Behind the scenes
16 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at James and Matias’s first shoot together

I had already shot with the very muscly Aussie boy James a few times before. But when I met Matias for his first solo shoot, I knew exactly who I wanted to team him up with. After I suggested the duo shoot, both James and Matias were very keen to meet up. The guys were a little awkward around each other at first. But by the time they got naked and started kissing during the photoshoot, their nerves had disappeared and we were having a lot of fun. These guys look amazing together. And their video scenes is really hot. I can tell that Matias was really enjoying all the attention he was getting from James. This is the video taken from the behind the scenes cameras which were recording during their photoshoot. The whole video scene is also available now in the member’s area. I’d love to get these guys together again.

Behind the scenes
2 Nov, 2016

Behind the scenes at that hot tub photo shoot with James and Romain

One of the hottest duo scenes happened on this day that Romain Deville met our Aussie boy James Nowak. The guys had already been posing for photos and undressing each other before heading to the hot tub for this photo set. It was kinda funny trying to fit these two big guys in to that little tub, especially each time they had to change to a different position. I took the footage from the GoPros to make this BTS video of the guys getting their photos taken in the tub, getting naked and having a little bit of foreplay before their video shoot. Both James and Romain are really sweet guys. I’d love to get these guys together again. Make sure you leo check out the sex video they made right after this photoshoot.

Behind the scenes
19 Oct, 2016

Posing in his skimpy speedo – James Nowak in the hot tub

James is back in this solo hot tub shoot. I had the cameras set up to record our muscly mate’s speedo/strip shoot in the hot tub. There’s a bit more space in the tub today with James modelling alone. He is stripping out of his speedo and flexing while I move around the tub taking his photos. The photos from this shoot, as well as James’s shoot with Romain in the same room is already posted. I love making these shoots with James. I’m planning to do a lot more with James over this summer.

15 Oct, 2016

Matias gets a muscle massage and much more from James Nowak

The very sexy surfer boy Matias gets a full body massage from our hunky mate James. It didn’t really matter what these guys did in this video, I knew the action was going to be hot. The guys were already horny for getting each other naked during the photoshoot. It’s not long in to his massage when Matias starts pulling out James’ big dick from his undies. You can see James is already excited as his fat cock falls out and Matias quickly puts it in his mouth. James returns to the favour, going down on Matias’ throbbing cock. The guys eventually move over to the bed where there is lot more kissing and cock sucking. What an amazing hot video between my incredibly fit mates. I could film these guys rolling around on my bed again and again. I will also post the BTS video from this scene very soon. In the meantime you can enjoy all of James and Matias’s videos right now.

Photo shoot
10 Oct, 2016

Hooking up my horny mates James Nowak and Matias Toledo

I’m really excited about posting this shoot between my two horny mates James and Matias. After I met the South American hottie Matias a couple of months ago I knew exactly who I wanted to match him up with. James was eager to do this shoot too after I suggested Matias as a scene partner. Both of these boys are super fit and were very popular amongst members in their previous shoots. So putting them together was a no brainer. It was a funny shoot because the guys were actually a little bit shy around each other to begin with. Remember that they had not met before we got together for this shoot. But they easily warmed to each other once they started undressing and kissing during this shoot. I got the guys posed on the couch first, followed by the massage table and then the bed. Even though this shoot happened in the middle of winter and it was a little on the darker side in the studio, I was still happy with the quality of the photos. And the guys had fun with each other while working through this very horny shoot. Since the massage table was out we decided to go on to make a very hot massage video between the guys. I will post the very hot sex video between James and Matias later this week. in the meantime you can enjoy their photo set together as well as all of their previous videos in the members area. Oh man I love shooting with these sexy hot men in Australia.

Photo shoot
29 Sep, 2016

Stripping and wanking my big cock in the hot tub – James Nowak

One of the nicest and also one of the hottest guys I’ve met this year is the very handsome James Nowak. The 26 year old Aussie comes from the suburbs of Melbourne. We met last summer when we did that great soccer gear shoot on the rooftop of my building. Today James is modelling a pair of nylon Aussiebum speedos before slipping them off and posing naked in the hot tub. During the shoot James became a little bit nervous about the neighbours hanging out across the road on their balcony. But it didn’t stop us from getting some hot shots naked, flexing, and working that big cock rock hard. I’ve done a few shoots with James so far this year. This shoot is one of my favourites. It was also a lot of fun to shoot. The video scene of James fucking a fleshlight in the tub and blowing cum across the deck is already posted. I will also load the BTS video from this shoot soon. I’m looking forward to shooting a lot more scenes with James over this coming summer.

Photo shoot
12 Sep, 2016

James and Romain take a dip in the hot tub

James and Romain turned out to be a very hot match up when they must a few months ago for a duo action shoot at my hotel. The guys also posed in speedos in the hot tub for this photo shoot. After choosing speedos the guys quickly slipped in to the hot water while I got ready to take their shots. These beefy boys look so dam hot together. I got them stripping each other out of the speedos and sucking on each other’s fat cocks in the hot water. There was still a little nervousness as we worked through this set. But the guys were happy to get very intimate for the shots. Make sure you also check out the video of the guys wrestling and getting each other off on the bed. It’s one of the most popular videos on the site.

Behind the scenes
5 Aug, 2016

Behind the scenes at James first hook up video with Romain

One of the hottest scenes of the year has to be when James met Romain here in Melbourne. It was going to be be the first duo action scene for both the guys so I was really nervous about how it would go. I was happy to see that the guys got along really well and ended up putting on a very hot show. This is the BTS video taken from the cameras during the photoshoot where the guys undressed each other. There’s lots of flexing, kissing and dick sucking throughout the shoot. We had fun shooting this and it’s one of the match ups I’d like to do again. Make sure you check out their video which is now posted as well as their previous solo videos. These guys are so hot!

Behind the scenes
29 Jul, 2016

Muscle mates – James Nowak is ripped and flexing naked

It wasn’t until I watched this video of James Nowak back that I realised I had put him in the tightest of shorts and t-shirt. James is a lot bigger than my other mates and struggled in to those little see-thru shorts. But he looked pretty dam good in them anyway. Here I am directing through a stripping photoshoot at a city hotel. James is so dam handsome! I like making him laugh and smile as we work through the shoot. He’s a super sweet guy and very laid back. I really like the shots we took on the table where he is fully erect and pulling a muscle pose. I love all the shots I took of James on that day. He has already done a couple of solo shoots, and more recently his sex scene with Romain Deville. Make sure you check out all of James’ scenes. I am looking forward to our next shoot.

9 Jul, 2016

Muscle mates Romain and James first hook up

I knew this was going to be a hot video when I introduced Romain to James a few weeks ago in Melbourne. The guys were a little awkward together at first but by the time we finished the shoot Romain was ready to rip off James’ clothes and roll around with the muscle stud on the bed. There’s a lot of wrestling, kissing and cock sucking in this video. Just two very horny men getting each other off. This is the first duo scene for both Romain and James. It’s a perfect match up between my French and Aussie mates. After seeing them in action here I can’t wait to get them in to a lot more honey scenes. Make sure you watch right to the end to see James get a chest full of cum.

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