Behind the scenes
18 May, 2017

Summer shoots on the roof with Jesse and Sam

It was so much fun doing this shoot with the boys to mark the end of summer shooting outside. I knew the hot days in Melbourne were just about over and I wanted to get one more rooftop shoot done. My sexy mates Jesse and Sam volunteered to come back and make one more hot scene outside. They looked great dressed in the footy gear, but even hotter hone they got naked and started playing up out there. This is the BTS video from the photoshoot on the roof. I moved the video cameras around to make sure you see every moment of the fun we were having out there. Jesse and Sam are really great mates to have. I am looking forward to making many more scenes with them this year. You can also check out their raunchy sex videos back in the studio.

16 Apr, 2017

Jesse and Sam are back in this hot fucking video on the couch

There was no directing needed at all in this video. Sam and Jesse knew exactly what was going to happen when they headed back to the studio to shoot their second sex scene together. The guys had already been running around on the roof naked and playing with each other out there. So they were ready to get it on by the time we got back to the studio. There was lots of kissing on the couch, but then they quickly got naked. Jesse quickly planted his face between Sam’s cheeks, working his hole with his tongue. Sam is loving all the attention and can’t wait for Jesse to slide his cock deep in inside him. The fucking in this scene gets fast and furious! Jesse pulls out just in time to blow cum all over Sam’s hole. Then pushes his cock deep inside again and begins fucking again while Sam squirts cum right across his belly. The action between these guys is really hot! This is one of the nicest raw fucking videos I’ve filmed on the site. I am looking forward to more hot scenes with these guys this year.

Photo shoot
10 Apr, 2017

Mates Sam and Jesse strip each other naked and get wet on the roof

Our sexy mates Sam and Jesse are back this week. The boys were having a lot of fun kicking around the footy on the roof before pulling each other’s footy gear off. It was a really hot day out on the roof so their clothes didn’t stay on too. Soon both Jesse and Sam were down to just their jocks and socks. So I was getting plenty of photos as the guys kissed and teased each other. It wasn’t right until the end that I pulled out the water bottles and the guys got in to a refreshing water fight. The guys chose their own outfits for this shoot and I gotta say that they look great in those little footy shorts. But by the time we finished those shorts couldn’t contain their erections. Things started getting very hot between the guys so we decided to head back to the studio where the guys could continue the hot fun. This is Jesse and Sam’s second hook up scene this summer. Make sure you check out all of their videos already loaded in the member’s area.

Behind the scenes
29 Mar, 2017

Behind the scenes at Jesse and Sam’s hot sex shoot

This has gotta be one of the most fun shoots so far this summer. Mates Jesse and Sam came back after their solo sessions to do one very hot shoot together. You have probably seen their amazing sex video by now. This is the BTS video footage taken during that photoshoot in the stairwell and later in the studio. There’s loads of kissing, stripping and dick sucking in this video while I direct the photoshoot. These guys are amazing. I’m having a lot of fun with them this summer, and I can already confirm that they will be back for more very soon. I can’t wait to match them up with our other mates too.

Behind the scenes
25 Feb, 2017

Naked on the roof – Sam’s first photoshoot

This is the video taken from the rooftop cameras during Sam Sivahn’s very first shoot. He had just finished watching me take Jesse’s first photos on the roof, so he knew what was about to happen. He was still nervous about getting naked outside. Hesse and I were teasing him about being nervous. Sam is such a cute guy. I’m really glad he decided to give it a go. Apart from being really fit, he’s also got a great smile. I kept his shoot on the roof fairly short since he was nervous about it, and finished his photos in the studio. Sam has already done his second shoot with Jesse, and will be back in a new scene very soon.

Behind the scenes
22 Feb, 2017

Behind the scenes at Jesse Carter’s first shoot

The first shoot with Jesse and his mate Sam out on the roof was a lot of fun. Much of this BTS footage was shot by Sam who was waiting his turn to get nude on the roof. Jesse was wearing some sports kit and started stripping down on the roof. He had the “first shoot” nerves on the day, and Sam gladly stepped in to get his dick up as he leant back against the wall. Jesse was enjoying all the attention he was getting. Afterwards we headed back to the studio where we made that great massage and jack off video with the guys. It turned in to one very hot day of shooting. I like these guys a lot and soon I’ll be shooting new scenes with them.

11 Feb, 2017

Check out Jesse and Sam’s first raw fucking video

Videos between mates are always hot. But I never knew how hot the action was going to be between long time mates Jesse and Sam until I watched them going at it hard on the bed. After shooting their photos together in the stairwell and back in the studio, I knew that it was going to be a fun shoot. But the cock sucking and fucking action that follows in this video is incredible! I was amazed watching Sam fiercely raw fuck Jesse on the bed until he was ready to blow his load. It was pretty incredible to film these boys going at it. And the big smiles at the end show that they had fun doing it too. I’m looking forward to shooting a load more scenes with these guys this summer.

Photo shoot
7 Feb, 2017

Jesse and Sam are back this week in their first hot shoot together

After I met Jesse and Sam at Jesse’s shoot earlier this summer, I knew I wanted to get the guys back for a shoot together. And they were totally up for doing a sex scene with each other. Both Jesse and Sam did some very hot solo videos in their first shoots. And I couldn’t wait to see them doing each other. We started with this photoshoot of the guys kissing and grabbing at each other’s cocks out in the public stairwell. Things got a little further than I expected as I took loads of photos. Suddenly Sam was down on his knees sucking on Jesse’s big cock. I really wanted to go further with this, so we headed back to the studio where the guys got completely naked, and continued their kissing and cock sucking. These boys really look great together. Sam loves having Jesse take his cock deep in to his throat and pushes his head further in to his crotch. The photos from this session look great! I can’t wait to edit and post their video later this week. The action is really hot in this one.

25 Dec, 2016

Jesse Carter gets more than a massage from his mate Sam

After getting naked up on the roof, we headed back to the studio to film Jesse’s first video. And since we had an extra pair of hands today I suggested that Jesse do a massage scene with his mate Sam. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I started filming. Jesse was getting a nice long massage from his cute mate Sam. But then when he rolled over and started playing with his cock, I knew things were stepping up. Soon Sam was wanking our new mate off on the massage table. Then Sam started working Jesse’s hole as Jesse took over wanking. I could tell now that it wasn’t long before Jesse would be blowing a load as Sam furiously finger fucked him. What a great first video from Jesse. I can’t wait to shoot more sex videos with him this summer.

Photo shoot
20 Dec, 2016

Jesse Carter is our newest mate to join us this summer

Meet my new mate Jesse Carter. The 26 year old Aussie boy comes from a little town in rural Victoria. He contacted me a while back about the possibility of doing a shoot and how to go about it. I thought he looked pretty cute and got him over. And on his first shoot he brought along one of his mates. This was great because now I had someone to make a nice BTS video while I took Jesse’s photos. On the day they came around it was pretty warm so we headed up to the rooftop to photograph and film Jesse running around the rooftop in a jockstrap and some soccer gear. The clothes quickly came off as the shoot progressed, and soon our newest mate was stark naked except his shoes and socks. As you can see Jesse’s mate also became the “fluffer” during this shoot. I gotta say that shooting on the roof with Jesse was a lot of fun. He was up for trying anything as we moved in to different positions. I think Jesse is adorable and I can’t wait to shoot more scenes with him.

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