Photo shoot
26 Jun, 2017

Super fit Sam Sivahn is showing off in the studio

My mate Sam is so dam sexy in this studio shoot. After seeing Sam naked for the first time out on the roof last summer I couldn’t wait to get him back for another shoot in the studio. Sam is one of my favourite models this year. He’s super fit and has got the cutest smile. Wearing some track pants and high top sneakers, Sam begins his strip in the studio in the studio while I take a tonne of photos. Sam has got one of the nicest bums I’ve ever seen. So I probably took a lot more bum photos than was really needed here. I also like the photos of my cute mate holding his legs high in the air. Sam tells me that he likes to bottom, but also like to top occasionally. We have already seen him in action in a couple of videos with his mate Jesse. I will post Sam’s new video later this week where he gets jacked off by me on the bed.

25 Jun, 2017

Patrik Vass jacking off that fat cock in his first video

My new 20 year old mate Patrik had already stripped naked and worked that big dick hard several times before we started making this video. So the straight hung twink was ready to get off by the time I set up some porn on the TV for him to watch. His fat cock is already hard as he wrestles it out of his pants. He then gets completely naked and thrusts his cock through his fist while standing naked above me. This guy is totally hot. He puts on a great show and eventually blows cum across his belly. And I can tell by that big grin that he’s pretty happy with the results. I stop to take a quick few photos of Patrik and his cum covered torso before he heads to the shower. What a nice way to end our afternoon together in Budapest.

Behind the scenes
23 Jun, 2017

Behind the scenes at David Ivan’s speedo shoot in the bathroom

This is one of my favourite photoshoots from Berlin. It’s from the day I met David Ivan for the first time. The hunky straight eastern European came to meet me at my Berlin studio. I really wanted to get him modelling in a speedo, even though it was freezing outside. So we started the shoot in the bathroom where I was getting to see David’s amazing body for the first time. There’s not many guys who can fill out a speedo as well as David does. He was really lovely to shoot with too. You will notice in this video that we don’t actually speak the same language so communication was fairly limited. Make sure you also check out the photos from this shoot, as well as David’s first jack off video. This guy is smoking hot.

Behind the scenes
21 Jun, 2017

Our sexy straight mate Mark Michaels at his first nude photoshoot

This is the behind the scenes video of my photoshoot with the very hot Mark Michaels in Sydney. The 21 year old was very keen to try out making a nude shoot and video with me. Even though our shoot in Sydney was quick, I was really happy the results. Mark was a bit nervous, but it didn’t affect the shoot. You will see in this video that Mark is a really nice guy with very handsome features. Along with the photoshoot and video that is alrdeay posted, Mark also posed for a shoot in the bathroom and shower. I will also post this set soon. I am looking forward to making more scenes with Mark soon.

Photo shoot
19 Jun, 2017

My new 20 year old mate Patrik Vass has got a big horse cock

My new mate Patrik has to be one of my favourite discoveries of this year. Patrik was curious about what I was doing in Budapest and wanted to come around to meet me. I thought the 20 year old Hungarian looked cute in his photos, so I lined up a meet. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen after he got lost trying to find me. But eventually we met and headed back to my hotel to make this shoot. The first think I noticed is that Patrik is very polite. He changed in to a speedo for the first shots in the shower, and then back in to some track pants and hoodie for this part of the shoot. This straight 20 year old would have to be one of the fittest guys I have shot with this year. He is completely lean with a nice pair of muscly legs. He quickly loses the pants and top as I click away. He now just wearing a jockstrap, socks and cap. His bum is so perfect as he stretches out the jockstrap away from his bum. But the big surprise is the size of Patrik’s cock. It’s long and really thick! That’s gotta be close to a horse cock. He works it up on the window ledge while watching some porn so I can get some nice rock hard shots. Even when it shrinks again it hangs down off the edge of the couch while he sits back. That thing is huge! Patrik was an awesome model. I really wish I’d had more time to do more shoots with him there. I’m really happy with the photos and Patrik was a lot of fun to shoot with. This is Patrik’s first nude shoot. I will post his first video later this week.

