Behind the scenes
21 Feb, 2018

A behind the scene look at Tom Jackson’s first nude shoot

With all the Go Pros set up in the studio I was ready to catch some great behind the scene footage so you can watch Tom work through his first photoshoot. The 21 year old Aussie was referred to me by our mutual mate Ryan Kai. Like Ryan, Tom is also one of our many straight mates. And he’s also a really nice guy. I like shooting with him a lot. I can tell in this shoot he is a little apprehensive since we had only just met. But I think Tom did a great job, and the photos turned out really well. I got some great feedback from this photoshoot and I am already planning a new shoot with Tom. You can also check out his first jack off video now loaded for members viewing.

Photo shoot
19 Feb, 2018

My hot mates Damien and Jesse in their first shoot together

I’m really excited about posting today’s shoot with our sexy mates Damien and Jesse. I have been wanting to get these guys together all summer and it finally happened a couple of weeks ago. I like these guys a lot and it made perfect sense to introduce them. I knew they would get along really well. And it turned in to a fun day shooting up in the studio. After the guys helped each other pick out some clothes and shoes for the shoot we all headed over to the studio. In this photo shoot I got the guys in to a lot of different positions with each other, broken up by some kissing and taking each other’s clothes off. Jesse was so eager to pull out Damien’s big cock and start sucking on it. He was erect through the whole shoot as he played with Damien. I could tell from the way the guys got along in the photoshoot that the video we were about to make was going to be really hot. Both Jesse and Damien are dropping in for regular scenes this summer. I will post their video together later this week.

18 Feb, 2018

Kissing and playing with Alex Sanchez in the studio

I just watched this video again and decided that kissing and playing with Alex Sanchez in the studio is going to be one of my favourite videos of this summer. I had already shot with Alex a couple of times before in a solo and a couple scene. I couldn’t wait to get him back for a shoot with me. With photos out of the way Alex starts his own strip show on the couch, pulling his undies up tight in his bum crack and then getting naked. My hot mate is turning me on like crazy when he bends over the back of the couch to show off his big round bum. So I end up setting up the cameras by the bed so I can get my face into Alex’s bum. He loves getting his hole tongue fucked. He wriggles around a lot has he rides my afce. I keeping trying to get my tongue in deeper. It’s gotta be one of the hottest shoots I’ve joined in on in recent months. I can see now why Alex is one of the most requested co-stars among our mates. I’m going to bring our cute mate around to have lot more fun with us this summer.

Photo shoot
16 Feb, 2018

Aussie boy Brad Hunt in his first nude shoot on my rooftop

Our hot mate Brad Hunt is back this week in this mid summer nude shoot on my rooftop. I was really surprised about how laid back our 20 year old mate from the suburbs of Melbourne was when he came around for his first shoot. And as a special treat we did an extra photoshoot out on the roof since we are having some spectacular hot days in the city now. I’m not sure if I explained to Brad that he was going to end up naked out there, but he had no probably doing a load of half nude teasing photos before getting completely naked. His extra large cock was enjoying being out in the sun too. I took loads of photos here so you can see Brad playing with the skateboard before stripping down to his bottom-less jocks and then getting slowly undressed. This was a really fun shoot with my horny new mate. We’re already planning to get Brad around again soon for another shoot. In the meantime you can enjoy his first photoshoots and his first video.

Behind the scenes
15 Feb, 2018

Hunter’s lycra wrestling gear shoot in the bathroom

In this BTS video video our hot straight mate Hunter Jones is stripping out of lycra wrestling gear in the bathroom. It was late winter when I met up with Hunter Jones to get some new shots with our sexy country boy. So we were grabbing some shots in the studio and in the bathroom. Hunter is a very big boy and squeezes nicely in to the wrestling tank as he gets ready to strip naked in my bathroom. The light was perfect in there for these hot stripping photos. In this BTS you can catch me chatting with 26 year old Hunter as he gets naked and takes a hot shower. It doesn’t take much for him to get his big dick fully erect as I take a lot of photos from the floor. And I gotta say he looks pretty dam hot as he’s all soaped up and wanking during this session. You should check out the photos from this shoot too. Hunter is a top mate and I hope we get to shoot more stuff in the future.

