year ago and did a couple of shoots with me. His photosets and videos were very popular. Especially when he got naked on the roof. But now Hunter is back once again showing off his muscly tanned body. He looks great stripping out of his jeans and shirt, occasionally flashing a smile at the camera. When he gets naked he rubs his thick cock a few times and he’s rock hard for the rest of the shoot. So I get him standing up on the table so I can get some good shots of those big muscular hairy legs. It’s really great seeing Hunter back in Australia. And I’m glad he found time to drop by for this shoot. I will also load Hunters hot new video this week. In the meantime you can also check out his earlier videos.

4 Nov, 2017

Getting my hot mate Alen Reis off on the couch

This is the hot video that Alan Reis and I made on my couch in Berlin. The hung 19 year old Brazilian needed some help get an erection during the photoshoot so i jumped in to give him a hand. Well things progressed from there in the video. I loved getting Alan’s legs high in the air while I licked his hole. I could tell that he was getting off on the extra attention. I liked sucking on that massive cock too. We kinda forgot about the cameras and really got in to it. While Alan adjusted in to a new position I got my tongue right up in his hole while he ejaculated a thick load across his tummy. What a great way to end our first shoot! Alan is such a sweet guy. I can’t wait to shoot another scene with him.

Behind the scenes
3 Nov, 2017

Shooting with Jeffry Branson in this tiny hotel bathroom

I am getting caught on some of the BTS videos I made with the guys earleir this year in Europe. I don’t want to miss this one with my hot porn star mate Jeffry Branson. Jeffry is a straight guy I met in Budapest. He is one of the hottest performers I have had the pleasure shooting with. From memory this is the 4th shoot he has done with me. The video footage here is taken from the hotel bathroom Go Pro as I was shooting Jeffry stripping out of his speedo in the shower and showing off his fat cock. Make sure you also check out his latest video. It’s very hot. Jeffry is so much fun to shoot with. You will see when you watch his BTS videos.

Behind the scenes
2 Nov, 2017

Behind the scenes with Christiano as he strips naked in Berlin

How sexy is my mate Christiano. I was so excited when he planned a trip to Berlin to meet up with me again. The straight Hungarian had already finished a hot shoot with me 2 weeks before in Budapest. And now he was coming around for round 2. This is the behind the scenes video footage of his photoshoot in the Berlin studio. Even though this was shot in the middle of winter, the soft daylight was perfect. And Christiano looks so dam sexy in one of my flannelette shirts and boots. His photos turned out great and he also made a hot video where he busts a load of cum on my chest. I can’t wait to shoot with him again. He’s a super nice guy and likes showing off on camera. Make sure you check out all of his videos and photos.

Photo shoot
31 Oct, 2017

Meet my sexy new mate Alan Reis from Brazil

Check out my sexy new mate Alan Reis. I met this 19 year old Brazilian earlier this year during my visit to Berlin. I though Alan’s photos were pretty cute and I couldn’t wait to meet him. And I could tell right away when we met that this was going to turn in to a fun shoot. Dressed in just jeans and a skimpy t-shirt I started taking Alan’s photos. He was a bit nervous during this shoot, and didn’t speak much English. So I tried my best to make him feel comfortable. One surprise during this shoot was Alan’s massive cock. I was helping Alan get hard when this thing just kept growing and growing. I’m sure the look of surprise on my face was making him feel much better. And from then on the shoot got a lot more hornier. We did a few more shots for the gallery and then grabbed the video camera. Alan is a total hottie and I can’t wait for you to check out the video we made.

29 Oct, 2017

Alex strokes his cock and cums all over me in his first video

Check out my sexy new mate Alex Sanchez as he gets to work in his first hot video. By the time we started making this video Alex had already stripped off and worked his cock hard twice in two photoshoots. So he was really ready to get off by the time I started recording him stripping naked one more time. Alex starts working his cock hard in a jockstrap before getting full naked. He has one of the most perfect bums I’ve ever seen, so it’s a pleasure filming him as gets on all fours and backs up to the camera. I also suggested he check out the toy drawer where he pulls out a fleshlight. Most of the guys like playing with a fleshlight in their solo videos and Alex is no exception. It’s his first time trying it out and I can tell be the expression on his gave that he’s loving it. A his pace of thrusting his cock in to the rubber fuck toy gets faster I get my self in to position to make sure I get a nice viewing of my sexy new mate squirting. And boy did I cop t from down there. Alex let’s out one big stream of cum after another, covering me in his thick hot cum. What a nice ending to Alex’s first shoot. Now I can’t wait to get him back for more!

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