A quick visit to India

22 Apr, 2017


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I have been a little bit quiet on here lately because my day job has gotten really busy this year. In fact I just got back from working in India (Chennai beach pic above). So I was glad I had shot loads of scenes earlier in the year so I could keep updating the site during my busy periods. It's been great being busy and learning lots of new stuff and meeting new people, but it's also nice being back at home in Melbourne again now, and shooting stuff with my mates. I even heard that some of the guys from last year are coming back for new scenes soon. There are also a few new Aussie boys doing their first shoots now. This year is going to go very quickly. By the way, did you know Chennai beach is the longest beach in world? Well that's what Wikipedia tells me. It's big.

Home Sweet Home – The end of Summer

17 Mar, 2017


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I love travelling around the world meeting beautiful guys. But not nearly as much as I love shooting with my mates at home in Melbourne. After that long trip around Europe and to the US, I took a few weeks off when I got home to catch up on sorting out all the shoots and doing some editing. But before summer finishes I want to get a lot more shooting done. So last weekend we got busy again with guys coming around to get their gear off and get it on. These long sunny hot days have been great for getting some amazing photos and video footage. The guys love it too. There's currently a lot of guys waiting to do their first shoot, and I want to get many of our mates from last year back for new scenes. It's gonna be very busy. Added to that, I can't wait to show all the guys I met in Europe. I wish I could have brought them all home with me.

The Summer Vacation in Winter Locations

25 Jan, 2017


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I've been a bit quiet on here in the past month because I have been doing a lot of travelling.  Right after I visited my family at Christmas I took off for the long trip to Berlin. Since then I have spent some time in Budapest, and right now I'm visiting New York. It's been a bit of a mad trip. I've met loads of hot guys, as well as catching up with some of my old mates. I've experienced cold temperatures that I've never felt before. It's kinda funny coming to the northern hemisphere in the middle of Australia's summer. But I'll be back there in plenty of time to check the rest of summer and doing some more shooting with my mates back home. Gees...  so much has happened on this trip. I'll have to make a few more posts about it.

Studio Lovers

23 Dec, 2016


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It's been a super busy past few weeks. I've been working long hours at my day job and fitting in lots of shoots in my free time. The boys have been keeping me very busy in the lead up to the summer break. The great news is that I have lots of new guys and lots of new shoots to post over the coming weeks. This scene between Caleb and Reece is one of my favourites. These duo shoots are so much fun to shoot. I can't wait to do a lot more for the remainder of this summer.

Summer is back!

4 Dec, 2016


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I'm pretty excited now that the weather has finally gotten warm and we can shoot a lot more outside. I started doing more shoots again recently with Reece Anderson. He had a lot of fun getting in to the footy gear and then stripping out of it on the roof. I gotta say that he has some good ball skills too. I have shot with a bunch of the guys out there now. I'll be posting all their new stuff and videos over the coming few weeks. You will notice that someone broke in over the winter and gave the rooftop some new decorations. It like the mural a lot. But unfortunately they also hung over the side of the building and left some tags on the external walls of the building. So it will probably get painted over.

Brazen Aussies

26 Nov, 2016


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I love how brazen Aussie boys are. I just spotted this guy taking a piss from his 3rd floor balcony out the gym window. He even waved to people below as he kept going. Makes me realise I haven't done any pissing videos in a long time.


All Caught Up

23 Oct, 2016


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It's been at least 2 years since I have been caught up in editing all the shoots I have done to post on the website. And yesterday I finally hit that mark again. And from now I plan to stay up to date as I shoot new stuff. This was helped by the fact that I just had a long break from shooting during the winter here and I have not done any travel since January. That helped a lot. But it's important because when I do go away I need lots of photo galleries and videos to post while I am away. I don't want to be editing stuff while I am travelling about. I have now kicked off the new season of shooting. And with some warm days finally hitting Melbourne we can start getting outside again. This is one of the shoots I recently got edited with one of my favourite new mates this year, Damien Dyson.



Post Shoot Editing

2 Oct, 2016


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While I am not shooting I am busy catching up on all of the editing. I have been making so much content with 3 video cameras running at each shoot, it's hard to work out which is the best footage to make the final videos for the site. I've mostly been using the GoPro footage for the BTS videos, but the sound quality is not so great on those. Of course I will always use the main hand held Sony cameras for the main video footage.  Recently I also bought a small Sony Handycam with one of the most amazing image stabilisers I've ever seen. I bought it mostly because it's lighter to travel with.  My tests so far have given great results.  But still not as high quality as the big Sony NEX semi-pro video cameras I have been using for the past 5 years. The sound is not as great as the big cameras. I will use the new camera in the upcoming shoots and you can tell me if you can spot the difference. It's really important that the video footage only gets better, not worse.  By the way, the video I posted between Cody and Romain (pictured) this week has been hugely popular. I will get the guys back again for more scenes.

Getting ready for the shooting season

9 Sep, 2016


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I'm really lucky to have so many handsome guys modelling for me this year. I have been on a little bit of a shooting break for the past few weeks while winter passes here in Melbourne. But now that it's warming up again we'll soon be getting back in to it. I can't wait to reconnect with the guys again. I really want to get shooting more stuff outside again. It seems like a long time since we've been able to shoot out in the warm sun. I'd really like to change locations a bit more this summer too. While I've had some down time from shooting I have been on the hunt for some new locations and particularly a place with a swimming pool. That would be awesome. There are also quite a lot of new guys waiting to do their first shoot. So the coming months are going to be very busy.

Beautiful new mates

25 Aug, 2016


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I'm getting a really nice mix of new guys coming up for shoots. When the guys have done their first shoot (usually solo) I try to get them back again quickly to do follow up scenes with my other mates. It also means that I get a chance to pull back in the guys who have done scenes before. The guys who have shots duo scenes before can show the new guys how it's done. Our newest mate to join in on the fun is 25 year old Matias Toledo. His first shoot was amazing! And already he is lined up for his first duo scene with one of my sexy mates. He is so much fun to shoot with. And he's sexy as all hell! Matias needed no direction at all in his first shoot.

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