Photo shoot
5 Jan, 2018

James is soaping up in this hot new photoshoot in my bathroom

Our super hung mate James Nowak is soaping up in this new photoshoot in my bathroom. I’m really excited about having our hot straight mate back this summer for a series of new shoots. Even though James has had a couple of breaks from working out because a shoulder injury he is still looking incredibly fit! Today is a simple shoot in some skimpy running shorts in my bathroom. I get a lot of good natural light in here so I get James posing by the windows as he slowly strips naked. Then we move in to the shower so James can get wet and started soaping up those muscles. I’m really happy with this photoset. I will also post a video of this shoot with James shortly.

Behind the scenes
3 Jan, 2018

Watch me shooting Hunter Jones naked in the studio

Watch me shooting our returning mate Hunter Jones in this BTS video in the studio. Hunter is coming back after having been away for about a year. You will see in this video that Hunter is a very hunky looking Aussie boy. He is not shy at all about stripping down and showing off naked in front of the camera. I am really happy with all the shoots I have done with the 26 year old straight boy. He had such handsome looks on top of his very fit body. It was the end of winter when we shot this, so Hunter is dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans and boots. They are clothes from my closet so they barely fit my big mate. This did not matter because the clothes were coming off quickly in this shoot. I really like the shots of Hunter on the couch wearing just the underwear. He’s incredibly hot and I’m so glad I got to shoot with him again. Make sure you also check out his previous shoots on the roof and in the hot tub.

Photo shoot
1 Jan, 2018

My hot new mate Bastien Passif joins us getting naked to kick off the new year

I am so excited about today’s new mate update. I have been waiting a long time to get to shoot with the very hot Bastien Passif. I had been emailing with the beautiful 27 year old for a few months before we finally got together in Melbourne. Aside from his handsome looks, Bastien showed me some very hot outdoor photos he had done with other photographers. I could tell already that he had an exhibitionist streak and I really wanted to meet up. Up in the studio I met with Bastien and found that he’s a really sweet and funny guy. I knew right away it was going to be a good shoot. We don’t often have hairy guys in for shoots so I was really happy when Bastien pulled open his shirt to reveal a nice thick layer of hair across his chest and belly. Oh, and he’s super fit too! Wait until you see those big thighs. Bastien’s first photoshoot went really well. I took way more photos then I needed to. But I didn’t want to miss any anything with our newest mate. I think Bastien is going to make a great addition to our group of mates this summer. I will also post his first hot video later this week.

31 Dec, 2017

My hung straight mate David is fucking a fleshlight for the first time

My super hot hung straight mate David Ivan is back making naked videos. After a great photoshoot of our sexy mate getting naked, the muscle boy is ready to get off. David has not played with a fleshlight before so I show him how to libe it up and slide it down over his cock. I figure he can work the rest out from there. So we start with David pulling out his already erect fat cock, and then he gets naked on the couch. With the fleshlight lubed up, David pushes it down over his fat dick ripping it open. After some hot stroking on the couch I show David how to go handsfree with the fuck toy jammed between the matresses on the bed. This is where we get a good look at David’s big bum as he pumps the toy on the bed. He really gets into fucking it while I film from behind. Eventually David moves back to the couch where he watches some porn while bringing himself to climax. Make sure you watch this right to the end to see David blowing cum across his belly. He admits at the end that the toy is not as good as the real thing. This is David’s second video shoot.

Behind the scenes
30 Dec, 2017

Behind the scenes with our handsome mate James Jones

James Jones is the 28 year old handsome mate of Jeffry Branson. And Jeffry has a lot of handsome mates. This is the BTS video footage taken from my hotel room when I first met James for his shoot in Budapest. Like all the guys I have met there James was very polite and presented nicely groomed for the shoot. This is the BTS footage from the second photoshoot. I got James stripping out of track pants and a hoodie before showing off his fit body. Then we lost the underwear and James started stroking his very fat uncut cock. I am really impressed with the photos taken that day, as well as the hot video that James made with some fleshlight fucking action. I really liked working with James. And I hope we will do more shoots together in the new year. Make sure you check out his photo set and video.

