Behind the scenes
31 May, 2017

Behind the scenes with Christiano at his first photoshoot

This is the behind the scenes video from my first photo shoot with the beautiful Christiano Szucs in Budapest. I never really know how a new guy is going to go in a shoot until they get naked and I am taking their photos. Christiano’s shots and video turned out great. He was very laid back about getting naked and having his photos taken. He’s very fit and likes showing off his body. It’s a tiny bathroom we are working in here. So there’s not a real lot of different positions we can do. But I still manage to get some great shots of Christiano flexing and working up his big uncut dick. This was the first of two shoots I did with my new sexy mate earlier this year in Europe.

Behind the scenes
25 Apr, 2017

My handsome mate Christiano Szucs at his first nude shoot

I wish I could have stayed in Hungary longer to shoot more stuff with the beautiful Christino Szucs. This is the behind the scenes video I recorded during his photoshoot at my hotel. He tells me that he had been making some amateur porn with friends before, so he was not shy about getting naked in front of me. He was amused about me taking some many photos before we actually got down to making his video. Christiano is very handsome and very fit. I didn’t want to rush his photoshoot at all. His photos in the soft Budapest daylight turned out really well. I had fun finding new positions to put my handsome new mate in. I’m fairly sure now Christiano will become a regular mate on the site. He is very keen to do more. His first video and photoshoots in the hotel shower are also now posted.

Photo shoot
13 Apr, 2017

Christiano Szucs strips naked in my hotel shower to show off his heavy cock

When I met my sexy new mate Christiano he had walked through snow to get to my hotel in Budapest. So I suggested we take his first set of photos in a hot shower so he could warm. Stripped down and dressed in just a speedo, Christiano started posing and flexing for me. Then we got the hot water running and he stripped naked. He’s got such a nicely toned body. And then he surprised me when I saw that beautiful big uncut dick. I mad sure I got plenty of photos from both front and behind. Eventually Christiano steps out of the shower to pose in front of the mirror. I can tell he is enjoying putting on a shower as I click around him. I could tell right away that my new mate is going to be very popular. Make sure you also check out his first video on the bed which is already loaded.

5 Mar, 2017

Stroking with my hot mate Christiano Szucs

This is one hot stroking video with my new straight mate Christiano. The sexy 22 year old was ready to get off by the time we started recording this video. He had already gotten naked and was stroking his cock hard in the photo shoot before we started. So up on the bed the sexy hungarian rips off his pants and starts pushing down at his crotch. He’s watching intensely a couple of girls getting fucked on the TV. I suggest he grab the fleshlight to do a little fucking of his own. With the rubber fuck toy jammed in the side of the bed he gets a handsfree joyride as he thrusts in to it. It’s really nice watching this muscly boy work his cock. But it’s rubbing himself up and down on the mattress that really makes him blow. And what a nice way it was to end our first shoot. Christiano is an incredibly handsome and sweet guy. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more with him.

Photo shoot
27 Feb, 2017

Meet my handsome new mate Christiano Szucs

During my Europe vacation in Hungary I met this very handsome guys called Christiano. He is a straight 22 year old living in Budapest. He had heard that I was looking for a model in Budapest and sent me a message. When I saw his pics I knew I wanted to meet him and get some shots of him naked. I found that Christiano is very fit and very good looking in real life. He also had fun posing for me. We met back at my hotel and quickly got down to the business of posing and stripping. I got some beautiful photos of my new mate both in clothes and as he slowly got naked. My favourite photos from Christiano’s photoshoot is those up on the edge of the window. The temperature in Budapest was well below zero, so I was really happy to find guys like Christiano still willing to come out and get naked for me. I’m looking forward to editing his video this week. I love watching my new mate work his thick veiny cock.

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