Behind the scenes
3 Jan, 2019

Making a hot scene with our mates Alex and Dylan

Now you can watch me making a hot photo shoot with our beautiful mates Alex Sanchez and Dylan Anderson. And it’s also their first time shooting together. We actually started filming their hook up our on the street. But something was wrong with the footage, so the scene starts with the guys in the studio only. Both Alex and Dylan have done a bunch of shoots with the other guys and are always great fun to have in shoots. So I knew they would have a lot of fun shooting with each other. Apart from this BTS video, make sure to also check out their hot fucking video. Alex really works up a sweat bouncing on Dylan’s cock.

22 Dec, 2018

Alex Sanchez gets a rough fuck from our mate Dylan

My sexy mate Alex Sanchez gets a hot rough fuck from our dominant top Dylan Anderson. I love watching Dylan go to work on Alex’s butt. I could tell that he was getting excited as Alex showed off his arse during the naked photoshoot in the lead up to making this video. In fact when they get started, Dylan can’t stop, moving in to all different positions to fuck his new mate. And Alex is loving it. It’s not until he climbs on top of Dylan to take control of the rough fucking action that he can’t hold back any longer and shoots a load of cum. Then it’s Dylan’s turn to spray big streams of cum all over Alex’s bum. What a great way to end their first shoot together.

Photo shoot
17 Dec, 2018

Our beautiful mates Alex Sanchez and Dylan Anderson

I have finally gotten our beautiful mates Alex and Dylan together for a hot shoot. These guys have been in a bunch of scenes with our other mates, and I’m glad I could get them over together. Alex is always a lot of fun to shoot with. He is always up for making fun scenes and is full of energy. And I know that Dylan would love to play with him. We actually met out in the park so the guys could get to know each other before heading to the studio and taking these photos. It’s a very passionate shoot with lots of kissing as the guys strip each other naked. I can tell that Dylan really likes Alex’s perfect round bottom. And you will see in their first video together that Dylan enjoys fucking it. The guys look great together. I will post Alex and Dylan’s video later this week.

Behind the scenes
24 Jul, 2018

My adorable mates Damien and Alex in their first shoot together

Damien Dyson and Alex Sanchez are so adorable when they got together in the studio over the summer for this shoot. They are two of the sweetest guys in Melbourne, and putting them together for this scene turned out great! I could have let this photoshoot go on for a long time since we were having so much fun. But we also had a video to make. Normally it’s Damien who is bursting with energy in his shoots, but today he is being out done by our cute mate Alex. Since we started doing shoots early in the summer, Alex has become one of my favourite mates to shoot with. My other mates love him too. You will see why when you watch this BTS video. It was super hot on the day we shot this and the windows are open to the street. The boys are finding it funny that people from the street can see up into the studio during the shoot.

27 May, 2018

Alex and Damien’s hot fuck session in the studio

Our mates Alex and Damien are getting in to it in this hot fuck session. I could tell in the photo shoot that Alex loves sucking on Damien’s fat cock. In fact we all do. After meeting up in the park and heading to the studio Alex quickly gets Damien’s fat uncut dick out and starts sucking away on it. You can see Damien’s cock growing bigger as Alex’s lips slide up and down on it. They move over on to the bed so Damien can start tongue fucking Alex’s perky little bum. I can tell already that the fucking is going to be hot in this scene. I love the part where Alex backs up to sit in Damien’s lap and takes his cock deep inside him. Alex wants to get fucked in every position and takes over directing the action. And Damien just keeps slamming him over and over again. After a lot of fucking Alex can’t hold back any longer and blows a load of cum. This is some very hot and sweaty action from my sexy mates. It’s one couple session I would love to shoot again. You can see all of Alex and Damien’s videos with me and our mates loaded on the site now.

