Christmas in Europe

23 Dec, 2015

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Where in the world am I now? Well after spending just 5 days back in Australia after getting home from the US, I headed off to Poland with Zac. We planned a Europe trip for Christmas earlier this year. And I gotta say, spending 48 hours on a plane in one week has really kicked me arse. But the good think about this trip is that I am really on vacation. And I'm excited to be spending Christmas in Poland. Next week I will head to Hungary and then to Berlin. It's gonna be a great trip. I just wish it would snow while I'm here. I'll post some photos as we travel around.

Texas Hotties

14 Dec, 2015

Even though I was working some really long days in Texas I still had some free time on the weekends to meet up with some really hot looking guys. And every guy I met had never modelled naked before. They are all really sweet guys and I can't wait to post their stuff. I'm back in Australia for just a few days now. So I have to get busy editing. I'm using my jet lagged early mornings to start some video editing today. After being away for 5 weeks, it's really nice to be home.

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Aussie newcomer – Reece Anderson

30 Nov, 2015

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I'm pretty excited with this new duo scene between Cody and Reece this week. It's unusual for me to throw a new guy straight in to a scene, but I knew he would match up well with Cody. And that Cody would take good care of him. I took a tonne of photos of the guys together out in the back stairs and also in the studio. The shots in the stairs had a strange pink hue across them because of the renovations going on back there. There's new lighting and painting. So I need to experiment a bit more. I kinda preferred that area when it was run down and poorly lit.  I'm sure Reece will be back for more scene just as soon as I can get back to Australia.

Deep in the heart of Texas

24 Nov, 2015

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! You see I got a call from my boss asking if I could help out on a project in Texas for a few weeks. Of course I jumped at the chance for a trip to the states. But man it has been hard work! I'm really appreciating how much more relaxed the work environment is in Australia when I come and work in the office in the US. So it's been long hours and I have been learning a lot. I have also had the weekends off to see some of Texas and meet a few guys. I'm looking forward to having my first Thanksgiving in America this week.

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Berlin Fame

22 Oct, 2015

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The beautiful German Tristan Folder is helping make my little balcony famous in Berlin. Here he is appearing on the Berlin Sneakers poster for their next party in the German capital.  As soon as I started assembling my little apartment in Berlin I knew that I wanted to shoot guys out on it's balcony...  and quickly before it got too cold!  Tristan was the first to get his gear off on my new astro-turf.  I think his shots look great! And his video scene was very hot too. I wish I could be in Berlin for the party. I'm really stoked that the party organisers chose one of my photos for their promotions.

Home Again

20 Oct, 2015

It's so nice to be home in Melbourne again after my 4 week stint in Berlin. You see it wasn't actually a vacation. I was still working my day job in Australia while I was staying in Berlin, starting work at 3-4am each day, then either working on fixing up my old apartment, or shooting during the day, and then working again in the evening. So it was a pretty tough time while I was there. But I did have one escape...  I have finally bought a bike in Berlin. And it turns out to be one of the most fun cities to ride around. And of course the reason is... the whole city is flat! It's no wonder cycling is popular with people of all ages there. I also managed to meet with a bunch of guys to do a little bit of shooting. Not as much as I would have liked to, but enough to make my stay there more fun. I will post these in the coming weeks.
In the meantime it's the start of summer here in Australia which means I'll be getting very busy shooting some outdoor stuff.

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Last days in Germany

8 Oct, 2015

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It's been a lot of fun and a very busy time here in Berlin. I've met a lot of guys, taken lots of photos and learnt quite a lot more about Berlin and the German culture.  This has been my longest stay in Berlin, and I still love it. The guys here are a lot of fun. There have been a few little dramas along the way, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. I'm in my last few days now before I make the long trip back to Australia.

Visiting the Boner Office

4 Oct, 2015

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It's been a really busy time running around Berlin on this visit. I've managed to fit in meeting with some very sexy men, being some friends, and I also squeezed in a visit to the lovely guys at Boner Magazine. And funnily enough they are located right next to the apartment where I spent Christmas 2 years ago. The office is a really fun space, decorated with all the sexy men they have had adorn the magazine in the past years. I like these guys and what they do a lot. They circulate the magazine around Germany at the moment, but you can also check them out online at

September in Berlin

26 Sep, 2015

I've been a little quiet here on the blog recently.  Things got pretty busy a few weeks ago with my day job, so I haven't had much time for producing and editing.  But there is always an upside to everything.  My work has brought me to Berlin this month. So at every free break I can get I am meeting with new guys and getting to see them naked.  Berlin is one of the most fun cities in the world with the most sexually outgoing guys I have ever met. I won't ruin the surprise here, but there are a few sexy guys from the past coming back to do new scenes too. I'm pretty excited about this visit.

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Meeting Aro Damacino

22 Aug, 2015

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I have to make a blog post about this sexy middle eastern guy that I met in Berlin back in May.  I don't normally try so hard to talk guys in to modelling for me. But with Aro, things were different. He had sent me some pics that made me think that I have to shoot with this guy. He was already pulling the porn poses in his selfie pics, and they were hot! I cam tell that this guy loves being in front of the camera. But it really took some convincing to get him around to my hotel room. I don't think that my shots of Aro are my best work, but it was a good start. I am excited about getting to meet up with him again later this year.

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