18 Jun, 2017

Watch Luc fuck his cute mate Rory in their first video together

This has gotta be one of the hottest couple shoots I’ve seen in a while. The boys were all over each other during Rory’s first photoshoot in the studio. So I knew things were only going to get better when I grabbed the video camera. There is lots of kissing and stripping each other naked on the couch. I almost didn’t catch that Rory had already slipped Luc’s cock in his bum while riding him on the couch. I can tell that Rory loves sliding up and down on Luc’s thick shaft. And while he’s still deep inside his cute mate, Luc picks Rory up to carry him over to the bed. The raw fucking in this scene is pretty amazing. Luc doesn’t even pull out before he delivers a load of cum to his mate. He then rolls Rory over to help him get off. It all ends in a sweaty cum covered mess. And it’s big smiles all round from our horny mates. Make sure you watch all of this video. I love seeing this dominant side of Luc in the videos.

Photo shoot
15 Jun, 2017

Showing off his XL cock in the bathroom – Porn star Oscar Wood

This is the first photoshoot I did with Polish porn star Oscar Wood. He really jumped out in his photos I saw with that giant sized dick. And the videos I saw were really hot. So I got in touch with him about possibly meeting up during my visit to Berlin. I was really happy that we managed to get together for this shoot. Oscar is a really nice guy and loves making hot videos. He has done q load more porn since we shot this earlier this year. His stuff always looks great. This is my shoot with Oscar in the bathroom pulling out that XL cock in the shower and working it rock hard. The more I click, the bigger it gets! Make sure you check out the video where I am playing with Oscar’s cock on the bed.

Behind the scenes
14 Jun, 2017

Shooting with my super fit mate Micky Petrov in Berlin

One of the sexiest of my straight mates is Micky Petrov. I met this guy while I was in Berlin last year. At his first shoot he was really nervous. The shoot turned out well, but I really wanted to get him over for a second shoot. Micky is a really nice. But unfortunately you can tell in this video that we don’t speak the same language, so communication was fairly limited. It was a fairly chilly and overcast day in Berlin when I met Micky at the hotel, so the shots were a bit on the dark side. Though Micky was looking hot as usual so I was motivated to make the best of what light we had to make him look great. I also kept him on the couch under the window for his video scene to make sure it turned out nice and bright. This is the behind the scenes video footage I took from the Go Pros and Sony I had placed around the room during Micky’s hotel room photoshoot. I love shooting with super fit guys like Micky.

Photo shoot
12 Jun, 2017

Today we’re checking out Luc’s cute mate Rory Dean

Our sexy Aussie boy Luc Dean recently brought his cute mate Rory Delroy around to meet me. We were going to take photos of Rory and have him do his first shoot. The shoot became a lot more interesting when Luc started getting in on the act. These guys couldn’t keep there hands off each other. Once Rory’s solo photo shoot was out of the way Luc jumped on the couch and started kissing and stripping Rory again. The cute 22 year old Aussie boy didn’t mind the attention at all. There’s lots of kissing and cock sucking as these boys strip naked. Rory has got such a nice little bum! Luc gives me a peek reveal as I click away. The action between Luc and Rory is very hot during the photoshoot. I can’t wait to watch this video this week. This is Rory’s first porn shoot. It was great getting him in with the more experienced porn performer Luc. And since they were already mates, this shoot was completely comfortable. Rory and Luc’s video will also be loaded later this week.

11 Jun, 2017

Edging with my sexy porn star mate Seth Knight

I’m pretty excited about posting this video today. My new sexy mate Seth puts on one of the hottest solo edging shoots I’ve ever seen. When I told Seth to move around a bit during the video, he made sure he used all parts of the room. And I love when he edges himself to almost cumming on the side of the bed. But make sure you watch this video right to the end to see Seth’s mate join in on the action just in time to grab a face full of Seth’s cum. This video is going straight to my favourites folders. Seth Knight is smoking hot in this teasing and wanking video. He makes you want to jump on the bed with him. I can’t wait to see more of Seth in action. I will also post Seth’s BTS video soon.

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