Behind the scenes
7 Sep, 2017

Behind the scenes with the very handsome Micky Petrov

One of our favourite straight mates appearing in scenes this past year is the very handsome Micky Petrov. This is the BTS video from my latest shoot with the muscle boy in Berlin. And you will see from this video that I am shooting in one of the smallest rooms I’ve every shot in. But I was determined to get photos of Micky getting wet in a speedo. He has quickly become one of my favourite mates in Berlin to shoot with. He has a very laid back attitude to getting naked and showing off his super fit body in front of the camera. This is the reason why I invited him back for another shoot this year. We don’t actually speak the language so unfortunately I don’t know a real lot about Micky. But I think he’s a nice guy. And he looks amazing in his photos and videos.

Photo shoot
4 Sep, 2017

Ryan is stripping out of his uniform to show off his big cock

My hot mate Ryan Kai is back this week stripping out of his uniform and showing off his big cock. Ryan has become one of our favourite mates for nude shoots. I am getting a lot of requests to get him back for more. So today Ryan is in my bedroom showing off in his uniform and then stripping down to show off that perfect bum in a jockstrap. Ryan is one of our many straight mates who likes showing off naked on camera. He’s one of the cutest and most fun guys to shoot with. Once he gets completely naked I grab the video camera and wank him off on the bed. I will post him new video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out all of Ryan’s hot wanking and doll and toy fucking videos in the members section. I am looking forward to seeing what other hot videos he will make this summer.

3 Sep, 2017

Mates Chase and Austin’s first hot sex video in the studio

Chase and Austin’s hot sex video is finally here. I loved doing the photoshoot with these beautiful Aussie boys. But I was really looking forward to seeing what they were going to get up to in their first fucking scene. This video starts with lots of kissing and cock sucking on the couch before the guys move over to the bed. There were a few surprises for me in this video. I had no idea Chase was going to be the one getting fucked. And I loved the coordinated cum shower at the end of the scene. It’s a very passionate and hot show put on by Chase and Austin. They are both very natural and sweet Aussie country boys. With their first scene now shot and loaded, I am looking forward to getting them in to more scenes over the summer. My mates are going to love these guys.

Photo shoot
31 Aug, 2017

Sam Sivahn’s speedo strip show in the bathroom

The last time Sam came around for a shoot I got him trying out some speedos for a quick strip show shoot in the bathroom. Sam is one of my fittest mates with an awesome muscly body. He looks great in the blue and white striped speedo. It was the beginning of winter in Melbourne when I shot this with Sam, so I didn’t get him out in that chilly bathroom for too long. To make the shoot a little more interesting, I also got our sexy mate soapy up in the hot shower. I like shooting with Sam a lot. His shots always look great and he gets along really well with my other mates. I can’t wait to get him in to more scenes with the other guys soon. In the meantime you can enjoy the videos already loaded of Sam getting off with Luc and Jesse, and of course the scene where I jack him off.

Behind the scenes
30 Aug, 2017

Video footage of Tomas Kyle’s first nude shoot in the studio

This is the behind the scenes video footage of my shoot with the red headed Aussie boy Tomas Kyle. Tomas came over from South Australia for a visit to Melbourne and to check out the studio. I like Tomas a lot. He’s kind of a surprise package. He may come across as being shy and a bit nerdy. But when he gets his gear off things change. The solo shoot with Tomas is one of my favourite new model shoots of this year. After the photoshoot I wanked off my beautiful new mate in his video scene. I’m hoping we will be seeing more of Tomas this coming summer. He’s a really sweet guy and I know a few of our mates who would love to get in to action shoots with him. Make sure you check out his gallery and the video we made in the studio.