Behind the scenes
28 Dec, 2017

Behind the scenes with our huge muscle mate Martin Trifon

This huge muscle boy Marti Trifon really caught everyone’s when I first posted his photos and video earlier this year. The straight handsome 21 year old came to visit me while I was visiting Berlin earlier in the year. He also turned out to be one of the nicest guys I have shot with this year. Marti is originally from eastern Europe and moved to Berlin with some of his mates. It was really nice talking to him. But it was even nicer getting to shoot with his while he was flexing, getting naked, and soaping up all those muscles in the shower. This video footage is taken from the BTS cameras I set up around the bathroom for Marti’s nude photoshoot. It also captures Marti and I chatting during the shoot. I love his sexy accent. Make sure you check out all of Marti’s photos and videos.

Photo shoot
26 Dec, 2017

My fit mate David Ivan is back showing of his big dad cock

My sexy straight mate David Ivan is back this week stripping naked and showing off his huge dad cock. I really liked shooting with the 21 year old earlier this year so I invited him around for another shoot. David was suffering from a cold when we shot this set, but he still soldiered on. In fact our mate is looking super fit as he strips naked and flexes his muscles for me. It’s not long before he has that big cut dick standing to attention too. I didn’t forget to get some nice shots of David’s beautiful muscle bum too as he poses on the couch. David is looking amazing and I can’t wait to edit his new video this week. In the meantime you can check out David’s new photo set and his previous videos.

24 Dec, 2017

Catch our hot new mate Brian Tanner jacking off

After an amazing photoshoot with the very handsome Brian Tanner in Budapest, we got down to making this hot jacking video. Brian had already been stripping and getting hard in the photoshoots earlier in the day. So now the only thing left to do was get off. I set Brian up with some lube and some porn on the TV so he could put on his own show. I grabbed the video camera to capture every bit of our sexy mate stripping naked one more time, and playing with his uncut cock. As he watches the porn intensely I film around the bed, making sure to get all of his muscles tensing as he strokes his cock. And after getting in to some different positions it’s not long before he is pumping a load of cum on to the bed. And I love the cheeky little smile Brian gives as he heads to clean up in the bathroom. I like shooting with Brian a lot. I will also post his BTS video soon so you can listen to that sexy accent as we worked through his photo set.

Photo shoot
23 Dec, 2017

It’s shower time for our new horny mate Alex Sanchez

It’s shower time for my cute mate Alex. When I first met 21 year old Alex Sanchez in Melbourne I was kinda distracted by his beautiful smile and eagerness to show off. In fact Alex is the perfect horny mate to join us this summer. I already have a lot of shoots planned for him. I’d really like to do some sex scenes with him too. On his first shoot day I took Alex in to the bathroom for a speedo and soapy shoot in the shower. Apart from some unexpected onlookers nearby, the shoot went very well and I love this photoset. It was the end of winter when I took these photos. Alex admits that he had been doing a little outdoor nude tanning on the few sunny days we’d had recently in Melbourne. And I gotta say his all over tan really suits him. I also love that Alex has a hairy chest. But it’s his smile that gets me every time. You can now watch Alex’s first video solo, and his video on the bed with Caleb Knight. I am also getting Alex around again very soon for a new shoot with me. Like I said, Alex is going to be a very busy boy this summer.

Behind the scenes
20 Dec, 2017

Behind the scenes with Russian porn star Cris Knight

Check out this behind the scenes video with Russian porn star Cris Knight in New York. I’m glad I remembered to set up the BTS cameras in the bathroom to catch our sexy new mate with the big cock stripping out of his speedo. You will see everything that happened during this shoot, including when his mate Seth Knight came in to suck his dick during the shoot. These guys are so dam hot! They really made it a fun day shooting in the big city. We had fun making shoots in the bathroom and the bedroom. This is a fun BTS to watch.

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