Beautiful new mates

25 Aug, 2016


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I’m getting a really nice mix of new guys coming up for shoots. When the guys have done their first shoot (usually solo) I try to get them back again quickly to do follow up scenes with my other mates. It also means that I get a chance to pull back in the guys who have done scenes before. The guys who have shots duo scenes before can show the new guys how it’s done. Our newest mate to join in on the fun is 25 year old Matias Toledo. His first shoot was amazing! And already he is lined up for his first duo scene with one of my sexy mates. He is so much fun to shoot with. And he’s sexy as all hell! Matias needed no direction at all in his first shoot.

Catching up on the European Shoots

3 Aug, 2016


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It’s amazing that I’m still posting shoots from Europe the beginning of the year in August. It happened because I shot loads of guys and loads of galleries of photos over there, and then immediately returned to shooting with lots of guys at home in Melbourne.  And I started mixing them so it wasn’t one Europe post after another. I still have a few shoots with Tristan Folder, the twin brothers and Tim Brant to go. By the time I finish these I will probably be heading back there. In the meantime it’s been really nice seeing a lot more stuff stuff shot in Australia this year.

Returning Mates

22 Jul, 2016


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There are hundreds of guys who have modelled for me now and I wish I could have every one of them back. Of course a lot of guys don’t don’t appear on the site anymore because of a whole lot of reasons. Many of them are because they don’t live here in Australia. So I get really excited when guys from the past come back and model again. This happened recently when Chris Bass dropped around. It was actually my first time meeting him since Zac did his first and only shoot a couple of years ago.  As well as being a big spunk, he’s a really nice guy. I’m pretty sure he’ll be coming back for a lot more scenes this year. In the meantime his return shoot was really popular this week.

More Skinny Boys Please

13 Jul, 2016


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I was just working on Sergio’s bathroom shoot when I forgot how incredibly big his cock is. I love working with skinny guys with big cocks. Some of my favourite skinny guys are Sergio (pic above), Jakub Novek, Ethan Cooper, Rick Dalton and Tommy De Luca. I’m hoping to add more Aussie boys to this list this year too. I have already have enquiries from some very well hung skinny guys. And I’m hoping to cross paths with Sergio when I get back to Europe again at the end of the year. In the meantime making sure you the in “skinny” in the search field in the members area and you will see what I mean.

Action scenes for winter

7 Jul, 2016


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Well my plan to stop shooting in winter hasn’t gone so well has it? When I realised that I had loads of solo scenes and no duo scenes, I decided to keep shooting for a few more weeks to get some new action scenes on the site. Starting with this hot duo James and Romain. I gotta say that the guys are all looking great and doing some very hot sex scenes. I’ve got a lot more editing to do now that I have finished a bunch of these. And of course both James and Romain will be back for more scenes very soon. Perhaps guys get hornier in winter?

Skinny Hung Guys

22 Jun, 2016


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These skinny guys with their big dicks never cease to surprise me. I was absolutely amazed when Sergio pulled down his speedo in the bath tub to show his incredibly long cock. We made a really hot video on that day in Berlin too. I’m hoping he will do a lot more nude modelling now that he had fun shooting with me. For other skinny guys with huge dicks make sure you also check Tommy De Luca, Jakub Novek, Donovan Rivera, Flynn Evans, Levi Hamil, Rick Dalton and Jet Wellington (just a few I could think of).

Winter Shooting

4 Jun, 2016


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I was going to take a break from shooting over this winter, but I am still getting quite a lot of hot guys wanting to get in on the action. And I’m finding it hard to say no. So I’m now going to tie up shooting for winter this month. I still have 4 more sessions to go. It’s been an incredible start to the year with being super productive in the studio, on the roof and at nearby hotels. But I am looking forward to getting a break from shooting so I can catch up with all the editing. I still have stuff from several months ago to edit and post. Right now I’m warming up the studio for a new shoot with James.

Hot Rooftop Shoots

17 May, 2016
Australian muscle boy James Novak

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I have been getting some great feedback about the recent rooftop shoots. During the summer, as well as shooting the new guys in the studio, I have been getting them to pose for me on the roof. We had some really beautiful hot days, which was perfect for getting naked outside. This week I posted the shoot I did with James Novak (which was actually his first shoot). There’s no denying that James has got an amazing body. So he looked great in the tight soccer jersey, and then later naked in the sun. I have a few more rooftop shoots to post with the guys over the coming weeks. James will also be back very soon.

Jame Novak showing his big cock
Aussie muscle man James Novak naked on the roof

First shoot – The beautiful Romain Deville

11 May, 2016


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I’m pretty excited to be shooting with this French stud visiting from Sydney. I got to meet with Romain a few weeks ago when he was down here for a party in Melbourne. Since he was staying over for the weekend I managed to snag some of his time to come around for a shoot. Since it turned out to be a warm day we took some shots up on the roof, and these shots in the studio. He was a little nervous at first but you really can’t tell from his shots and video. Romain looks great! I love finding muscly and naturally hairy guys. Romain has got both in spades! After this shoot he was very keen to get in to some more scenes. I’m looking forward to that too. I mitt even head up to Sydney to do some shooting with him.

Catching up on some Editing

28 Apr, 2016


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I’m taking a few days off from filming this week to catch up on some editing. I reckon I have over 40 videos waiting to be edited. So yeah…  I’m a bit behind in my editing work. I’m finding it hard to take a break from filming when I have so many hot guys wanting to do scenes. I have even had a lot of interstate guys wanting to come to Melbourne to get in on the action. I wish I could shoot with every guy who applies, it’s just not possible now.

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