Photo shoot
28 Aug, 2017

Aussie boys Chase Adams and Austin Brooks in their first nude shoot

I’m really excited about today’s post of my cute mates Chase Adams and Austin Brooks. Just so you can tell them apart, Austin is the shorter of the 2 boys. I love shooting with Aussie country boys and I couldn’t wait to meet with these guys. We had been exchanging emails about meeting up for a while, and finally the boys made the trip down to Melbourne. We shot this scene just a few weeks ago. I don’t normally shoot in Melbourne in the middle of winter because the studio gets so chilly. But I made an exception so I could meet Chase (20) and Austin (22) during there visit to the city. And I gotta say that both guys are adorable! I could tell they were a little nervous at first about doing the shoot, but it turned in to a fun photo and video shoot. Today I am posting the photoset we made in the studio, and later this week I will also post the hot video the boys made together. I love shooting mates together and I think Chase and Austin are going to make a great addition to our group of mates on Bentley. I’m very keen to get them back for more scenes over summer.

26 Aug, 2017

Playing with my horny twink mate Justin Evans

This has to be my favourite video with Justin Evans. After hanging out for a couple of days in Berlin I brought the Polish hottie around to the studio for one more shoot. Justin is looking super fit. After taking loads of photos I grabbed the video camera to capture Justin jacking off. But I had an idea during the photoshoot that I really wanted to tongue fuck Justin while he’s bent over the chair. So part way in to his video I grabbed the lube bottle and joined in on the action. I can tell Justin likes getting his bum licked, so I keep driving my tongue in deeper. He has the sweetest little bum. I like playing with it a lot. Eventually I leave Justin while I grab the camera one more time just to capture him blow a huge load of cum across the room. What a nice way to end our visit in Berlin. As you can tell by now Justin is one of my favourite performers in Europe. He looks great in the photos and always makes a hot video.

Photo shoot
24 Aug, 2017

Porn star Seth Knight is stripping naked in my shower

I still can’t believe I got to shoot with porn star Seth Knight in New York. We met up on a very chilly morning in New York. Back at my hotel I got Seth up to my room and in to a hot shower. This is where I first got to see my hot new mate naked. Well mostly. He was wearing a speedo to begin with. I wanted to get some teasing shots at first. This is when I notice that Seth is super fit! And he has a perfect bum. I am making mental notes to get back to shoot lots of photos of that bottom. In the shower Seth gets naked and pulls a whole bunch of teasing photos. I’m trying to concentrate on taking good photos without being distracted by just how hot this guy is. The other thing that really stands out about my day with Seth is that he is really fun to shoot with. It was a big day of shooting and we had a lot of work to do. But Seth made it much easier with his sense of humour and laid back attitude. I’m really glad we got to meet and take these hot photos.

Behind the scenes
23 Aug, 2017

Rory’s first porn photoshoot filmed by Luc Dean

This is the behind the scenes video of Rory Delroy’s first porn shoot. But what you may not know is that it was filmed by his mate Luc Dean. Luc had brought Rory along for them to do a shoot together. But before we started with the guys together, I really wanted to see Rory strip naked solo. So I gave Luc the cameraman job while I took Rory’s photos. I think the hand held BTS vids always turn out much better than the static cameras. Plus it’s more fun having another person’s opinion behind the camera as we go through the shoot. Rory had fun making this scene too. The video where he later gets fucked by Luc is also now loaded. These guys were very hot together. I’m looking forward to doing it again over summer.

Photo shoot
22 Aug, 2017

Justin Evans’ horny studio shoot in Berlin

I had so much fun hanging out with my Polish twink mate Justin in Berlin. Earlier this year we got to hang out together in Berlin, running around doing lots of shopping and making some very hot scenes. Today I am posting the shoot we did in the studio. Most fans of Justin wouldn’t know until know that my cute mate actually wears glasses. He kept them on when I started taking his photos. I hadn’t shot with Justin for while. He’d had a serious accident last year and had to have a major back operation. So I’m really happy to see that he’s still looking super fit. I think Justin is really hot and to make this shoot a little bit more fun, I jump in on his video to help my cute mate get off. I will post the video of Justin and I having some fun in the studio also later this week.

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