Photo shoot
11 Jun, 2018

The first hook up of my mates Sam Sivahn and Dylan Anderson

While Sam was visitnng Melbourne last month I got him over for his first hook up with our sexy mate Dylan Anderson. I knew these guys would get along well and make one very hot video. Sam is all beefed up these days and looks great naked. Dylan boned up quickly when he saw Sam’s perfect round muscle bum. These guys are adorable together. We are starting this week with Sam and Dylan’s stripping naked photoshoot in the studio. Later in the week I will also load the guys first video together. In the meantime you can enjoy these shots of two of our favourite mates getting to know each other. Both Sam and Dylan have done a bunch of videos with our mates over the past year. I always have a great time shooting with them.

Behind the scenes
10 Jun, 2018

Hooking up Dylan and Tomas in Melbourne

Setting up Dylan and Tomas to meet in Melbourne turned out to be the perfect thing to do. After meeting out in the park we headed back to this studio where I could take photos of the guys get naked and a lot more intimate with each other. This was the first couple shoot for Tomas. I knew he would like playing around with Dylan. There’s lots of kissing as the guys strip down to their undies. I can see that Tomas is already boned up in his undies while kissing Dylan. We go a step further in this BTS video with the guys taking turns at sucking on each others dick. I can tell they are really worked up at this point, so we stop the photoshoot and move to to making a video. Tomas gets fucked really hard by Dylan. It’s a very hot video. In the meantime you can watch these guys having some fun in this photoshoot.

9 Jun, 2018

James films his own nude flex and wank video

Muscle boy James is back today filming his own flex and wank video in the studio. Our handsome mate has starred in a load of videos by now. And today I wanted him to try something new. I set James up with a couple of video cameras and left him in the studio alone to film himself. I love watching what guys will do when left naked and alone with some porn playing on the telly. The cameras catch James lifting the weights before getting naked and playing with his big cock. I like that he shows off his bum to to the camera here too. Afterwards we following our muscle boy to the shower to see him soaping up. I would have liked to see a bit more flexing and showing off. But I can tell that he is still a little apprehensive about filming himself.

Photo shoot
6 Jun, 2018

Soaping up with Brad Hunter in the bathroom

Check out this naked photoshoot with my hot mate Brad in the bathroom. This shoot comes from the 20 y/o’s second shoot in Melbourne. He really surprised me at his first shoot when he dropped his jocks to reveal a giant cock at his first shoot on the roof. Brad gets super horny in his shoots and can’t hide his erection. When I got him around again it was too cool to shoot outside so we headed out to my bathroom instead. Wearing a little speedo tied up at one side, we begin this strip tease photoshoot. You can already see that Brad’s massive bone is trying to escape that wet speedo. The shoot ends up with our sexy mate in the shower soapy up his perfect little bum and throbbing fat cock. I can’t wait to get Brad back for some more action scenes soon.

Behind the scenes
5 Jun, 2018

Behind the scenes with our cute French boy Brock Matthews

Our cute French boy Brock is already a big hit with people asking for more photos and our mates wanting to do shoots with him. One of the main things I look for in new mates is guys who are fun to shoot with. And Brock’s first shoot was a lot of fun. He looks great in the photos, made a very hot first video, and was great to hang out with. I think Brock is going to be one of our stand out mates this year. In this BTS video he is doing a simple strip tease in a tank top, denim shorts and Converse sneakers. He quickly gets rid of the shorts and jocks to show off that perky little bottom. Brock has a very nice stiff cock too. I like the shots where he is stretching the tank top to show off his bottom on the bed. After the photoshoot Brock jacked off while I fingered him on the bed. The video is very hot. In the meantime he has already been back to shoot a scene with Layton. I will load it soon too.

Photo shoot
4 Jun, 2018

Our muscle boy James is flexing naked in the studio

Our sexy mate James Nowak is back this year stripping naked and flexing those big muscles. It’s been a little while since I have caught up with James. I’m happy to report that he’s still looking hot as ever. As well as being a super nice guy, James looks great on camera. He’s a big boy and doesn’t mind showing off. James comes across as being a bit shy at first, but wait until he rips his clothes off. We hung out a bit during the summer. On this day James came around for a shoot outside, as well as this photoshoot in the studio. As get gets naked on the massage table James works his fat uncut dick to full erection. I got some beautiful shots of his big dick at full attention. And to try something a little different James film’s himself working out naked and wanking his dick. I will load James’ new video later this week.

2 Jun, 2018

Jesse gets ridden hard by our sexy mate Layton

This is one of the hottest hard fucking scenes of this summer. I knew that Jesse and Layton were going to get along well. But I never guess how passionate and hot their first vide together was going to be. After having some naked fun out on the roof we headed back to the studio where the guys could strip each other naked one more time. There’s lots of teasing in this video as Layton licks Jesse’s bum and then starts nudging his hole with the tip of his cock. By this time Jesse is begging for Layton to drive that cock into him. Layton spits on his cock and drives it deep inside Jesse. He’s giving him some long quick strokes as he works up to climax. It really is amazing to watch Layton in action. He is completely focused on fucking his new mate and is not going to stop until they both blow.

Photo shoot
31 May, 2018

Our horny mate William Moore at his first studio photoshoot

This is our new horny mate’s first photoshoot in the studio. 22 year old French Canadian William Moore met me for the first when we did this shoot. I was impressed by how fit William is, and his big beautiful dick. And I loved it when he sucked my dick in his first video too. William has a lot of energy and gets very turned by being photographed and filmed. I was so impressed by his first photoshoot and video that I got him back right away for a shoot with Jesse. He’s also a really sweet guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. William’s photos look great. I am looking forward to see him in a lot more scenes with me and our mates this year.

Behind the scenes
30 May, 2018

Behind the scenes with our fit young mate Kell Fuller

This is the BTS video of our fit young mate Kell Fuller posing naked in my kitchen. This was an extra fun shoot with the 19 year old starting dressed in just a kitchen apron with his bottom exposed as he washes the dishes. The idea was to get some of the hot soapy water running down his chest and abs. But it soon turned to soapy water being poured over his little furry bottom while bent over the kitchen table. Kell was getting very aroused while we were taking the photos. His hand could no longer hide his big uncut throbbing dick. Even though it was a dull day when we took these photos in Berlin the shots look great! Kell is an awesome guy and a great model. I can’t wait to shoot with him again. All of Kell’s videos are now loaded.

Photo shoot
28 May, 2018

Layton and Jesse are kissing and stripping naked on the roof

This is Layton and Jesse’s first hook up and seeing them stripping each other naked on the roof is very hot. Since it was such a hot day in the city we chose the rooftop to start the day’s photoshoot. The guys are decked out in skater pads withe sneakers and tank tops. I could tell right away that they were going to get along very well. Both Layton and Jesse are very passionate in their scenes. So out on the roof there is a lot of kissing and grabbing at each other’s crotches before the stripping starts. I got them to start pulling off the other’s clothing as I took loads of photos. Eventually they are left with just the tank tops, pads and sneakers, with their erect cocks hanging out. Both Layton and Jesse are very turned on by now. There’s a bit of dick sucking going on too before we head back to the studio to take the remaining shots and make a video. Layton and Jesse have both made a few videos with our mates by now so I’m sure this next one is going to be really hot. The new video will also be loaded later this week.

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