Behind the scenes
12 Mar, 2014

Behind the scenes with Axel and Joe

This was one of the most fun shoots I got to do while I was in Berlin earlier this year. I had already shot with Axel last year and I knew any shoot with him in it would be a fun shoot. This time he brought along another one of his German mates Joe. Axel couldn’t wait to grab Joe’s famous big cock out of his pants. But I made them wait while I took a bunch of photos before we started filming. Zac sat up behind me and made this video so you could see the beginning of their shoot.

16 Feb, 2014

Afternoon sex session with my Berlin buddies Axel and Joe

I never expected such a full on hot sex session when I put mates Axel Jackson and Joe Bexter together in my hotel room in Berlin. We were meeting up to do some photos and see what happened from there. Axel couldn’t wait to sit on Joe’s enormous cock. But it wasn’t before he was going to give Joe a long blow job. I was also surprised that the guys took turns at fucking each other. Axel really takes a pounding from the hung German Joe. I didn’t realise till later as it got dark outside that the people in the street could see our sex session going on inside the room. Axel has got one of the most beautiful bums ever. It was great seeing Joe pounding it as Axel lapped up every bit of the attention. This is going straight to the hottest videos list!

Photo shoot
11 Feb, 2014

Catching up with Axel Jackson and his mate Joe Bexter

It was really great getting to meet up with some of our mates in Europe during our winter vacation over there. I met Axel Jackson a little over a year ago when we were staying in Berlin. He’s an incredibly sweet and beautiful guy. So I was really happy to get to see him while we were visiting Berlin last month. Axel brought one of his mates around to my hotel so we could have a little fun with Zac and I filming. I had seen some of Joe’s porn work before. Joe has a muscly body and a very long uncut dick. Check the smile on Axel’s face as the giant hard on pops out of Joe’s undies. These are the photos I took during our afternoon of filming with the guys. You can see in some of the photos that they pretty much had an audience from the street as they fucked on the couch. I love shooting with the boys in Berlin.  They love to put on a hot show.

Behind the scenes
27 May, 2013

Behind the Scenes – Shooting with Axel and Ygor

Zac grabbed the video camera and made this behind the scenes video while I was shooting this hot fucking session with Axel and Ygor in Berlin. The video shows some of the photoshoot between the guys when they met and then the action video. The guys hadn’t met before but had no trouble quickly getting aquainted during the shoot.  Both of the guys told me later that they both prefer to bottom. But Axel has no problem getting hard and giving Ygor a good long ride. It’s one of the horniest videos we shot during our visit to Berlin.

Photo shoot
19 May, 2013

Axel Jackson – Ready and waiting for you

One of the most handsome guys I’ve met while filming guys around the world would have to be the incredibly beautiful Axel Jackson. I met him a couple of times in Berlin when he turned up for his shoots with Zac. Initially he had come round for a solo photo/video shoot. Zac told me how hot this guy was and that we should invite him around again. On his second visit he was going to team up with our other German mate Ygor. But while I was busy getting some shots of Ygor alone, Zac and Axel disappeared up to my bedroom for this impromptu shoot. Axel looks great lying on my bed showing off that lightly hairy bum. I just wish I had been on the bed too!

9 May, 2013

Hot fucking session with Ygor and Axel

By the time Zac and I had finished taking the photos of Ygor and Axel, they were more than ready to start getting it on. This would have to be one of the raunchiest scenes I shot in Berlin. The boys were all over each other. There is lots of play here with both Axel and Ygor taking turns at sucking each other’s cocks and licking at each other’s bums. I can see that both of them love getting tongue fucked. I wasn’t sure who was going to be fucking who in this scene until I saw Axel start to mount Ygor’s perfect little round bum. The boys even fuck each other with the fat dildo during this scene. The action is really heavy in this scene. The guys are really into each other and can’t get enough of turning each other on. Later on Zac and I both agreed that we had wished we were also in on the action. Both Axel and Ygor are very hot.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on BentleyRace again.

Photo shoot
4 May, 2013

Axel Jackson and Ygor Malone’s first scene together

We met quite a lot of hot guys in Berlin who were up for getting their gear off and getting dirty on camera. Zac had already shot a solo scene with the very handsome Axel Jackson and we wanted to get him back for more before we left. In the meantime I had been chatting on line with Ygor Malone. A very cute 25 year old Berliner. So asked them if they would be up for getting in to a duo scene together. They were more than happy to come round and shoot some stuff with us. After pulling the guys aside to do some solo shots we met up again in the main living room to get these shots of the guys getting it on. We started with some posed shots, but the guys started getting pretty heavy, so the rest of the shots were taken during the recording of the video. As you can see the guys got along just fine. In fact they started having a lot of fun, playing with toys and fucking. Andy tells me that me usually prefers to bottom, but had no trouble getting hard and fucking Ygor beautiful bottom.

Behind the scenes
14 Mar, 2013

Axel Jackson Photoshoot – Behind the Scenes

Here’s a peek in to our gorgeous mate Axel’s photoshoot with Zac Frevo. The boys hit it off as soon as they met and were ready to have some fun in our Berlin apartment. The behind the scenes videos gives a better look at the models and how they are directed through a typical photoshoot or video scene. In this scene Axel is using this white leather couch as his stage to pose on while Zac takes photos from below. I can tell that he likes showing off his bum through those bum-less shorts. I love Axel’s accent as he chats with Zac during this video.

3 Mar, 2013

Rubber Toy Time with Axel Jackson

Axels first video scene is really hot! Axel can’t wait to put on a hot show as Zac pulls out the video camera. With the help of a few rubber toys and a tube of lube Axel is ready to show us what gets him off. First Axel makes himself nice and hard as he thrusts his fat cock in and out of the rubber fleshlight. And then he starts deep throating the dildo to get it all wet before using it to fuck himself. Axel obviously has no gag reflex as he takes that dildo all the way down his throat with no trouble at all. But he really wants to feel it up his arse as he fucks himself on camera. Zac later told me that it’s the hottest solo video scene he’s ever filmed. Of course it’s not the only time we are going to be seeing Axel on video during our stay in Berlin. Make sure you watch this video right to the end to see Axel really hammer that fat cock in and out of the fleshlight to make himself blow.

Photo shoot
27 Feb, 2013

New mate alert – Axel Jackson has something he’d like to show you

You’re gonna love our new mate Axel as much as I do. When Zac was waiting outside our apartment in Berlin for the next model to arrive he was perving on a cute guy who had just driven past. The tall lanky lad turned out to be Axel, the next model! Zac was the lucky one to be meeting and shooting with Axel in his first and very hot solo porn scene. Axel was totally up for putting on a show as Zac started taking photos. Axel stripped down to a cheeky little pair of undies showing off his perfectly round bum. But Axel’s perfection doesn’t stop there. He eventually drops his undies revealing a very thick uncut dick. It quickly grows as he flashes a a smile to Zac lying on the floor. I got to meet Axel later during our stay in Berlin. He’s an incredibly sweet guy. His day job has him travelling all over Europe, so he was able to help us with some of our travel plans. I can tell just from these photos that this won’t be the first time we’ll be seeing Axel appearing on sites across the web.

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