The Boys Line Up

Posted by Ben on September 18, 2014

I gotta admit that my guilty pleasure is reality TV. I like TV shows like Survivor and Big Brother for the gorgeous guys that they get to live out life for a few weeks in front of the camera.  And I gotta say that the current crop of Big Brother contestants on Australia’s Big Brother (above) are all really cute. Even though I can’t show it here, in this scene they are talking about the size of each other’s pecs and flexing them. It’s no wonder I love Aussie men…  they are sexy and very funny. This line up gives me an idea for a scene.

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Newcomer Damien Lance

Posted by Ben on September 9, 2014

I love shooting with new guys just as much as shooting stuff with all my other mates. And at the moment there are loads of new guys coming up for shoots. One of the new guys that really stands out is 20 year old Damien Lance. He’s cute and really keen on getting in to more scenes with the guys. And now that it’s warming up I’m looking forward to seeing him getting naked outdoors. The first shoot went great. I shot the scene shown above, along with a speedo set with Damien jumping in and out of a hot tub. I think Damien is going to be a great addition to our group of horny mates.

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1300 galleries and growing

Posted by Ben on August 30, 2014

It kinda surprised me earlier this week when I realised that I was working on gallery number 1300.  I guess that means that I’ve been making about 86 galleries each year for the past 15 years.  Now I know that not actually correct. I didn’t make as many galleries in the first years as I do now. The earlier photos are not nearly as high res as they are now. But I still enjoy looking through some of my favourites shoots from the early days. For every one of the guys I have shot with, I wish I could have them all shoot with me again. There are so many good memories here.  All great guys and so many stunning photos.

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Skinny Hung Twinks

Posted by Ben on August 27, 2014

Editing this shoot with 20 year old Hungarian Leon Lee has made me miss travelling around Europe. This shoot was actually done by Zac Frevo when we visited Munich earlier this year. Next to Australian guys, I love shooting with guys in Europe. They love to show off, are beautiful, and often very well endowed. It has been a pretty busy year so I didn’t get to go back their during their summer, but I’m sure we’ll get to visit again at the end of the year when we have our vacations in Australia.

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Shoot Scheduling in Melbourne

Posted by Ben on August 20, 2014

It may not be the and of winter just yet but I’m not letting that hold me up. Filming in Melbourne is now in full swing again. Once again I need 2 of me to film all of the guys wanting to get in on the action. I’m hoping Zac will have some free time this week to help out with some of the shoots I have lined up. There are a few new guys in town this week, and I’m looking forward to some of the guys from previous years coming back to get in to making new scenes. The next few weeks are pretty exciting. For those guys interested in getting involved, don’t forget to include your age, location and some recent pics in your emails.

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It’s Aybars… in a Speedo!

Posted by Ben on August 16, 2014

It’s been a really busy week with editing and organising guys for shoots. I was hoping to have this weekend off to catch up on editing but I’m preparing for another shoot right now. I just can’t say no when guys come to town for a short period of time. So the editing this weekend is going to have to wait. In the meantime, what do you think of my bathroom shoot with Aybars. This was actually the first photo set I did with him. He was warming up in the shower after coming in from the freezing cold. He really fills out that speedo!

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Back to Work

Posted by Ben on August 11, 2014

I had a cheeky few weeks off from shooting while we suffered through the middle of a Melbourne winter. I promise myself every year that I won’t stay in Melbourne during winter again…  but here I am.  So after taking such a long break it was nice to get back into it again this weekend. Rather than make the guys strip in my cold apartment I checked in to this spa suite for the weekend and invited some guys around. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped to. One of the guys got cold feet half way through his shoot and left…  which was a first! But the others all looked great as they dipped in and out of the hot tub. I’m hoping to now shoot every week for the remainder of the year. It may not be warm yet, but the days are getting longer and brighter again.

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Beautiful Sydney Men

Posted by Ben on August 2, 2014

I’m pretty excited to post about my shoot with the totally sexy Jet Wellington this week. The 22 year old Sydney model met up with me during the weekend I stayed over in Sydney recently. I thought he looked pretty dam sexy in the photos he sent me, but he turned out to be even more beautiful in real life. So of course I took a tonne of photos and video in the short time we got to hang out there. He looks great in the photos and today Zac is editing his video. I can’t wait to shoot some more scenes with our newest mate.

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Stealing the Scene

Posted by Ben on July 20, 2014

As you know, I edit a lot of porn. The resulting photos and videos are pretty hot. But I’m finding myself being more fascinated by the process and the behind the scenes stuff that we do. On this shoot with Marco and Sarpa I was surprised at how clumsy I really am during the shooting of a scene. Zac was filming and kept getting angry cause I was in his shot taking shots. I must admit that I am terrible at keeping away from the action. Anyway, there were lots of amusing shots that I found while editing this shoot. Here’s just a few.

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Euro Twink Action – David Hanson

Posted by Ben on July 9, 2014

After posting about David’s shoot today it made me miss shooting with the guys in Europe. You see Australian and European guys are totally different. I love shooting with both, I just wish I could select from either everyday. David has actually done some porn modelling before.  Zac tells me he is a model for a company called Staxus. I’m so glad he was kind enough to give up his afternoon to shoot with Zac. Though I think the pleasure was mutual. David is actually Hungarian. He and his mates were visiting Munich at the same time we were in town. Even though it was a bit dark in the hotel rooms on this day, the shots and the video look great! And the guys make me wish I was visiting Budapest again soon.

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