Behind the scenes
6 Jul, 2016

Soaping up in the shower with Euro hottie Andre Johnson

What a hottie Andre Johnson is! This is the shoot we did in my tiny hotel bathroom in Budapest. I had the wide angle GoPro stuck to the mirror here so I could film the Hungarian stud stripping out of a wrestling tank and soaping up in the shower. Andre is such a handsome guy. He tells me that he has done a little porn acting in the past with some European companies. He looks super fit and his photos are hot! You can also check out his photo set and video I made of him and Dave Circus getting each other off. Andre is one of the reasons why I’d love to go back to Hungary again.

Photo shoot
4 Jul, 2016

Muscle mates Romain Deville and James Nowak

After his first shoot in Melbourne I asked French hottie Romain Deville which of my mates he’d like to do a scene with. At the top of his list was our 26 year old muscly mate James. A lot of my mates are wanting to do a shoot with James so it was no surprise. So Romain is the first of our mates to get in with a scene with James. It was fun shooting with both these extra large guys. They had to shuffle for space each time we changed positions. After a little arm wrestling I got the guys undressing each other and eventually playing with each other’s big cocks. James and Romain look amazing as they tower above me naked while I take photos from the floor. James is enjoying the attention as Romain goes down to suck on that fat cock. Of course this photoshoot went on for a while so the guys could get to know each other a little better before we got down to making their very hot video. I can’t wait to watch these guys getting each other off.

2 Jul, 2016

Jacking off my mate Damien Dyson after a dip in the hot tub

Damien Dyson in his second hot video with me. We had just finished taking a lot of photos of the lanky Aussie stripping off in the hot tub and showing off that huge cock before he jumped back in to the speedo to start this video scene. Damien looks awesome as he slips in to the hot water and start playing with his cock in the speedo. The skimpy speedo can barely contain his fat cock. And then he asks me if he can take them off. After playing in the water for a while Damien dries off and heads to the bed where I come in and start wanking him off. I can tell he’s loving it as his cock gets rock hard and he starts moaning. It’s not long before I’m milking Damien’s cock all over his belly. And what a nice thick load of cum it is. And what an extremely horny way to end our shoot.

Behind the scenes
1 Jul, 2016

Benjamin’s first photoshoot in the studio

I’m really excited getting to get shoot with the beautiful South American Benjamin Bosco. This guy was so happy and ready to have some fun when he came around for his first shoot. I was kinda swooning every time he broke out in a big smile as I clicked away. As well as having such a fit tanned body, Benjamin has got a killer smile. I was having so much fun taking his photos, I think I took way more photos than I needed to take, and the shot went a lot longer than usual. Benjamin is one of the most beautiful guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with. I’m looking to doing a lot more scenes with him while he is visiting us here in Melbourne. Benjamin’s fleshlight fucking video is also now loaded.

Behind the scenes
29 Jun, 2016

Behind the scenes at Reece’s photoshoot in the stair way

I found myself smiling a lot as I edited this video of my stair way shoot with the very cute and funny 18 year old Reece Anderson. We were out in my back stair way taking photos of the cheeky boy ripping his way out of his pink outfit and showing off his bum in the window. Reece looks great as he strips from his pink undies and eventually ends up completely naked. I made sure I got plenty of shots of my cute mate bent over the railing. We did run up to the roof briefly, but I sadly forgot to take the BTS camera along with us. Shortly I will post the photo set taken during this shoot.

Photo shoot
27 Jun, 2016

Damien Dyson’s hot tub shoot

Damien and I had so much fun making this shoot in one of my favourite places, the hot tub. Damien didn’t know what I had planned for this shoot when he came over. And I don’t think he realised he was going to be getting wet on this chilly day in Melbourne. Wearing just a nylon speedo, Damien posed in loads of photos in and around the hot tub and eventually stripped naked. I’m really happy with these photos of he tall lanky Aussie with the extra large dick. This is Damien’s second shoot and we are already planning the next one with some of my mates. I will post Damien’s hot tub video later this week.

25 Jun, 2016

Zack loves having his hole fingered as he jacks off on my bed

This is one very hot video from my cute mate with the big dick. I wasn’t sure how Zack’s video was going to go since it was his first time doing this. But when I edited this last night I realised how hot it actually was. You can tell in this video that Zack loves having his hole played with as he pushes my hand down between his legs. He is getting more and more excited as I push my fingers in his hole. And his cock keeps growing bigger and bigger. I really wanted to fuck Zack in this video. Especially when he sat low on the chair and pushed his legs up in the air. It was on the chair as I fingered his hole that he started breathing heavily and blow cum across his belly. What a hot way to end our day hanging out together in Texas.

Behind the scenes
24 Jun, 2016

James Nowak’s first outdoor nude shoot

Sometimes when your in the city and you look up you might just see a hot guy stripping on top of one of the city buildings. This is the video I made of my photo shoot with James Novak in the inner city on my building’s roof. And it’s actually James’s very first shoot. He thought it was all very funny get naked in the middle of the city. It was a hot summer day when we did this, perfect for being naked outside. I actually didn’t realise how muscly and how “big” James was until he start stripping out of his gear in this shoot. The shots look amazing, and James is a lot of fun to shoot with. All of James’s videos are now loaded.

Behind the scenes
23 Jun, 2016

Shooting with Cuban porn star Ricky Ares

Being based in Australia I rarely get to shoot with some of the international porn stars from the US and Europe. So I was pretty excited to meet up and shoot with the hot Cuban Ricky Ares during my visit to Berlin. This guy is huge! I can see that Ricky obviously works out a lot as he flexes above me in the bathroom. His legs are so big that he had trouble pulling the speedo up over his massive thighs. You can see from this BTS video that Ricky was great fun to shoot with. He’s a really sweet guy, and his photos look amazing. And he was a real soldier for carrying on through the shoot with a head cold. It’s a shame I didn’t get to shoot a lot more with my buff new mate on that visit. You can check out all the photos and videos we made on that day now in the members area. And hopefully our paths will cross for another shoot sometime.

Photo shoot
22 Jun, 2016

Rooftop romp – Valentin’s first photoshoot outside

This is the first photoshoot I did with my beautiful French mate Valentin Defarge. It started out as a shoot in my back stairwell. Val was stripping out of his soccer uniform, slowly revealing his perfectly round bum in a jockstrap, and then giving me a sneak peek at his uncut cock. I was so excited about getting to meet and shoot with Val that I forgot a lot of the positions I wanted to shoot him in. Then I suggested we run up to the roof and get some shots of him stripping again in the middle of the surrounding city buildings. I think I could take a thousand photos of that perfect bum as Val bends over to show it off. I gotta say that run around the roof with Val naked was so much fun on that day. Since making this shoot he has already been back to shoot some more scenes with my mates. Make sure you check out all of Val’s photos and videos now loaded.

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