Photo shoot
21 Nov, 2016

Aussie boy Sarpa is back – Looking super fit and ready to get off

I’m pretty excited to be shooting with my mate Sarpa Van Rider again. I kinda lost touch with him in the past year. When I saw some new photos of him pop up on Twitter recently I knew I wanted to get him back for another shoot. He has done some pretty hot shoots in the past with me and some of the other guys. Now he’s sporting some new tattoos and looking super fit. I love shooting with him. He is full of energy and loves to show off. Back in my studio we took loads of photos in a ripped up tshirt and high top sneakers. And gradually he stripped naked in various positions while I took loads and loads of photos. My favourite shots are of Sarpa naked on the stool with just the socks and high tops. The photos look great, and now I’m busy working on the hot video we made afterwards. In the meantime you can check out all of Sarpa’s photos and videos now in the member area.

19 Nov, 2016

Caleb Knight’s first porn video – Rubbing my fat cock

I had no idea that things were going to get this wild in my mate’s first porn video. With the photoshoot out of the way I gave Caleb a few instructions on how the video scene was going to work. I prefer to give any instructions before the scene and not interrupt while the guys are getting off. I could tell that Caleb was excited by some of the things in the toy drawer, but I didn’t know what he was going to choose. Once he had stripped down and was wearing just his shoes, socks and a neck tie, Caleb reached for the toy drawer to grab the big black long dildo, And with a bit of lube he was already pushing it deep up in to his hole. Okay, now I knew this was going to be a hot show. Caleb also shows me how he can split open a fleshlight with his fat cock. I’m actually surprised by my mate’s hot show. After seeing all of this I think I’ll be getting Caleb back for more scenes very soon.

Behind the scenes
18 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at the twin brothers shoot in Hungary

This is the video I made of twin brothers Elek and Luca Barrell when we all met at mu hotel in Hungary. It was kinda strange meeting these guys. We had exchanged emails before the shoot, and I could tell that their english was poor. But it turns out that they knew no english at all and I could not speak Hungarian. So it surprises me that this shoot happened at all. Directing the guys became very interesting. Luckily for the video scene there was no direction at all. The 3 of us just ended up having sex with the video camera recording everything. I think Elek and Luca are really nice guys, and I’m sad that I really didn’t have a chance to learn anything much about them. It’s another one of my amazing experiences from meeting guys in another country.

Behind the scenes
16 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at James and Matias’s first shoot together

I had already shot with the very muscly Aussie boy James a few times before. But when I met Matias for his first solo shoot, I knew exactly who I wanted to team him up with. After I suggested the duo shoot, both James and Matias were very keen to meet up. The guys were a little awkward around each other at first. But by the time they got naked and started kissing during the photoshoot, their nerves had disappeared and we were having a lot of fun. These guys look amazing together. And their video scenes is really hot. I can tell that Matias was really enjoying all the attention he was getting from James. This is the video taken from the behind the scenes cameras which were recording during their photoshoot. The whole video scene is also available now in the member’s area. I’d love to get these guys together again.

Photo shoot
14 Nov, 2016

Meet my new hung mate Caleb Knight

22 year old Caleb has been a friend of mine for a few years. It was only recently that I got around to asking him if he would be interested in modelling for me. I thought it might have been a strange question since we had known each other for some time. But he surprised me and said yes right away. I was also encouraged to ask him after I had see a photo of him naked and that extra big dick. I love skinny guys with big dicks and on top of that, Caleb is pretty dam cute. His first photoshoot back at my studio went really well, with Caleb dressed in a uniform and my old school tie. The clothes quickly came off as I couldn’t wait to see him stroking that fat cock. He gets it hard very easily and later springs to life again by itself as he poses on the floor. This shoot was heaps of fun. I’m excited to see how his video turned out now. As well as posing with the extra large cock, Caleb puts on one hot show when the video camera starts recording.

12 Nov, 2016

Luc Dean is stripping and jacking off in his first video scene

After a very hot photo shoot, my newest mate Luc was getting very horny and couldn’t wait to get started on making a jack off video. So I grabbed the video camera to capture Luc stripping off one more time. I knew this video was going to be hot. Luc picked a fleshlight out of the toy draw and started lubing up his already stiff cock. This was Luc’s first time fucking a fleshlight. He really got in to it as he rammed it handsfree on the couch. Eventually he jumped back up on the bed, and I positioned myself on the floor to capture his cock exploding, letting out a nice thick stream of cum. I was very turned on watching Luc work his cock above me. I can’t wait to shoot more scenes with him this summer.

Behind the scenes
11 Nov, 2016

Monroi Rossi’s naked rooftop shoot

At the end of last summer I met my new sexy mate Monroi Rossi. This cute South American was curious about the shoots that I do and wanted to drop by to see what it’s all about. Since it was a beautiful warm day I suggested we head out to the roof to get some photos outside. Monroi is a really sweet guy. The shoot went really well and his photos and videos are very hot. This is the BTS video footage I took from the video cameras I had set up on the roof. Now you can watch me taking Monroi’s photos as he skates around the roof and strips naked. Make sure you check out all of Monroi’s videos now loaded in the member’s area. This guy is a lot of fun.

Behind the scenes
10 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at Tristan’s first photoshoot in Berlin

This BTS video is actually from the very first shoot I did with my red headed German mate Tristan. I had gotten him around to model for me in the bathroom and on the balcony. In the bathroom he started out wearing a red cap he had brought along, but then quickly removed it since it didn’t really fit in with the style of shoot. He was a little nervous since we had only just met. But we got along really well pretty quickly. I’m not sure why it is, but I love Tristan’s accent as he is speaking in English to me. He’s very curious and keen to try new things. I liked his second photo set on the balcony better than these shots. I had so much fun with him I invited him back for another shoot a week later. We have done 2 more shoots since then, so all of Tristan’s videos, including the one with me sucking him off in the shower, are now all posted.

Photo shoot
8 Nov, 2016

Meet my beautiful new mate Luc Dean

I’m really excited today to be posting my first shoot with blond Aussie Luc Dean. I’ve known of Luc for a pretty long time since he had done some porn stuff with some other producers in Australia. I wasn’t quite sure where he lived or if he was gay or straight. But I was pretty happy when he contacted me about coming to Melbourne and doing some modelling. And even happier to find out that he’s a really sweet guy too. It turns out that 25 year old Luc is a Queenslander with plans to spend more time down this way. This is great news for us. After meeting Luc and seeing him naked, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Today’s shoot was more like a first meeting and auction type of thing. Luc was stripping off on my bed while I got loads of pics. He tells me that he does a lot of bike riding, which will explain those huge thighs. I probably took a lot more photos than I needed to. But I was having so much fun doing this shoot and talking to Luc. I can’t wait to get him back for some action shoots with our mates.

5 Nov, 2016

A hot jacking session with the very cute Vino Rainz

This is one hot video from my cute new mate Vino. The very fit Indonesian had gotten really horny during the photoshoot. He had already stripped off twice and ran out on to the balcony naked. So it was time to get naked one last time and jack off on my bed. I followed him around the room as he got naked and showed himself off again. I couldn’t resist playing with his bum as he pushed it up in the air for me to see. Vino looks amazing as all his muscles tighten and release while he’s jacking his fat cock. And wait until you see the cum shower he gives himself at the end. This really turned out to be a really fun day in Auckland. I will post the BTS video of our shoot together very soon. In the meantime you can enjoy getting off with Vino.

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