Photo shoot
30 Jul, 2018

My scruffy mate Tom Jackson is back for a new shoot

Tom Jackson is our 21 year straight mate who joined us at the beginning of the year for his first nude photoshoot and video. He is a really nice guy and was popular on the site, so I invited him back for another shoot before the end of summer. I like naturally hairy Aussie boys and Tom definitely fills that look and he’s super fit too. In this shoot Tom is wearing some soccer gear fo his shoot out in the public stairwell. I get him to start stripping off right here before we end up back in the studio. Tom has let his beard grow over the summer making it nice and thick. He had just come back from a music festival and looking very scruffy. As Tom gets naked he also gets rock hard very easily. His thick uncut cock stands to attention as I continue to take a bunch more photos. Tom’s last video was really hot. I will post his new video later this week too.

27 Jul, 2018

Watch me push my cock up Brad’s tight bum

It’s often that I get in to the shoots but when Brad Hunter was sticking his bum up in the air during the photoshoot my cock was throbbing. Brad starts this video stripping out of his uniform and pulling out that big cock. He is showing off his hole from different angles while I film up close. I hadn’t actually planned to fuck Brad in this video, but after he sucked on my dick there was only one more place I was going to put it. I absolutely love licking and tongue fucking Brad’s tight little hole. The I started tapping the head of my cock on his hole. Brad was wriggling with pleasure on the bed. So I lubed up my dick and slid it in. And man did it feel good! Brad is a really hot fuck. To finish off the video I get down on my knees and suck on that fat dick . Brad gets up high on the bed and pumps a load of cum all over my face. I can’t think of a better way to end this video. Brad is a total hottie and I can’t wait to fuck him again.

Behind the scenes
26 Jul, 2018

Luc and Tomas together in Melbourne for their first duo shoot

Tomas told me on his first visit to Melbourne that he would like to do a shoot with out adorable mate Luc Dean. The only problem was that Luc had moved interstate and wasn’t as easy to book in for shoots anymore. So when I heard the two were going to be passing through Melbourne over a long weekend, I got them both booked to come around for a shoot. By the time the weekend came around it was getting cold outside. So we only had the chance to get some shots in the lane before heading back to the studio for the stripping and naked shots. It turned in to a really fun shoot, which you will see in this BTS video. Tomas is a new comer to making porn while Luc has a lot more experience. This pairing was perfect. The photos look great and the video was really hot. Even though both Tomas and Luc are from different states now, I hope they will be back for more shoots this year.

Behind the scenes
24 Jul, 2018

My adorable mates Damien and Alex in their first shoot together

Damien Dyson and Alex Sanchez are so adorable when they got together in the studio over the summer for this shoot. They are two of the sweetest guys in Melbourne, and putting them together for this scene turned out great! I could have let this photoshoot go on for a long time since we were having so much fun. But we also had a video to make. Normally it’s Damien who is bursting with energy in his shoots, but today he is being out done by our cute mate Alex. Since we started doing shoots early in the summer, Alex has become one of my favourite mates to shoot with. My other mates love him too. You will see why when you watch this BTS video. It was super hot on the day we shot this and the windows are open to the street. The boys are finding it funny that people from the street can see up into the studio during the shoot.

Photo shoot
22 Jul, 2018

Brad Hunter’s sexy uniform strip show in the studio

My horny 19 year old mate Brad is back for this very sexy strip show in the studio. His hair is now a little shorter and he’s definitely not shy anymore. Dressed in a white shirt and tie, shorts, long white socks and Converse sneakers, Brad starts his new shoot. Brad is always fun to shoot with and always surprises me. In fact you will see a few surprises in this shoot. I won’t spoil them here. I get some great shots of Brad show off his hot little bum, and hang his huge cock above me as I shoot from the floor. From what I can see Brad’s video this week is going to be full of action. This is a great set of photos. Brad’s newest video will also be posted later this week.

21 Jul, 2018

Layton dominates Brock Matthews in this hot fucking video

I just watch this hot fucking video again. I know I say this a lot, but this is one of the best videos we have done this year. Matching up Brock with Layton was perfect. The sex was really passionate and Layton is so dominant. I can’t stop watching from the moment he pushes Brock down on the couch. Brock is licking at Layton’s already hard cock through his underwear before pulling it out to suck on. Layton then pushes Brock’s legs up in the air so we can clearly see him tongue fuck his small hole. You can see his hole reacting in pleasure. They then progress to Layton shoving his cock right up inside Brock’s waiting hole. Giving him several thrusts before lifting him in the air for some mid air fucking. They land on the bed where Layton gets on top and starts fucking the hell out of Brock. Even Brock gets a little time on top riding Layton’s now very fat cock. But Layton takes over one more time fucking Brock’s whole body in to the bed headboard making Brock blow his load, and Layton follows covering his new mate in a big load of cum. The most perfect ending to one of the best videos we have made.

Behind the scenes
21 Jul, 2018

Behind the scenes with Ricky Molina at his first photoshoot

I love shooting with guys like Ricky who are just horny all the time. Ricky’s big dick was boned up from start to finish of this shoot. It was hard to hide in this photoshoot in bathroom. I was taking Ricky’s first photoset with him just wearing a pair of blue shorts before getting in the shower and getting naked. The photos look great. I’m glad I chose this my my horny new mate’s first photoshoot. Since then he has been back for a duo scene with Layton and I am hoping to get him in for more videos this year.

Behind the scenes
20 Jul, 2018

Shooting with Ryan Kai naked on the roof

This is the video footage taken from my latest shoot with my horny mate Ryan Kai on the roof. Ryan is sporting his new blond hair in this shoot. He almost looks like a scruffy surfy type. I made a massive gallery from this photoshoot since we were having fun trying different shots on the roof. This video shows me directing Ryan through the photoshoot. But you should also check out the gallery of photos. I love Ryan’s big bubble butt and he shows it off nicely during this shoot. Later we headed back to the studio where I give Ryan a massage and wank him off.

Photo shoot
17 Jul, 2018

Brock Matthews is back for his first couple shoot with Layton Charles

Our cute French mate Brock has already completed his first solo shoot and was excited to come back and pair up with some of our other mates. Right away I though of our handsome British lad Layton who was also in town. Layton is versatile and has a lot of experience now with doing the other guys. So he was going to be perfect to guide our new mate through his first action scene. Since the guys had not met before we decided to go have some fun taking photos in the lane. They were a lot more passionate than I expected with lots of kissing and holding hands out in Flinders Lane. Then we ran back up to the studio to shoot the guys getting each other naked. Layton was rock hard after getting his big dick sucked by Brock. He even started fucking him a little as I took some snaps on the bed. I an tell already that the video this week between these boys is going to be very hot. Make sure you also check out Brock’s first video, and Layton’s previous videos with our other mates.

16 Jul, 2018

Hot straight dad Mark James made his first jack off video

We love a hot fit dad. Mark James modelled for a great set of photos when I was visiting Budapest. But I couldn’t wait to see his first jack off video. Armed with some porn on the TV, lube and a fuck toy, Mark was ready to give me a very hot show. It was amazing watching Mark thrust his cock in and out of the lubed up toy. Then I followed him over to the couch where he blows a load on his belly. Our new mate looks so dam hot jacking his cock while wearing some soccer socks pulled up high. This is one very hot video from our new straight Hungarian mate.

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