Behind the scenes
6 Sep, 2018

Behind the scenes with me and my cocky mate Brad

Now you can come behind the scenes with me and my cocky mate Brad as he shows off in this fun horny strip show. Brad Hunter became one of our popular mates when he showed up last year, super horny and wanting to show off his extra large cock and cute tight bum. Today Brad is showing off in my old skates while trying not to fall over. And I gotta say that he looks extremely hot as I photograph him from the floor, with his big cock sticking out and his little hole flashing at me. I think you will enjoy this video as Brad plays up to the camera while I’m not watching. I can see why some many of our mates like him. Brad will be back soon in a hot tub shoot and new video.

Photo shoot
23 Aug, 2018

Horny boy Brad Hunter strips naked while wearing my skates

My hot mate Brad dropped by recently to model naked wearing my old 80’s skates. The 20 year old Aussie is one of my super horny mates who loves showing off on camera. I am having lots of fun shooting new stuff with him. We met over at the hotel to get these shots with Brad dressed wearing a t-shirt, red shorts, long pulled up socks, and the skates. You will quickly see that Brad has very cheekily chosen not to wear any underwear, letting his fat cock peek out of the bottom of the shorts. And as it grows you see more and more of it. Soon it has gotten so big that it’s impossible to hide anymore. Brad has got a really cute bum too and he wants you to see his hole as he bends over the back of the couch. Eventually Brad is completely naked except for the socks and skates. He cock is throbbing now as I take some finally shots. It’s another really nice set from our horny boy Brad.

Behind the scenes
15 Aug, 2018

My horny session with our sexy mate Brad Hunter

One of the hottest shoots of the year is this horny session with 20 year old Brad Hunter in the studio. This is the BTS video footage taken from the shoot with Brad stripping out of his uniform. He surprised me when I realised he had arrived with a butt plug on. Brad is one of my cheeky mates who is always full of surprises. The shoot guys a lot further with my incredibly fit mate. I’m blaming the butt plug for the reason I ended up fucking Brad in this shoot. And I really liked it. I am still getting a lot of questions about Brad and this shoot. I guess I was really horny and Brad was up for getting fucked and having his big cock sucked. I enjoyed having him blow his cum across my face too. It’s one of my favourite scenes of the year. And now I am excited about another shoot with Brad coming up.

27 Jul, 2018

Watch me push my cock up Brad’s tight bum

It’s often that I get in to the shoots but when Brad Hunter was sticking his bum up in the air during the photoshoot my cock was throbbing. Brad starts this video stripping out of his uniform and pulling out that big cock. He is showing off his hole from different angles while I film up close. I hadn’t actually planned to fuck Brad in this video, but after he sucked on my dick there was only one more place I was going to put it. I absolutely love licking and tongue fucking Brad’s tight little hole. The I started tapping the head of my cock on his hole. Brad was wriggling with pleasure on the bed. So I lubed up my dick and slid it in. And man did it feel good! Brad is a really hot fuck. To finish off the video I get down on my knees and suck on that fat dick . Brad gets up high on the bed and pumps a load of cum all over my face. I can’t think of a better way to end this video. Brad is a total hottie and I can’t wait to fuck him again.

Photo shoot
22 Jul, 2018

Brad Hunter’s sexy uniform strip show in the studio

My horny 19 year old mate Brad is back for this very sexy strip show in the studio. His hair is now a little shorter and he’s definitely not shy anymore. Dressed in a white shirt and tie, shorts, long white socks and Converse sneakers, Brad starts his new shoot. Brad is always fun to shoot with and always surprises me. In fact you will see a few surprises in this shoot. I won’t spoil them here. I get some great shots of Brad show off his hot little bum, and hang his huge cock above me as I shoot from the floor. From what I can see Brad’s video this week is going to be full of action. This is a great set of photos. Brad’s newest video will also be posted later this week.

Behind the scenes
4 Jul, 2018

Behind the scenes at Xtra Large Brad’s wet speedo shoot

Here’s a fun BTS video of Brad’s wet speedo shoot in my bathroom. The super horny Brad Hunter had one of his first shoots wearing just a speedo and showing off that spectacular bulging cock. Brad has quickly become one of my favourite hung mates to shoot with. This BTS is taken from his second shoot out in the bathroom. Brad is very fit and loves getting naked. I get a load of photos of him in the speedo, getting wet, and soaping up his body. Then he drops the speedo revealing his extra large fat dick. And it just keeps growing as I take more photos. I’m sure Brad is going to very popular this year. Especially with all the new shoots I have planned with him.

Behind the scenes
13 Jun, 2018

Brad can’t contain the bulge in his sports shorts

Brad Hunter fans are going to love getting a look at this intimate behind the scenes video of his second shoot in the studio wearing sports gear. The hot 20 year old is back playing in some footy gear. Though the white shorts are not doing a good job of hiding his big dick. I decided to have some fun with Brad in this shoot wearing no underwear under his shorts. He puts on a slow strip show while I take loads of photos. As he sits on the edge of the bed the tip of his cock begins to appear down the leg of his shorts. then quickly he gets naked, gets on all fours to show off his bum. Wait till he goes face down in to the bed and pushes his giant cock between his legs to give you a better look. This BTS video is just as hot as the jacking video he made afterwards. I can see why Brad is so popular.

Photo shoot
6 Jun, 2018

Soaping up with Brad Hunter in the bathroom

Check out this naked photoshoot with my hot mate Brad in the bathroom. This shoot comes from the 20 y/o’s second shoot in Melbourne. He really surprised me at his first shoot when he dropped his jocks to reveal a giant cock at his first shoot on the roof. Brad gets super horny in his shoots and can’t hide his erection. When I got him around again it was too cool to shoot outside so we headed out to my bathroom instead. Wearing a little speedo tied up at one side, we begin this strip tease photoshoot. You can already see that Brad’s massive bone is trying to escape that wet speedo. The shoot ends up with our sexy mate in the shower soapy up his perfect little bum and throbbing fat cock. I can’t wait to get Brad back for some more action scenes soon.

13 May, 2018

Brad is wanking his fat cock in footy gear

With the photoshoot out of the way Brad is back in his footy gear again and ready to put on a hot solo jack off show. I love making videos with Brad. He has good eye contact with the camera in his videos and always gets his extra large cock rock hard. Those little white shorts barely contain his erection. In this video Brad is lubing up a fleshlight before pushing his cock deep inside. He lubes up his hole as well and plays with it a little while I focus on his bum. I get low down to get some nice dick stroking footage. Brad reaches a climax quite quickly and I almost miss recording a thick load of cum being unloaded on the bed. It’s a really nice video from our horny new mate. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more hot videos with Brad.

Photo shoot
7 May, 2018

Our fit mate Brad’s XL cock is falling out of his footy shorts

Our fit mate Brad is back this week in the studio showing off in footy kit for his second nude shoot. The 20 year old had a great time shooting out on the roof a few weeks ago so I got him back for more photos and a new video. You might remember Brad as the Aussie boy from the suburbs with the huge dick. In this shoot he can barely keep it inside his footy shorts. In the studio Brad is giving me a slow strip tease while I take his photos. He’s got a beautiful little white bum that he shows off while bent over on all fours on the bed. Then that huge cock appears from between his legs. I like it when Brad flashes me a cheeky smile as he turns around fully erect. I forgot that he chose no underwear for this shoot. I guess it would have only gotten in the way of getting naked quickly. I can tell already that Brad’s new video this week is going to be very hot.

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