Photo shoot
21 May, 2018

My beautiful kissing mates Alex and Damien

Check out my cute kissing mate Damien Dyson and Alex Sanchez in their first shoot together. These guys are incredibly sweet together. It hadn’t occurred to me to get them together until one of my mates suggested it. As soon as I suggested to Alex that he meet my tall handsome mate Damien, he wanted to know how soon we could do it.  After we met up in the park we all headed back to the studio for this shoot. It was really hot up in the studio s we had to shoot with the windows open. The guys thought it was funny being stark naked together up there with crowds of people outside. Alex and Damien are very affectionate boys so there’s a lot of kissing in this shoot, followed by stripping each other naked. I can tell that Alex loves playing with Damien’s big uncut dick. It’s not long before he’s fully choking himself with Damien’s cock pushing down his throat. These guys are having so much fun in this shoot. But let’s not go too far because we still have the video to shoot. I will also load the boy’s video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out Alex and Damien’s previous action videos.

Behind the scenes
29 Mar, 2018

Watch Alex Sanchez work through his new nude studio shoot

Our cute mate Alex Sanchez has quickly become one of my favourite mates to shoot with. Any shoot with Alex in it turns in a fun shoot and a very hot video. I can see why all my mates like shooting with him. This is Alex’s third shoot up in the studio. I got him back around for some new solo naked photos in the as well as a hot new video with me. Alex looks amazing when he gets naked and is wearing just the long soccer socks with some cons. He leaves them on too while I tongue fuck his bum in the video. This is the BTS footage taken from the video cameras during Alex’s stripping photoshoot. Alex is now busy shooting new scenes with our mates. I can’t wait to see his new videos.

Behind the scenes
27 Feb, 2018

Watch my cute mate Alex soaping up in the shower

This is actually the BTS video taken from the GoPros in the bathroom when Alex Sanchez was soaping up in the shower. It was Alex’s first photoshoot with me. And since it was the tail end of winter we were doing all the shots inside. I suggested we start in the bathroom where 21 y/o Alex could show off in some swim wear and do a slow striptease. I am really happy with Alex’s shots and particularly in Alex himself. He’s done a few shoots now and is always fun to shoot with. As well as being so dam cute, he has a great sense of humour. We are always joking around during the shoots. I could tell he was a little nervous in this one since it was his first shoot. But it actually went very well. And he looking great soaping up that beautiful bum in this video.

18 Feb, 2018

Kissing and playing with Alex Sanchez in the studio

I just watched this video again and decided that kissing and playing with Alex Sanchez in the studio is going to be one of my favourite videos of this summer. I had already shot with Alex a couple of times before in a solo and a couple scene. I couldn’t wait to get him back for a shoot with me. With photos out of the way Alex starts his own strip show on the couch, pulling his undies up tight in his bum crack and then getting naked. My hot mate is turning me on like crazy when he bends over the back of the couch to show off his big round bum. So I end up setting up the cameras by the bed so I can get my face into Alex’s bum. He loves getting his hole tongue fucked. He wriggles around a lot has he rides my afce. I keeping trying to get my tongue in deeper. It’s gotta be one of the hottest shoots I’ve joined in on in recent months. I can see now why Alex is one of the most requested co-stars among our mates. I’m going to bring our cute mate around to have lot more fun with us this summer.

Photo shoot
12 Feb, 2018

Alex Sanchez is showing off his perfect bum while working out

My cute mate Alex has got the most perfect bum. I have done a couple of shoots with the 21 year old Melbourne boy already. And after his shoot with Caleb I couldn’t wait to get him around for a new shoot with me. This was a fairly simple shoot in the studio with Alex wearing a tank top, shorts and long socks. He was doing a little workout with some weights while I took his photos. This quickly moved on to stripping on the couch with Alex pulling down his shorts to show off that beautiful round bum. There are some really nice shots on the massage table too before we head over to the bed. Alex looks amazing in those purple undies and long black socks and Cons. Afterwards we made a very hot video of me playing with Alex on the bed. I will post his new video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out Alex’s earlier videos.

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