Photo shoot
13 Mar, 2017

One very hot day on the roof with my mates Val and Luc

One of the most fun shoots so far this season is the hot pair up between French hottie Val Defarge and my mate Luc Dean. There was never going to be any modelling shots when these guys got together for this photo shoot on the roof. They were too busy kissing and teasing each other up there while I got busy taking photos. The clothes quickly came off and it was obvious they were ready to get it on. Their boners were pushing out of their undies. I managed to get the guys to move in to different positions around the rooftop while I got some interesting and fun photos. But I had to work quickly because Val and Luc were really only interested in one thing… each other. I will also post the video from this very horny scene later this week. I can’t wait to edit the BTS video from this day. Both Luc and Val are beautiful and fun guys. This has been one of the most perfect match ups to date. I’m guessing my neighbours might have enjoyed the show too.

11 Mar, 2017

One very hot jack off video starring my mate Justin

This is one very hot jack off show from my cute mate Justin. Since he had alrdeay stripped naked and gotten hard twice now, he was ready to get off. The shots from his photoshoots look great. But wait until you see Justin grinding his hard cock across the mattress, humping it while he watches guys fucking on the computer. Justin is one of my super fit twink mates. You can see every muscle in his body growing as he wanks at his stiff cock. I made sure I captured Justin’s every move as I followed him around the bed until he finally lays back and busts a load of cum across his belly. What a great way to finish the day back at my hotel room. I’m really happy to see Justin back this year making hot some very hot shows again.

Behind the scenes
10 Mar, 2017

Behind the scene with our cute new mate Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson is so dam cute! I love shooting with new guys. And Jake was completely adorable when he turned up for his first shoot with me. He was a bit nervous about doing the shoot. But we still had fun taking lots of photos in the studio. Jake was posing with a skateboard as he starts stripping off. He has a really fit body and a great bum. I was getting him to lay on his belly on the couch so I could get a load of photos of it from different angles. His first video was really hot too. I’m looking forward to getting this Aussie boy back for more shoots with my mates. He’s very keen to do more scenes and has already suggested some guys he’d like to be paired up with. This is the BTS video footage taken in the studio during Jake’s first photoshoot.

Behind the scenes
9 Mar, 2017

Behind with the scenes with my naked mate Val Defarge

Sometimes there are shoots I do that I think will be fairly plain and then I find that the results are amazing. That was the case with the 2 solo shoots I have done with my cute French mate Val Defarge. After a long absence last year, Val came back for a sunny shoot out on the roof. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with Val wearing black gear. But the results were actually really good! I usually try to avoid shooting the guys wearing dark colours in brought light because the camera struggles with light balancing and it washes the guys out. But Val’s photos were actually really nice. And we had fun out there doing the shoot. This is the BTS video footage I took during the photoshoot. And Val has since been back in a hot action shoot with another of my mates. His new scene will be posted soon.

Photo shoot
6 Mar, 2017

Hanging out with my cute mate Justin Evans in Berlin

My cute mate Justin came to hang out with me for a few days while I was in Berlin over NYE. This cute Polish guy has now moved to Germany and has become a regular mate on the site. It’s been a bit over a year since I last saw Justin. And after a major accident last year, I’m lucky to be seeing him at all. Justin is still recovering from some major operations on his back. It was really great to see him getting his fitness back and stripping on camera once again. In his hotel room I met Justin for this afternoon shoot. We had already been taking shots in the shower when we headed out to the room to get shot of him on the bed, and on the small couch. I mostly like the photos of Justin bent over with his knees on the floor (of course). Justin is a very hot bottom boy. I’d love to see him getting fucked. I will also post Justin’s new video later this week. In the meantime you can enjoy these photos and all of his previous videos now loaded.

5 Mar, 2017

Stroking with my hot mate Christiano Szucs

This is one hot stroking video with my new straight mate Christiano. The sexy 22 year old was ready to get off by the time we started recording this video. He had already gotten naked and was stroking his cock hard in the photo shoot before we started. So up on the bed the sexy hungarian rips off his pants and starts pushing down at his crotch. He’s watching intensely a couple of girls getting fucked on the TV. I suggest he grab the fleshlight to do a little fucking of his own. With the rubber fuck toy jammed in the side of the bed he gets a handsfree joyride as he thrusts in to it. It’s really nice watching this muscly boy work his cock. But it’s rubbing himself up and down on the mattress that really makes him blow. And what a nice way it was to end our first shoot. Christiano is an incredibly handsome and sweet guy. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more with him.

Behind the scenes
4 Mar, 2017

My rooftop shoot with the very sexy Sarpa Van Rider

One of the most fun outdoor shoots so far this summer is getting Sarpa stripping out of his footy gear on the roof. I hadn’t shot with Sarpa for a long time, so I couldn’t wait to get him naked outside again. My blond mate is sporting a rough boy shaved head this time. He looks hot all shaved and stripping out of the AFL gear. This was shot at the beginning of summer when Sarpa was still pale from winter. So we didn’t stay out on the roof too long. But before we left, my sexy mate got completely naked and worked his long cock rock hard. I’m really happy with the photos from this set. This is the BTS footage from the rooftop video cameras.

Behind the scenes
2 Mar, 2017

Val and Reece’s hook up – Behind the scenes video

At the end of the year I made some really fun shoots by asking some of our regular appearing mates to come back and film some hot hook up scenes. I loved making this one with my beautiful mates Val and Reece. I knew they would be up for trying something different. So getting them undressing each other in the stairwell and then filming a pizza boy scene was always going to be fun to shoot. But the boys really just wanted to get each other naked and get t on. This is the video I made from the BTS cameras during the photo shoot. How naughty are these boys. That shoot in the public stairwell went a lot further than I had planned.

Photo shoot
27 Feb, 2017

Meet my handsome new mate Christiano Szucs

During my Europe vacation in Hungary I met this very handsome guys called Christiano. He is a straight 22 year old living in Budapest. He had heard that I was looking for a model in Budapest and sent me a message. When I saw his pics I knew I wanted to meet him and get some shots of him naked. I found that Christiano is very fit and very good looking in real life. He also had fun posing for me. We met back at my hotel and quickly got down to the business of posing and stripping. I got some beautiful photos of my new mate both in clothes and as he slowly got naked. My favourite photos from Christiano’s photoshoot is those up on the edge of the window. The temperature in Budapest was well below zero, so I was really happy to find guys like Christiano still willing to come out and get naked for me. I’m looking forward to editing his video this week. I love watching my new mate work his thick veiny cock.

26 Feb, 2017

My hung mate James loves grinding his fuck toy

After his workout photoshoot my sexy mate James is getting down and dirty with a rubber fuck toy in his new video in the studio. We had been doing nude photos on the roof, and again in the studio. So by this time James was really ready to get off. As he lays on the bed he is watching a girl getting hammered in some porn on the TV. He reaches over and lubes up a fleshlight before pushing his fat cock deep inside it. He even goes handsfree for a little while as he thrusts into it on the mattress. I like watching James beat off as all his muscles in his chest and shoulders pump up to a huge size. And check out that big smile when he’s finished dumping a load of cum. It’s another sweet video from our muscly mate. I’m looking forward to getting James back in to some more action with our mates soon.

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