28 May, 2017

Val and Caleb’s hot afternoon of fucking in the studio

I already knew this was going to quickly turn in to a hot fucking session after seeing Val and Caleb teasing each other, and sucking each others dicks on the roof. I could tell that they really just wanted to get back to the studio to start the filming. We jumped straight in to it as the guys start kissing and pulling each other’s shorts off on the couch. There’s a lot of cock sucking before they head over to the bed to prepare to fuck. I know Val couldn’t wait to meet Caleb and play with his fat dick. Caleb lubes up his shaft and slowly pushes deep inside his new mate. It takes Val a moment to adjust himself to the size. But it’s not long before he’s bouncing up and down on Caleb. It’s not until Caleb gets on top that he starts fucking Val like crazy. And he doesn’t stop util he cums inside Val. They both lay back on the bed while Val jacks off, leaving Caleb to lick up the mess. What a hot and horny day that was! First stripping and playing with each other on the roof, and then this hot fucking session in the studio. The boys have really put on an amazing show.

Photo shoot
23 May, 2017

Last days of summer with my horny mates Valentin and Caleb

It was inevitable that my mates Val and Caleb were going to end up in a scene together. It just took a while for me to get the guys in the same place for it. Both Val and Caleb have been making regular appearances over the past year. I like shooting with them. They are fun and love sex. Being one of the last days of summer we decided to make the most of the remaining hot days by having some fun on the roof. There’s lots of teasing and kissing between the boys as they strip each other naked. We also took the super soakers up for a fun waterfight at the end. I’m really happy with the photos from this set. But I can tell that it’s getting late in the season from the long shadows. This was an crazy and very horny shoot. I will post the following hot video the guys made back in the studio later this week. In the meantime you can also see all of Val and Caleb’s other sex scenes now.

Behind the scenes
5 Jan, 2017

The making of Reece and Caleb’s first sex date

These guys are so dam cute together. I had a lot of fun pairing up Reece with new comer Caleb for this hot scene a few weeks ago. We started taking photos out in the back stairwell where things quickly got heated between the guys. Caleb’s amazing huge cock was out pretty quickly with Reece going down and sucking on it. We then head to the studio where the guys could get naked and have a lot more fun with each other. This is Caleb’s first duo scene. Reece was eager to show him how it’s done. This is the behind the scenes video I made of the guys getting to know each other during the photoshoot. The very hot sex video is already loaded in the member’s area.

Behind the scenes
28 Dec, 2016

Behind the scenes at Caleb’s first photoshoot

This is the video of my first photoshoot with my mate Caleb in the studio. I’ve known Caleb for a long time now, but this was my first time getting to see him naked. I had no idea he had such a big dick. And when i found out, I really wanted to get him around for a shoot. Plus I think he’s really cute. And as I suspected, he’s a lot of fun to shoot with too. At the time of posting this video, Caleb has already been back and done his first duo shoot with Reece. So by now he’s pretty comfortable being naked on camera. In this shoot Caleb looks pretty dam cute in a shirt and tie. I eventually get him stripped down to wearing just the tie, Cons and socks. He has no trouble getting that thick cock rock hard too. Make sure you check out all of Caleb’s videos now loaded.

18 Dec, 2016

Reece Anderson rides Caleb’s fat cock in their first hookup

This is one of the hottest hookups of the year. When I discovered my Caleb has a huge cock, I knew exactly who would like to play with it. After introductions were made I got my mates Reece and Caleb around for a photoshoot and video scene. We did some fun shots out in the stairwell before heading to the studio where the guys could strip each other naked and really get it on. Caleb’s big dick is always rock hard as Reece is passionately kissing him. Then Reece moves down to work that fat cock in to his mouth. Caleb is loving all the attention. Then Caleb turns Reece around and starts licking his hole, before pushing his cock deep inside him. Reece is very tight making it hard to get his big dick in at first. But when they get going, the action is hot as hell! I can tell that Reece really likes riding Caleb fat pole. Make sure you watch this right to the end as Reece gives Caleb a cum facial at the end. What a nice way to end their first meeting.

Photo shoot
13 Dec, 2016

Hooking up two of my cutest mates Reece Anderson and Caleb Knight

I’m really excited about this scene starring two of my cutest mates in Melbourne. Reece has already been in a few scenes, but today it’s Caleb’s first action shoot. So Reece is here to show him the ropes. After our quick introductions we headed out in to the stairwell to take the first photos. I didn’t expect it to go nearly as far as we did out there. After a lot of kissing, Reece’s pants came down while he’s bent over the railing. Then he pulls down Caleb’s jeans and pulls out his big throbbing cock. The shoot is looking great! Then we head back inside to the studio so the guys can get completely naked. The guys are getting along really well and Reece is loving teasing Caleb as he rubs his bum up and down Caleb’s fat shaft. I can already tell that the video for this scene is going to be hot.

19 Nov, 2016

Caleb Knight’s first porn video – Rubbing my fat cock

I had no idea that things were going to get this wild in my mate’s first porn video. With the photoshoot out of the way I gave Caleb a few instructions on how the video scene was going to work. I prefer to give any instructions before the scene and not interrupt while the guys are getting off. I could tell that Caleb was excited by some of the things in the toy drawer, but I didn’t know what he was going to choose. Once he had stripped down and was wearing just his shoes, socks and a neck tie, Caleb reached for the toy drawer to grab the big black long dildo, And with a bit of lube he was already pushing it deep up in to his hole. Okay, now I knew this was going to be a hot show. Caleb also shows me how he can split open a fleshlight with his fat cock. I’m actually surprised by my mate’s hot show. After seeing all of this I think I’ll be getting Caleb back for more scenes very soon.

Photo shoot
14 Nov, 2016

Meet my new hung mate Caleb Knight

22 year old Caleb has been a friend of mine for a few years. It was only recently that I got around to asking him if he would be interested in modelling for me. I thought it might have been a strange question since we had known each other for some time. But he surprised me and said yes right away. I was also encouraged to ask him after I had see a photo of him naked and that extra big dick. I love skinny guys with big dicks and on top of that, Caleb is pretty dam cute. His first photoshoot back at my studio went really well, with Caleb dressed in a uniform and my old school tie. The clothes quickly came off as I couldn’t wait to see him stroking that fat cock. He gets it hard very easily and later springs to life again by itself as he poses on the floor. This shoot was heaps of fun. I’m excited to see how his video turned out now. As well as posing with the extra large cock, Caleb puts on one hot show when the video camera starts recording.

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