Behind the scenes
12 Jan, 2017

Shooting with our straight mate Hunter in the hot tub

This is the BTS video I made during the shoot with my hot mate Hunter in the hotel hot tub. I met Hunter last summer and we did a couple of shoots before he moved overseas. He looks great both in and out of the speedo as he moves in to different positions in the hot tub and on the deck around the tub. He quickly slips out of the speedo and works his cock rock hard as I continue to take photos around him. Hunter is one of the nicest guys I got to meet in 2016. I’m hoping our paths will cross again sometime so we can do more hot shoots. In the meantime you can now check out all of Hunters photos and videos now loaded in the member’s area. Hunter is one of the many hot straight guys who joined us in 2016.

Photo shoot
25 Nov, 2016

Slipping out of his speedos in the hot tub – My straight mate Hunter Jones

In his most recent shoot with me, my sexy mate Hunter slipped in to a pair of speedos and jumped in to the hot tub for this quick photoshoot. Hunter is not shy at all as he posed in the windows with a couple of neighbours looking on from their balcony over the road. I got loads of photos of him stripping out of the speedo and relaxing naked in the tub. Then I gt him to stand up and stroke his cock hard. Hunter is a pretty big guy and he almost fills all the space in that tub. My favourite shots are those where you have see water dripping from his balls as his cock stands to attention. It’s a really nice shoot to end our day together over at the hotel. I will also post Hunter’s BTS videos very soon.

Behind the scenes
7 Oct, 2016

Behind the scenes video at Hunter’s photoshoot

25 year old Hunter Jones is one of my favourite straight mates to shoot with. He had already passed his first shoot with flying colours. He looked great out on the rooftop stripped naked when I met him last summer. So I got him back for this shoot over at the hotel to get him naked and jerking off one more time. As far as straight Aussie men goes, Hunter is fairly typical of Australian men. He’s very easy going, loves to joke around, and a lot of fun to shoot with. I’m glad I set up the BTS cameras to grab this footage of Hunter and working through his photoshoot. His photos turned out great! You can check out all of Hunter’s videos and photo galleries now in the member’s area.

11 Sep, 2016

Jack off with our straight mate Hunter Jones

With his second photoshoot out of the way, Hunter and I headed to the bedroom to film the straight hottie jacking off on the bed. Hunter is focused on the porn playing on my laptop when he pulls his fat cock out of his Aussiebums and starts stroking it hard. Hunter really likes fleshlight fucking and starts lubing up the rubber fuck toy. This one very hot video with Hunter humping the fleshlight against the mattress as he watches 2 girls getting fucked on the screen. Make sure you watch this one right to the end to see Hunter climax and blow cum. The cum running down his fist in the end is so hot. He looks pretty pleased with himself as he cleans up. This is Hunter’s second jacking video. He looks very comfortable on screen playing with his beautiful cock.

Photo shoot
6 Sep, 2016

Hunter Jones is back stripping naked and stroking his big cock

My hot straight mate Hunter Jones is back for this mid-winter shoot in Melbourne. I had a lot of fun shooting with 25 year old Hunter on the roof back in summer so I invited him around for a another shoot up at the hotel. Hunter has gotta be one of the nicest guys I have met while shooting at home in Melbourne this year. He’s very handsome with a super fit decorated body. Yet he’s really laid back and funny. Sometimes it’s awkward shooting with straight guys who have never posed naked in front of another guy before. But Hunter was really easy going about it. Since this is his second time shooting with me, he was much more relaxed and ready to have a fun shoot. I was really happy with his shots today as he stripped naked and worked his big dick to full erection while posing on top of the table. I will also post Hunter’s new video scene later this week. In the meantime you can also check out Hunter’s first shoots in the studio and on the rooftop.

Behind the scenes
7 Jun, 2016

Hitting the roof with my straight mate Hunter Jones

There’s nothing better than getting naked outside on a hot day. Just ask most of the guys I have shot with. The end of summer got really busy out on my rooftop. Hunter Jones did his first shoot up there. And his photos came out stunning! My chilled out straight mate thought it was pretty funny stripping naked in the middle of all the city buildings. He looked great both in and out of the body hugging soccer gear. Since shooting this I have been talking to Hunter about coming back for another scene. Make sure you check out his rooftop and studio photo sets and videos.

Behind the scenes
25 May, 2016

Behind the scenes at Hunter’s studio shoot

Hunter Jones is a big Aussie stud! I loved shooting scenes with this guy over summer. He’s one of the most laid back guys I have met while shooting scenes in Melbourne. And really funny too! He had no idea what to expect when he came to this shoot. We got along really well and had fun doing this photoshoot. This video footage comes from the cameras I had set up around the room to catch me directing Hunter through his photo set. I never really know how the shots are going to come out at the time. This photo set looks great! Make sure you also check out Hunter’s solo wanking scene and his nude photos up on the roof.

Photo shoot
22 Apr, 2016

Straight mates – Hunter Jones strips naked on the roof

One of the most beautiful guys I got to shoot with over this summer is 25 year old Hunter Jones. Hunter is a very laid back straight guy who I met a couple of months ago in Melbourne. He is a gym trainer in one of the suburban gyms. He told me that he was a bit nervous at first about doing the shoot, but ended up having fun doing it. When he came around I gave him the ultimate test, stripping naked out on the roof. He thought is was pretty funny being naked in the middle of the CBD. Dressed in some soccer kit Hunter kicks the soccer ball around while I take loads of photos. He looks great in the tight soccer shirt which shows off those big arms. When he is finally completely naked I get him drinking and pouring water over himself to create a cascading ware fall down his abs and off his dick. Hunter looks great! This was a such a fun shoot.

20 Mar, 2016

Straight Mates – Hunter’s first jack off video

25 year old gym instructor Hunter Jones is a giant! I had fun shooting with him in the studio. I knew he was a bit nervous coming around to model naked for the very first time. But as we worked through the shoot he became a lot more relaxed and didn’t seem to mind getting his photos taken at all. In the video scene my new straight mate gets naked again and works his dick hard while watching some porn on the telly. Hunter has got a nice uncut cock and it grows pretty big as he starts fucking one of my fleshlight. And then it’s not long before he’s rubbing out a load of cum. I make sure I move around the bed to catch every angle of this Aussie hottie working his dick. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more with him over this summer.

Photo shoot
15 Mar, 2016

New mates – Introducing my new straight mate Hunter Jones from Melbourne

I met this very handsome 25 year old guy a few weeks ago. Hunter Jones is a straight gym trainer in Melbourne. He had heard we were looking for new guys to model on the site and contacted me to try it out. And I’m really glad he did. Hunter looks great! And he’s a really nice guy too. In this shoot Hunter is wearing just his jocks and a singer, with socks and a pair of high tops. An then he proceeds to slowly strip off while I take loads of photos. He had a nicely defined chest and a great set of abs. He pulls down the back of his jocks to reveal and nice and very hairy bum. And by the time he’s naked, there’s no problem getting that┬ácock rock hard. I think Hunter is going to make a nice addition to the site this summer. I will post his first video scene later this week.

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