Behind the scenes
7 Aug, 2016

Zack Bellomi’s BTS video of his photoshoot in Texas

I had fun shooting with this little guy with the big dick during my visit to Texas. I was there doing some work for my day job and was meeting up with guys on the weekends to have some really horny fun at my hotel. Zack was a bit nervous about doing this shoot with me when he first arrived. But he soon relaxed as we chatted over a beer and started taking photos. I could see that Zack was getting turned on as he pulled his erect pre-cumming cock out of his undies. And what a nice big cock it is! I took loads of photos of him showing it off. And afterwards I helped him get off in his video scene. This is the video footage taken from the BTS cameras. This was a really fun shoot and a nice way to spend my weekend in Texas.

6 Aug, 2016

Damien and Val’s first sex video

With the photoshoot out of the way I let Damien and Val do their own thing while I filmed around them. I knew this was going to be a hot scene when I saw how well the guys got along during the photos. Both Damien and Val are incredibly beautiful and sweet guys. The were all shy at the beginning of the photoshoot, but this was all gone by the time I started filming. I was really excited because this was the first time I’d get to see Damian fucking with that big dick. And since Val loves getting fucked, they were a perfect match. I was amazed to see Val taking Damien’s cock all the way down his throat. And this was just preparing our hung mate for the wild fucking scene that was about to happen. My favourite part of this video is when Val comes just from having Damien’s cock in his mouth. These guys put on an amazing show. I think there could be a rematch coming up here.

Behind the scenes
5 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes at James first hook up video with Romain

One of the hottest scenes of the year has to be when James met Romain here in Melbourne. It was going to be be the first duo action scene for both the guys so I was really nervous about how it would go. I was happy to see that the guys got along really well and ended up putting on a very hot show. This is the BTS video taken from the cameras during the photoshoot where the guys undressed each other. There’s lots of flexing, kissing and dick sucking throughout the shoot. We had fun shooting this and it’s one of the match ups I’d like to do again. Make sure you check out their video which is now posted as well as their previous solo videos. These guys are so hot!

Photo shoot
3 Aug, 2016

Micky Petrov’s first nude photoshoot in Germany

One of the sexiest guys I got to meet during my stay in Berlin was the very fit 20 year old Micky Petrov from Bulgaria. This is the first photoshoot I did with him. So you can see that he was a bit nervous at first as he begun changing into a speedo in my bathroom. I begun directing him around the bathroom in different poses and then he slipped in to the bathtub where he wriggled out of the speedo in the hot water. I noticed right away that Micky has got a beautifully toned body so i get him to pull a few muscle poses which he is very amused by. Micky’s jerk off video is already posted and soon I will also post the BTS video of our shoot here in the bathroom. I’ll be looking Micky up again later this year. I want to do a lot more with him in his next scene.

Photo shoot
1 Aug, 2016

First hook up – Our French mate Val Defarge meets Damien Dyson

The exciting news today is that Val Defarge is back after going home to France earlier this year. And I finally got to put him in this scene with my sexy mate Damien. I knew these guys would get along really well. They were both adorable in this shoot. They couldn’t wait to get into each other’s pants during this photoshoot. I was getting them getting in to some different positions on the couch before moving them to the massage table where they could undress each other. Damien’s big dick was hardly out of his pants before Val was pushing it deep down in to his throat. And Damien was loving the attention. There’s loads of passionate kissing in this shoot as we move from the table to the bed. By this time the guys are completely naked so I want to make sure I get a nice picture of those bottoms. After a lot more shots on the bed I finally let the guys stop and get ready for their video scene. I like the photos from this shoot a lot. Even though it was shot in the middle of Melbourne’s winter, the sun coming in and out make the studio warm and bright. I’m looking forward to editing the boys video this week.

30 Jul, 2016

Fleshlight fuck show with Andre Johnson

After such a hot photo shoot with 23 year old Andre I grabbed the video camera to film Andre getting off on my bed. He saw the fleshlight and decided to put on a rubber toy fucking show. He shoved that toy in to the pillows and proceeded to fuck it while I filmed his bouncing bum. After playing with the toy in different positions he jumps up on to his knees to give me an excellent view of him blowing a load of cum. It was incredibly hot watching this super fit guy jacking off. I like Andre a lot and I hope we will get to shoot together again this year. This scene and his shoot with Dave ended with some very hot videos. I will also post the BTS video of this shoot with Andre soon.

Behind the scenes
29 Jul, 2016

Muscle mates – James Nowak is ripped and flexing naked

It wasn’t until I watched this video of James Nowak back that I realised I had put him in the tightest of shorts and t-shirt. James is a lot bigger than my other mates and struggled in to those little see-thru shorts. But he looked pretty dam good in them anyway. Here I am directing through a stripping photoshoot at a city hotel. James is so dam handsome! I like making him laugh and smile as we work through the shoot. He’s a super sweet guy and very laid back. I really like the shots we took on the table where he is fully erect and pulling a muscle pose. I love all the shots I took of James on that day. He has already done a couple of solo shoots, and more recently his sex scene with Romain Deville. Make sure you check out all of James’ scenes. I am looking forward to our next shoot.

Behind the scenes
27 Jul, 2016

Glenn Hill’s BTS video in the studio

I was really excited getting Glenn back for this shoot after he was away for a year. He’s looking pretty dam cute in the shirt and tie in these shots. Today’s shoot was fairly simple and since it was shot in winter we did the whole set in the warm studio. I made sure he removed the glasses part way through the shoot since they we reflecting a lot and I couldn’t see his eyes. Glenn had fun doing this shoot and is very keen to come and partner up with our mates for his next scene. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more scenes with Glenn in them this year.

Photo shoot
25 Jul, 2016

My new horny mate Andre Johnson in his first solo photoshoot

Mostly new guys would do a solo shoot before getting in to a scene with my other mates. But Andre was kinda different. This sexy Hungarian ended up doing his first scene with the beautiful Dave Circus. When I saw him in action I really wanted to get him back modelling solo with me. So a few days later Andre was back in my hotel room. He was a little tired from celebrating NYE in the city, but still looked pretty dam hot. I got Andre posing, flexing and stripping in my big hotel windows. This guy has got a serious rocking bod. I really like his cute smile too. He was already getting hard as he pulled his dick out to show me. After making some very hot photos we headed in to the bedroom to make a video. Make sure you also check out the video where Andre is helping Dave get off.

24 Jul, 2016

Jacking with my hung mate Chris Bass

Chris puts on a very hot show in his first scene back in the studio. He jumps up on the bed and starts playing with that big cock in his undies. It’s a pleasure to film Chris as he reaches for the fleshlight and starts lubing himself up. He has picked out the “mouth” fleshlight and starts pushing his thick cock deep in side it. I can tell that he’s having fun with it as he keeps changing the pace in which he fucks the toy. I get him to move around on the bed to make sure I get footage of him stroking from every angle. And it’s not long before he’s laying back blowing cum across his furry belly. I’m very excited getting Chris back in front of the camera. He’s very keen to do more scenes with our mates and some outdoor fun when summer comes around again.

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