Behind the scenes
14 Feb, 2018

Behind the scenes at Bastien’s first nude photoshoot

This is the BTS video taken from the studio when I did my first shoot with the beautiful Bastien Passif. I’m so glad I finally connected with Bastien after seeing some of his amazing photos with other photographers around Melbourne. He’s so handsome, I can see why he is very popular. But he is also a really nice guy. We are actually meeting for the first time in video. So you will catch some of our chat while I direct Bastien through this stripping photoshoot. It’s quite funny because I am trying to remain professional while trying not to be distracted by his perfect furry bum in that jockstrap. This photoshoot happened at the end of winter so I have him stripping out of a long shirt, jeans and boots. The light wasn’t the best, but the shots still turned out great. I think Bastien is going to make a great addition to our group of mates this year. I am already working on his next shoot.

Photo shoot
12 Feb, 2018

Alex Sanchez is showing off his perfect bum while working out

My cute mate Alex has got the most perfect bum. I have done a couple of shoots with the 21 year old Melbourne boy already. And after his shoot with Caleb I couldn’t wait to get him around for a new shoot with me. This was a fairly simple shoot in the studio with Alex wearing a tank top, shorts and long socks. He was doing a little workout with some weights while I took his photos. This quickly moved on to stripping on the couch with Alex pulling down his shorts to show off that beautiful round bum. There are some really nice shots on the massage table too before we head over to the bed. Alex looks amazing in those purple undies and long black socks and Cons. Afterwards we made a very hot video of me playing with Alex on the bed. I will post his new video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out Alex’s earlier videos.

11 Feb, 2018

Ethan Summers is giving his first super hot wanking show

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started filming my sexy mate Ethan in his first jerk off show. And I ended up getting much more than I expected. After taking loads of photos of the muscle boy doing a strip tease and showing off naked, he was now ready to get off. Ethan quickly gets naked on the couch as I start filming. His dick is already hard as he starts showing it to the camera. At times he is playing with his precum, and other squirting more lube over his cock head. I am getting some great angles of Ethan suspended mid air as he plays with his bum. Then he grabs a fleshlight and starts pumping it wildly into the side of the couch. He is really going off at this stage. The video is a little longer than a usual solo video because I wanted you to see everything Ethan has planned for you. Make sure you watch this right to the end for his massive cum shot. It was really hard not to join in on the action of Ethan’s first video. This boy is super hot.

Behind the scenes
9 Feb, 2018

BTS with my muscle mate James Nowak in the bathroom

Check out my muscle mate James Nowak showing it all off in the bathroom. James is such a sexy Aussie boy. I have done a load of shoots with him now. I really like shooting new scenes with him. In this BTS video James is stripping naked in the bathroom and flexing those big muscles. Part way through the shoot I get him soapy up in the hot shower and then posed again in the bathroom windows. He’s one of my hottest mates with a really big cock that’s alway growing for the camera. This is James’s first shoot getting wet and soapy in the bathroom and the shot from the shoot look great! I’m looking forward to more shoots with the solid Aussie very soon.

Behind the scenes
8 Feb, 2018

A fun BTS video with my mates Alex Sanchez and Caleb Knight

What a fun shoot this turned out to be when I lined up Alex to meet my mate Caleb. Since it was Alex’s first couple shoot I wanted to match him up with one of our more experienced and outgoing guys. Well they got along really well. You will see in this BTS video that the guys are having a great time during their pre-video photoshoot. The BTS cameras set up in the studio capture all of the fun as the guys strip each other naked while kissing and grabbing each others dicks out. I got some excellent photos from this shoot. The video they made afterwards was very hot too. You can check out all of Caleb’s videos on the site now. Alex will be back making some new videos very soon.

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