Behind the scenes
8 Feb, 2018

A fun BTS video with my mates Alex Sanchez and Caleb Knight

What a fun shoot this turned out to be when I lined up Alex to meet my mate Caleb. Since it was Alex’s first couple shoot I wanted to match him up with one of our more experienced and outgoing guys. Well they got along really well. You will see in this BTS video that the guys are having a great time during their pre-video photoshoot. The BTS cameras set up in the studio capture all of the fun as the guys strip each other naked while kissing and grabbing each others dicks out. I got some excellent photos from this shoot. The video they made afterwards was very hot too. You can check out all of Caleb’s videos on the site now. Alex will be back making some new videos very soon.

9 Dec, 2017

Alex’s first hot video with the very hung Caleb Knight

Alex and Caleb’s first hot video together is here. I wanted to pair Alex up with one of our experienced mates for his first duo video scene. And Caleb was a great choice. I knew Alex would love Caleb’s big cock. But it was Alex who was getting all the attention since he loves getting his bum licked. The massage scene at the beginning of this scene doesn’t last long before Caleb pulls out his cock and pushes it in to Alex’s mouth. Then they move over to the bed where Alex gets a good tongue fucking. The boys then lay next to each other jacking off. Alex has done a great job in his first sex video and now I am planning his next. He is making a great addition to our group of hot mates this summer.

Photo shoot
3 Dec, 2017

Matching up my beautiful mates Alex and Caleb

We are kicking off the summer season of shooting in Australia with this match up of our beautiful mates Alex Sanchez and Caleb Knight. Alex is a new comer to our group of hot mates, so I wanted to pair him up with one of our regular mates, to show him the ropes. I knew Alex and Caleb would get along well, so I got them both around to the studio for a stripping and sex shoot. It turned in to a really fun shoot as Caleb teases and jokes with Alex through the photoshoot. I am finding Alex totally adorable as he cracks up laughing at his funny new mate. Eventually that stripped down to just wearing socks and trainers. Then we get some serious kissing before Alex goes down to suck on Caleb’s fat cock. The photos look great. Now I can’t wait to load their action video. You can also see Caleb’s previous hot fucking sessions with Val, Reece and Nate. Alex is also appearing in more hot scenes this summer.

Behind the scenes
3 Aug, 2017

Behind the scenes at Caleb’s first shoot with his mate Nate Steel

Getting mates together in scenes always end up being fun shoots. And when you watch this BTS video of Caleb and Nate’s first shoot together, you will see why. Caleb has already done a few shoots, but it’s Nate’s first time. And you will see that Caleb teases his mate about this all through this video. I took this footage from the BTS cameras to give you a closer look at how the shoots work, and particularly what happens we mates come together. Both the photos and the video I made with the boys look great! As well as this BTS video you can also now check out Caleb and Nate’s first sex video. Nate really gets slammed on the bed in this scene by Caleb and his fat cock.

15 Jul, 2017

Nate Steel’s first sex scene – Riding Caleb’s fat cock

The photoshoot with first timer Nate and his mate Caleb went really well. But the real action starts in this video. As soon as I start the video recording the guys are on the couch kissing, getting each other’s clothes off and sucking on each other’s dicks. I’m curious to see how this goes since the guys have already had sex many times before this shoot. Caleb’s big dick is already rock hard when they head over to the bed. Nate gets on top and slides down on his mate’s fat raw shaft. The guys are going all out here showing me some different positions. And just when I think it’s over, Caleb lubes up and starts fucking again. Even after his sprays a giant load of cum all over Nate’s back, he slides straight back in and keeps fucking. For his first video, Nate is a stand out performer! I’m looking forward to seeing what they have planned next.

Photo shoot
10 Jul, 2017

Caleb brought Nate Steel around for his first porn shoot

I like it when my mates bring around their mates for a shoot. Today Caleb has brought his hot mate Nate around to my place to get in to one very hot strip and sex show. But first a little about Nate. This 26 year old Aussie is a country boy from Queensland who recently moved to Melbourne. I’m glad Caleb brought him around because he’s a really nice guy and dead keen to get naked! And his first sex video with Caleb is very hot. Before we started filming I directed the guys through this fun photoshoot with Nate and Caleb in the studio. The guys were trying out a kinds of positions while teasing and stripping off each other’s clothes. It’s not long at all before Caleb’s huge cock is out and Nate is deep throating it on the bed. These guys are all over each other. I decided to stop the photoshoot to save some of the action for the video scene. Both Caleb and Nate are really adorable. I am now editing their very hot fucking video.

Behind the scenes
28 Jun, 2017

My mates Val and Caleb getting naked together on the roof

This last summer shoot on the roof between my mates Val and Caleb was so dam hot. The boys had each other’s clothes off quickly while kissing and groping each other. It was funny seeing Caleb suddenly become a bit shy about getting naked outside. But Val kept encouraging and teasing him. The boys looked great stripped down to just their socks and trainers. Once the photos were finished, and before we headed back to the studio to shoot their video, we grabbed to super soakers so Val and Caleb could have a naked water pistol fight on the roof. What a great way to end our last outdoor shoot for summer. Make sure you check out Val and Caleb’s sex video that was shot after this, as well as all of their videos with my other mates.

28 May, 2017

Val and Caleb’s hot afternoon of fucking in the studio

I already knew this was going to quickly turn in to a hot fucking session after seeing Val and Caleb teasing each other, and sucking each others dicks on the roof. I could tell that they really just wanted to get back to the studio to start the filming. We jumped straight in to it as the guys start kissing and pulling each other’s shorts off on the couch. There’s a lot of cock sucking before they head over to the bed to prepare to fuck. I know Val couldn’t wait to meet Caleb and play with his fat dick. Caleb lubes up his shaft and slowly pushes deep inside his new mate. It takes Val a moment to adjust himself to the size. But it’s not long before he’s bouncing up and down on Caleb. It’s not until Caleb gets on top that he starts fucking Val like crazy. And he doesn’t stop util he cums inside Val. They both lay back on the bed while Val jacks off, leaving Caleb to lick up the mess. What a hot and horny day that was! First stripping and playing with each other on the roof, and then this hot fucking session in the studio. The boys have really put on an amazing show.

Photo shoot
23 May, 2017

Last days of summer with my horny mates Valentin and Caleb

It was inevitable that my mates Val and Caleb were going to end up in a scene together. It just took a while for me to get the guys in the same place for it. Both Val and Caleb have been making regular appearances over the past year. I like shooting with them. They are fun and love sex. Being one of the last days of summer we decided to make the most of the remaining hot days by having some fun on the roof. There’s lots of teasing and kissing between the boys as they strip each other naked. We also took the super soakers up for a fun waterfight at the end. I’m really happy with the photos from this set. But I can tell that it’s getting late in the season from the long shadows. This was an crazy and very horny shoot. I will post the following hot video the guys made back in the studio later this week. In the meantime you can also see all of Val and Caleb’s other sex scenes now.

Behind the scenes
5 Jan, 2017

The making of Reece and Caleb’s first sex date

These guys are so dam cute together. I had a lot of fun pairing up Reece with new comer Caleb for this hot scene a few weeks ago. We started taking photos out in the back stairwell where things quickly got heated between the guys. Caleb’s amazing huge cock was out pretty quickly with Reece going down and sucking on it. We then head to the studio where the guys could get naked and have a lot more fun with each other. This is Caleb’s first duo scene. Reece was eager to show him how it’s done. This is the behind the scenes video I made of the guys getting to know each other during the photoshoot. The very hot sex video is already loaded in the member’s area.

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