Behind the scenes
4 Feb, 2017

Behind the scenes at Benjamin’s hot tub shoot

I love shooting guys when they are wet in either a bath, shower or pool. When I got a chance to shoot with South American Benjamin in the hotel’s spa suite, I made sure I got him in to a speedo and posing in and out of it in the hot tub. Benjamin loves getting his photos taken and gets in to all different positions in and around the tub. He looks very hot in the green speedo. And then he slips out of it to show off his bum and and growing dick. I like shooting with Benjamin a lot. Unfortunately he’s not up for doing sex scenes with our mates. So we can only enjoy the solo photo and video sessions he has made so far.

Photo shoot
24 Dec, 2016

Slip in to the hot tub with Benjamin Bosco

How would you like to slip in to the hot tub with my sexy mate Benjamin? Just before Benjamin did his latest video, he slipped in to the hot tub in a speedo so I could take these shots. This guy is amazing. His incredibly fit body and that beautiful smile. It’s kinda hard taking his photos. I’m really happy with the shots, and I love working with Benjamin. The speedo and bottom fans are going to love these photos. Make sure you check out all of his videos now loaded in the member’s area. I am hoping to get him back again for more action videos this summer.

Behind the scenes
24 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes with our straight mate Benjamin Bosco

Without a doubt one of the sexiest fit guys I’ve met this year is Benjamin. This 24 year old loves showing off on camera. This is the second shoot I have done with him in Melbourne. Today he’s posing naked at a nearby hotel while I take loads of photos. I think Benjamin has a killer smile and an amazing fit body. I like shooting with him a lot. He eventually gets stripped right down in this shoot until he’s wearing nothing but socks and a pair of sneakers. I left the video cameras running during his photoshoot so you can hear that sexy accent. I’m a big sucker for South American guys, and Benjamin is a total babe. I must get him back for more scenes this summer.

Behind the scenes
26 Oct, 2016

Behind the scenes at Benjamin’s first shoot

This is the shower scene video footage taken from the cameras I had set up before Benjamin’s very first photoshoot. It took place in my bathroom with Benjamin braving the cold. He was kinda nervous and I was all very awkward with him during this shoot. He was so beautiful and smiling a lot. This guy is really beautiful! His photos came out great! I’m really happy with the results from both of Benjamin’s shoots now. I’m hoping he will come and play with us again soon. Make sure you check out all of Benjamin’s videos and galleries now loaded.

9 Oct, 2016

Benjamin is working his fat cock in this new jack off video

My straight mate Benjamin is back today stripping and jacking off on my bed. By the time we got to making this video Benjamin was already pretty horny. I had already had him posing naked for me in the living room, and again in the spa tub. So he was really ready to get off now. I set him up on the bed with some porn on my computer. He was watching some stuff he had picked online and was intensely watching the sex going on while stroking his own fat cock. He got naked pretty quickly in this video. For much of it I laid on the bed filming him wanking his cock above me. I think Benjamin is such a beautiful looking boy. It’s a pleasure taking his photos and filming him jacking off. He is definitely one of my favourite mates to join us this year.

Photo shoot
4 Oct, 2016

Stripping naked to show his super fit body – Benjamin is back

I loved shooting with 24 year Benjamin from South America earlier this year so I got him back for another mid winter shoot over at the hotel. Benjamin is one of the sweetest and sexiest solo guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with. I could tell right away in his first shoot that he likes being photographed. In this shoot Benjamin is doing a slow strip tease on the couch and later on the dining table. I forgot just how fit he was until he started taking of his shirt to show is very nicely defined abs. My favourite shots from this set are those of Benjamin on top of the table, naked wearing just a pair of Converse sneakers. I love it when he muscles flex as he’s working his cock rock hard for the next set of photos. It was a fairly dark day in Melbourne when we did this shoot, so I had to rely on the halogen lights in the room. Regardless of the light I think the shots came out really nice. Benjamin is a really beautiful guy to shoot with. I’m hoping he will do my scenes as we crank up shooting again over the summer. I will also post his new video later this week. In the meantime you can also check out his first photo shoots in the bathroom and in the studio, and his first fleshlight fucking video.

Photo shoot
1 Sep, 2016

It’s shower time with our handsome mate Benjamin Bosco

When I first met Benjamin a couple of months ago it was the beginning of winter in Australia so we had to contain the shoot indoors. Immediately I saw that this guy was insanely beautiful. I wanted to get a lot of photos of the South American. So we started in my bathroom with Benjamin wearing just a pair of brightly coloured shorts. I’m not sure what he was thinking about posing up against the tiles in my little bathroom wearing just the skimpy shorts. I could tell that he was nervous. Benjamin has got one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve seen, as well as a very sexy body. I like this guy a lot. I got him to jump in the shower during this shoot and soap himself up. And while he’s still soapy I get him posing up on the window ledge again and this time slowly stripping naked. I can see that he also has a very nice cock so I ask him to stroke it hard while I click away. The bathroom photos look amazing. This is one of my favourite sets with Benjamin. We are already planning our next shoot together. He’s an incredibly hot buy and I can’t wait to see more of him. His wanking video in the studio shoot is already posted.

Behind the scenes
1 Jul, 2016

Benjamin’s first photoshoot in the studio

I’m really excited getting to get shoot with the beautiful South American Benjamin Bosco. This guy was so happy and ready to have some fun when he came around for his first shoot. I was kinda swooning every time he broke out in a big smile as I clicked away. As well as having such a fit tanned body, Benjamin has got a killer smile. I was having so much fun taking his photos, I think I took way more photos than I needed to take, and the shot went a lot longer than usual. Benjamin is one of the most beautiful guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with. I’m looking to doing a lot more scenes with him while he is visiting us here in Melbourne. Benjamin’s fleshlight fucking video is also now loaded.

4 Jun, 2016

Benjamin’s first video scene – It’s really hot!

The very beautiful Benjamin Boasco has made his very first video. We took a tonne of photos before starting this video. So Benjamin was very horny by the time we started filming. He starts his first video with some teasing on the couch before stripping off and heading over to the bed. Benjamin is keen to try out one of the rubber fuck toys, so he lubes it up and slips it down over his fat throbbing cock. I get in real close to capture his big dick sliding in and out. I like that he moves around a lot in this shoot so I can get some footage from every angle as he lubes and wanks his cock. Eventually Benjamin can’t hold on any longer, pulls his cock out of the tube and blows cum over his belly. My sexy new mate is pretty happy with himself. Overwall this was a great shoot. Stunning photos and one very hot video. I’m excited about all the shoots I want to do with Benjamin now that he has done his first scene.

Photo shoot
29 May, 2016

New mate alert – Meet our new mate Benjamin Bosco

A couple of weeks ago I met this very beautiful 24 year old guy from South America. Benjamin Bosco is visiting Australia and heard about the shoots I am doing in Melbourne. So when he planned his visit here he got in touch and sent me a few pics. I’m really glad we got to meet because he is much more beautiful in real life than in the photos he had sent me. I was pretty excited doing this shoot. Apart from having a very fit and sexy body, Benjamin also has a killer smile. As I directed my new mate through the photoshoot he gradually stripped off until he was fully naked. Then he started stroking his gorgeous fat cock while it started getting bigger and bigger. I took way more photos than I needed to, but I was having so much fun doing this shoot. I will also post Benjamin’s video later this week.

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