Behind the scenes
25 Apr, 2017

My handsome mate Christiano Szucs at his first nude shoot

I wish I could have stayed in Hungary longer to shoot more stuff with the beautiful Christino Szucs. This is the behind the scenes video I recorded during his photoshoot at my hotel. He tells me that he had been making some amateur porn with friends before, so he was not shy about getting naked in front of me. He was amused about me taking some many photos before we actually got down to making his video. Christiano is very handsome and very fit. I didn’t want to rush his photoshoot at all. His photos in the soft Budapest daylight turned out really well. I had fun finding new positions to put my handsome new mate in. I’m fairly sure now Christiano will become a regular mate on the site. He is very keen to do more. His first video and photoshoots in the hotel shower are also now posted.

Photo shoot
24 Apr, 2017

Meet my 20 year old mate Michael Prado from New York

During my vacation I got to visit New York and also meet up with some hot new guys there. One of the first guys to visit me back at the hotel was 20 year Michael Prado. I thought Michael looked pretty hot in the photos he sent me. And I was really keen to meet some new guys there. It was still pretty cold in New York so Michael and I ended up doing the whole shoot inside my hotel room. I’ve gotta say that Michael is super fit! When he started peeling off his shirt I could see his perfectly defined abs and chest. He tells me that he has played a lot of sport. Shooting with Michael was interesting because it was his first time getting photographed naked. And he was sure what to expect. Michael is one of the growing list of straight guys showing off their fit bodies on Bentley Race. And the real surprise comes later in the shoot when Michael reveals his very big uncut dick. It doesn’t take much for him to work it rock hard. Michael Prado is a really nice guy. We had fun making this shoot and I’m hoping we can do it again when our paths cross again.

23 Apr, 2017

Helping my new mate Oscar jack off on the bed

When I met Oscar for our shoot in Berlin I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I had already seen some of his previous films and thought he looked pretty hot in action. During the photoshoot I noticed that his cock was much bigger than I expected. So for the first part of this video Oscar starts out teasing and playing with his big dick in his pants. Later I joined out new hot mate on the bed and lubed up his cock so I could give his fat tool a slippery hand job. Oscar is so dam hot. I would love to have done a full sex scene with him, but for his first shoot I wanted to see him blow his load while jacking off. And I gotta tell you, he shoots a lot of cum! It’s one of hottest solo jacking videos I have made with our mates in Europe. I’m really happy with the photos and the videos I made with Oscar on our short visit in Berlin. I’m looking forward to making more stuff with him when I visit again. Soon I will also post the BTS videos from our hang out day in Berlin.

Behind the scenes
22 Apr, 2017

Val and Luc’s first photoshoot together on the roof

With summer coming to an end in Australia it’s time to catch up on some of our hot outdoor shoots. Like this one with horny mates Val and Luc. It has to be one of the most fun rooftop shoots of the season. The guys couldn’t wait to get it on when they got out in to the sunshine. I almost had to pull them off each other to get their photos done. It’s probably one of the raunchiest shoots we have done out there. I love Melbourne in the summer and the guys love getting naked in the sunshine. Shortly I will post all of the BTS videos made on the roof over the past few months.In the meantime you can also see all of Val and Luc’s videos now loaded in the member’s area. This is the video taken from their photoshoot on the roof.

Behind the scenes
20 Apr, 2017

David Ivan’s first nude photoshoot in Berlin

One of the hottest guys I got to meet during my recent visit to Germany was this muscly straight guy called David Ivan. Of course I was really happy to get to shoot with such a super fit guy. But David turned out to be a really nice guy and fun to shoot with too. Even though it was the first time for this straight boy to be getting photographed naked, he had no problem stripping off. I too loads more photos than I needed for this gallery, but with the sun shining in to the studio and David looking super fit, I really wanted to make sure I got some amazing photos. David was happy to oblige, moving around the room in to different positions. I’m really happy with the results of this shoot as well as the video we made. This is the BTS video from that photoshoot. I will also post the rest of the work I did with David in Berlin soon.

