Photo shoot
29 Aug, 2016

Jack’s first action scene this week is with Damien Dyson

These guys are adorable! Our new mate Jack Van Duin was so nervous about getting in to a filmed sex scene with one of my mates. So I decided to pair him with the beautiful Damien Dyson. Damien has also only recently started filming sex scenes and I knew he would be a perfect partner for Jack. They are both fun and easy going guys. Since they had not met before we took the photoshoot section of the shoot slowly so the guys could get to know each other a little. There’s a lot of hugging and kissing here before the guys undress each other. I can already tell by Damien’s bulging cock that he’s liking his now scene partner. So I get Jack down there sucking on it to make it fully erect. Damien is enjoying the attention he is getting from his new mate. I’m careful not to go too far in this photoshoot because we still have the video scene to go. I got some great shots and the photoshoot ended up being very hot foreplay for the main event.

28 Aug, 2016

Jacking off with my muscly mate Jay Mercer

This is Jay’s first jerk off video filmed by me in Texas. The muscly and very well hung 19 year old had finished his photoshoot and had no trouble putting on a hot show as I started filming his pulling his big cock out on my bed. Initially Jay starts watching some porn on the TV. But you can tell later in the video he’s more interested in putting on a show for the camera. Jay’s body looks amazing as he flexes and reaches for the ceiling while his fist is firmly around his cock. I get some really nice close up shots as Jay pumps his fat cock with his hand. Make sure you watch his video right to the end to see one of the nicest big cum shots. Jay can squirt a long way! Make sure you also check out Jay’s second video where I help him jack off.

Behind the scenes
26 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes – On the roof getting naked with Ryan Kai

I’m finally posting this BTS video with the very cute and sexy Ryan Kai. I was doing this shoot with Ryan on my rooftop in the city at the end of last summer. I was amazed t how great the shots were turning out with the new white lining on the roof. It was so bright up there that we had to both wear sunglasses to kill the glare. I love watching this back to see Ryan’s cock going up and down as he posed in different positions. He’s got one of the nicest thick bums I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. Eventually I get him total naked and wearing just the converse sneakers and sporting a hard cock for the photos. I think this video is just as hot as the jacking off video he made later that day. Ryan is one of my favourite models and will be back filming more scenes soon.

Behind the scenes
24 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes at Val’s photoshoot with Damien

I knew Val and Damien were going to get along very well when I matched them up for this shoot. I had planned to shoot them together earlier this year before Val travelled back to Europe. So as soon as I heard that Val was back I couldn’t wait to get the guys together. Both Damien and Val are sweet guys and their attraction really became obvious during this shoot and their video. I had them doing lots of kissing and undressing each other during this shoot. This is the video footage taken from the video cameras I had set up in the studio to record my directing the guys through their photoshoot. There are some incredibly beautiful moments in this video.

Photo shoot
23 Aug, 2016

19 y/o Jay Mercer’s first nude photoshoot

When I first met Jay Mercer in Texas he was pretty nervous about meeting me and what he was about to do. We met several times during my stay there to shoot some different scenes. This is the first of those shoots. We met at my hotel where Jay was going to pose naked on my couch. It was a fairly dull day outside and I was relying on the light from outside. Luckily there were few people about because I needed to keep all the window blinds up on my low level room to allow plenty of light in. Anyone in the car park outside would have gotten a great view of this 19 year old spunk showing off that rock hard body and big cock. The shoot went really well and Jay and I ended up having fun making it. Jay is super chilled and had no problem trying different positions and eventually getting completely naked, flexing and stroking his cock hard. I like Jay a lot. For 19 years old, he is very mature and a really sweet guy. His photos and his videos all look great!

