Behind the scenes
17 Sep, 2016

Behind the scenes at Damien’s first shoot with Jack Van Duin

These guys were so dam cute together! I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out because Jack was a bit nervous about doing his first duo porn shoot. So I matched him up with Damien, who is a really nice guy who would help the first timer out through their video scene. With the GoPros placed around the room I captured this video of me directing the guys through their photoshoot. I really love how intimate these guys get in this scene. These lots of kissing before they strip each other naked and play with each other’s cocks. Damien is rock hard as Jack goes all the way down on him. This BTS video is just as hot as their mutual jack off video. This was another perfect match up between my mates.

4 Sep, 2016

Jack Van Duin and Damien Dyson get each other off with some fleshlight wanking fun

This is one very hot video between my new mates Damien and Jack. And it’s Jack’s first time having sex with a guy on camera. He was a bit nervous about doing it at first. But then told me afterwards that he had fun doing it. In this scene Damien is showing our newcomer Damien how it’s done. We start with a lot of kissing on the couch before the guys strip and move to the bed. They are enjoying wanking and sucking on each other’s cocks before Jack suggests they play with a fleshlight. Bot of them love get the other to slowly push the rubber fuck toy up and down on their dicks. And it’s actually how both of them end up cumming. It’s Jack who ends up getting the cum all over him. I love shooting with both of these guys. Getting them together was awesome. They loved making out and getting off together.

Photo shoot
29 Aug, 2016

Jack’s first action scene this week is with Damien Dyson

These guys are adorable! Our new mate Jack Van Duin was so nervous about getting in to a filmed sex scene with one of my mates. So I decided to pair him with the beautiful Damien Dyson. Damien has also only recently started filming sex scenes and I knew he would be a perfect partner for Jack. They are both fun and easy going guys. Since they had not met before we took the photoshoot section of the shoot slowly so the guys could get to know each other a little. There’s a lot of hugging and kissing here before the guys undress each other. I can already tell by Damien’s bulging cock that he’s liking his now scene partner. So I get Jack down there sucking on it to make it fully erect. Damien is enjoying the attention he is getting from his new mate. I’m careful not to go too far in this photoshoot because we still have the video scene to go. I got some great shots and the photoshoot ended up being very hot foreplay for the main event.

Behind the scenes
19 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes at Jack’s first shoot

My travelling blond Euro mate Jack is absolutely adorable. This is the video I made of me directing him through his first nude photoshoot. He was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing but ended up having a lot of fun. I left a lot of our talking in this video because I was finding Jack’s experience of driving naked around Australia fascinating. He was so excited telling me about his travels. I was just loving shooting this blond tanned boy with a big smile. I spent a lot of time chatting with Jack and taking his photos before we eventually moved on to making his video. Jack is one of my favourite guys to have gotten to meet and shoot with so far this year. He has since come back and shot a second scene which I will post soon.

16 Jul, 2016

Jack Van Duin’s first video – Fleshlight Fucking and Jack Off

20 year old Jack completely surprised me in this video as he started his first solo video scene. He was a bit apprehensive during the photoshoot about what to do. But he needed no direction at all once I started filming. This crazy beautiful Dutch guy instantly started playing up to the camera, teasing as he slowly stripped down to his pink undies. I can tell that he’s having fun doing this and there’s no rush to finish. Eventually Jack makes his way over to the bed where he lubes up one of the rubber fuck toys and glides his cock deep in to it. The he returns to the couch where he wedges the toy between the cushions so he can do some handsfree fucking. I can tell from his rhythm that he’s getting close to cumming. Then he turns to me and asks “can I cum now”? And squirts a nice load of cum up on his belly. It’s one of most beautiful and hottest solo scenes I’ve had the pleasure to record. I’m feeling very honoured to have had the chance to shoot Jack’s very first porn video. I am hoping he will do a lot more.

Photo shoot
11 Jul, 2016

Meet my beautiful new blond mate Jack Van Duin

I’m excited to introduce one of the cutest guys I ever shot with on this site. I met this gorgeous European guy here in Melbourne just a couple of weeks ago. 20 year old Jack Van Duin has been travelling around Australia visiting some of the most remote corners of the country. I have never met anyone so excited about their travels around Australia. Jack told me he’d had some of the most fun times driving around Australia in an old car with his mates, and sometime naked. I was really happy to meet Jack before he left the country to travel home. He’s a really sweet with the most beautiful eyes and smile. I can tell that he would have made a lot of mates in Australia with his easy going, laid back and positive nature. I discovered that running Australia has also given him a great tan as he started stripping out of his jeans and pink undies. I had a lot of fun shooting with Jack and I’m looking forward to editing the video he made this week.

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