Photo shoot
18 Apr, 2017

My meeting and shoot with porn star Oscar Wood in Berlin

I had been waiting a long time to get back to Europe and do a shoot with porn star hottie Oscar Wood. I had seen some of his work early last year, and one of our mutual friends suggested Oscar and I get together for a shoot. He’s a busy boy so our meeting was brief in Berlin. But we had enough time to do a couple of photo sets and one very hot video. Oscar travels all over Europe but is usually based in Poland. He was returning there later that same day. The first thing I noticed about Oscar is his very neat haircut and how polite he is. After a chat we quickly got down to the business of getting naked and taking some hot photos. Dressed in track pants and trainers, Oscar starts posing and stripping off on the couch. Even though his upper body is quite smooth, Oscar was one set of very hairy legs, and a nice thick covering of blond hair across his bum cheeks. I had to resist putting down the camera and sticking my face in there. The next surprise is Oscar’s dick. It’s huge! I got lots of photos of our new mate playing with it in his jocks before letting it free. There are some great shots here. I can’t wait to see the video we made.

16 Apr, 2017

Jesse and Sam are back in this hot fucking video on the couch

There was no directing needed at all in this video. Sam and Jesse knew exactly what was going to happen when they headed back to the studio to shoot their second sex scene together. The guys had already been running around on the roof naked and playing with each other out there. So they were ready to get it on by the time we got back to the studio. There was lots of kissing on the couch, but then they quickly got naked. Jesse quickly planted his face between Sam’s cheeks, working his hole with his tongue. Sam is loving all the attention and can’t wait for Jesse to slide his cock deep in inside him. The fucking in this scene gets fast and furious! Jesse pulls out just in time to blow cum all over Sam’s hole. Then pushes his cock deep inside again and begins fucking again while Sam squirts cum right across his belly. The action between these guys is really hot! This is one of the nicest raw fucking videos I’ve filmed on the site. I am looking forward to more hot scenes with these guys this year.

Behind the scenes
15 Apr, 2017

Shooting with my beautiful bottom boy Justin Evans

This BTS video will give you an idea of how I spent those winter days during my European vacation. I spent a few days hanging out with my cute mate Justin. After meeting him at Zoo station in Berlin we headed over to my hotel. Justin was visiting from another city in Germany. We had planned to hang out for a few days and do some shoots too. This is the first shoot we did at the hotel. Justin had been out of action for a while after an accident last year. And after a lot of rehabilitation he was keen to show off that he had gotten fit again. Justin always looks great, and I look taking photos of that perfect little bottom. Justin’s very hot bed humping and jacking video from this shoot is already posted. The photo set looks great too! This is the video I made during his stripping photo shoot.

Photo shoot
13 Apr, 2017

Christiano Szucs strips naked in my hotel shower to show off his heavy cock

When I met my sexy new mate Christiano he had walked through snow to get to my hotel in Budapest. So I suggested we take his first set of photos in a hot shower so he could warm. Stripped down and dressed in just a speedo, Christiano started posing and flexing for me. Then we got the hot water running and he stripped naked. He’s got such a nicely toned body. And then he surprised me when I saw that beautiful big uncut dick. I mad sure I got plenty of photos from both front and behind. Eventually Christiano steps out of the shower to pose in front of the mirror. I can tell he is enjoying putting on a shower as I click around him. I could tell right away that my new mate is going to be very popular. Make sure you also check out his first video on the bed which is already loaded.

Behind the scenes
12 Apr, 2017

Soapy fun in the kitchen with Ryan Kai

Now getting Ryan Kai all soapy and washing my dishes in the kitchen was a lot of fun. He had no idea what I had panned when I showed him the kitchen apron for this shoot. I’ve had a lot of guys get all soapy in the kitchen, but none as cute as Ryan. Eventually he gets completely naked and works his cock rock hard. I love taking Ryan’s photos. I’m looking forward to getting him back for a new shoot soon. This is the BTS video footage I took of his photoshoot in the kitchen. In the meantime you can check out all of Ryan’s videos, including that hot video where I jacked him off now in the member’s area. Ryan has quickly become one of our member favourites.

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