21 Aug, 2016

Matias Toledo’s first porn video

Having finished his first nude photoshoot my sexy new mate was ready to put on a hot show for me as I grabbed the video camera. Matias already looked amazing in the photoshoot which i directed. It was time to see what kind of show this hottie would put on while I filmed him. Laying back on the bed Matias begins playing with his cock through his undies while watching porn on the TV. It’s not long before he strips completely naked and strokes his cock rock hard. I make sure I film him from every angle as his muscles flex as he wanks. When he’s completely name he positions the pillows on the bed and starts humping them giving me a hot bum pumping show. When he rolls back over I can see that his cock has gotten really fat. He’s playing with it a lot more now and then starts stroking it a lot faster. It’s not much longer before my super fit mate is blowing a hot load of cum across his belly. It’s a really nice and hot video from Matias. And a very hot show considering it’s the first time for him stroking naked while being filmed.

Behind the scenes
19 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes at Jack’s first shoot

My travelling blond Euro mate Jack is absolutely adorable. This is the video I made of me directing him through his first nude photoshoot. He was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing but ended up having a lot of fun. I left a lot of our talking in this video because I was finding Jack’s experience of driving naked around Australia fascinating. He was so excited telling me about his travels. I was just loving shooting this blond tanned boy with a big smile. I spent a lot of time chatting with Jack and taking his photos before we eventually moved on to making his video. Jack is one of my favourite guys to have gotten to meet and shoot with so far this year. He has since come back and shot a second scene which I will post soon.

Photo shoot
18 Aug, 2016

Romain Deville gets naked on my city roof

This is Romain’s first ever nude shoot. When I first met Romain late in summer I suggested we do his first naked photo set out on my rooftop. He thought it was pretty amusing being naked on to of a building in the middle of the city. I took a whole lot of flexing and teasing photos first. Romain was a really good sport letting me get him naked out there for his first shoot. He was even a great sport when for the first time one of my neighbours popped up on the roof. It was slightly awkward at first, but we continued on. It wasn’t until Romain was naked and towering over me that I noticed those massive legs! Romain is pretty dam fit and is up for trying anything. I knew after this shoot that he would be coming back for some more hot shoots with my mates. I will post the BTS video from this rooftop photoshoot soon. In the meantime make sure you check out Romain’s other videos.

Photo shoot
16 Aug, 2016

My sexy new mate Matias Toledo in his first nude shoot

I’m always excited to introduced cute new guys that I meet. And today I’m really excited to post my shoot with our newest mate, 25 year old Matias Toledo. Matias comes from southern California and is sporting a great tan across his super fit body from all the time he has spent out in the waves. This photo shoot with Matias was so much fun! It was very chilly outside so we ended up doing the whole shoot in my studio. Matias was dressed in some skinny jeans, Cons, and his very cute striped Polo undies. I ended up taking a lot more photos than I really needed to. But I was having too much fun getting Matias in different positions and getting him to flash me that sexy smile. I had no idea he was so fit until he started peeling off that t-shirt to reveal that perfectly ripped torso. I was also happy to see that he had not shaved his lightly hairy chest. After seeing him playing up to the camera as he did a teasing strip show I could tell that Matias’s video is going to be very hot. I will post his first video scene later this week. I think Matias is going to make a great addition to the group of mates currently modelling on the site.

14 Aug, 2016

Jet is back and toy fucking with that giant dick

I’m pretty dam excited to see Jet Wellington lubing up that giant dick while I am filming him. My straight mate loves showing off the huge dick. It does hurt that he’s super fit too. Dressed in just jocks, socks and a track top, Jet starts stroking his cock inside his white jocks. I can already see his dick coming to attention as he pulls it out. It’s only when he starts pulling it up along his belly that you realise how fat it is. He starts lubing it up before going in a frantic fleshlight fucking session. Part way through the shoot he lubes up a second fuck toy and proceeds o bounce his cock in and out of it. But you must watch this one right to the end to see the amazing cum shot where my hot mate cums in his own mouth. Jet is hot to watch and I can’t wait to get him in to some more action scenes with the other guys again.

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