Behind the scenes
8 Jul, 2018

Behind the scenes with 19 y/o Kevin Babik in the kitchen

I had so much fun shooting scenes with 19 year old hottie Kevin Babik in Berlin last year. This is the BTS video taken from the kitchen cameras when I had Kevin back over for his second shoot. Since it was the middle of winter we were stuck shooting inside. So for one of his photoshoots we headed in to my tiny kitchen to get shots of Kevin getting covered in hot soapy water. I was really happy with the way these photos turned out. Of course it’s not possible to get a bad photo of Kevin. He is one of the most fun guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet and shoot with.

Photo shoot
15 Jun, 2018

My cheeky mate Kevin Babik is getting all wet in the kitchen

Our cheeky mate Kevin is back with us this week doing the dishes naked in the kitchen. The super fit 19 year old and I met last year while I was visiting Berlin. Kevin was so dam cute and extremely horny in his first shoot, so I suggested he come around for another photoset in the kitchen. I really like shooting with Kevin. He has a mischevious nature and is often caught playing up to the BTS cameras when I’m not looking. He makes the shoots a lot of fun, and his photos look great! In this shoot Kevin is wearing just a kitchen apron with his bum exposed as he washes up the dishes in the soapy hot water. But the soap is soon running down Kevin’s naked body. Up on the kitchen table Kevin shows that he is wearing a cock ring and rubs his extremely thick cock to full erection. Kevin is not a big guy, but that dick is huge! Then we finish up with some soapy shots of his bum. I’ll post the BTS video from this shoot soon. You will see how much fun it is to shoot with Kevin. In the meantime you can also check out this cheeky boy’s other videos already loaded on the site.

Behind the scenes
12 Apr, 2018

Behind the scenes at Kevin Babik’s sneaker fetish shoot

One of my favourite mates of 2017 has to be the very cute and very hung Kevin Babik. I had so much fun shooting with him in Berlin that I invited him back for this second shoot. It was snowing in the morning that we met up at the Berlin studio. So we did some quick snaps out in the balcony with Kevin just wearing jocks, sneakers and a hoodie. And then we quickly retreated back inside agin to warm up. Kevin has got a positive and fun attitude about getting naked and showing off on camera. You will also see that Kevin has a sneaker fetish. I catch him at times playing up to the GroPros when I’m not looking. And despite it being dull and cloudy in Berlin, his photos look great! I really hope I will get to shoot with Kevin again sometime. I’m sure that all of his shoots will be unique and full of hot fun.

18 Mar, 2018

Kevin Babik is playing with his fat cock in his hot new video

My horny mate Kevin Babik is back playing with his super fat cock in this hot new video. This is the 19 year old’s second shoot with me in Berlin. He was so much fun to shoot with so I invited him back to make a new video with me. We had been taking loads of photos in the studio and out on the balcony before we started recording getting naked again and getting off. The action here all takes place on the bed as Kevin uses it as his stage to put on a show. In this video he gets in to some hands free fleshlight fucking on the bed. His little bum looks so hot as it bounces up and down on the bed while his huge cock splits open the rubber fuck toy. Kevin gives us a few different positions before he lays back and squirts long shots of cum all over himself. What a nice way to end the day of shooting in Berlin. Kevin Babik is a stunning young guy and loads of fun to hang out with. I hope we’ll get to shoot more videos sometime.

Photo shoot
12 Mar, 2018

My skinny mate Kevin Babik is back showing off his XL cock

I’m really excited to have my skinny hung mate Kevin Babik back this month. I met up with the Polish hottie when I was visiting Berlin. His first shoot was so hot that I wanted to get him around again for more photos and videos. I got a lot of great feedback for Kevin’s shoot when I posted his stuff for the first time last year. This time I have Kevin posing in some sports gear out on the balcony and in the studio. He’s a really cheeky 19 year old and loves showing off. You might remember that Kevin has a huge cock. He loves using a cock ring or bands to tie up his balls and make his dick even bigger. These shots are fantastic. His new video and BTS are a lot of fun too. It’s really great to catch up with Kevin again.

Behind the scenes
4 Jul, 2017

Behind the scenes with my hung 19 year old mate Kevin

One of the hottest hung guys I’ve gotten to shoot so far this year is 19 year old Kevin Babik. This BTS video starring the hung polish boy shows me photographing Kevin as he poses naked for the first time. Kevin had already taken some hot naked photos of himself. This is his first time poses naked for someone else. For his first photo session where we met in Berlin, I steer Kevin in to the bathroom to get some shots of him in an Aussiebum speedo. He does a slow strip tease as I take lots of photos. As he pulls down the speedo I realise just how big Kevin’s cock it. He rubs it bigger in the hot soapy water. Bu this stage it’s really fat in his hand and I’m getting loads of photos from different angles. Kevin was also one of my most fun shoots from Europe. He’s a very horny boy and loves to play up to the camera. I’m looking forward to our next shoot. Kevin’s first video jacking off on top of me his now loaded, as well as his shoot in the studio.

Photo shoot
25 May, 2017

Soap up with my horny hung mate Kevin Babik

I had so much fun doing this soapy shower shoot with 19 year old Kevin Babik while I was staying in Berlin. It was a freezing cold day outside, so I suggested we take his first shots in the hot shower so he could warm up. After choosing some colourful Aussiebums, I started taking Kevin’s photos in my tiny bathroom. Kevin is very fit and likes to play around on camera. I got him to soap up in the shower while I took loads of photos. Kevin has got a nice lightly hairy bum that got a good lathering up. But he really surprised me when he turned around and pulled his really thick long uncut dick. And it was growing the more I clicked away. While Kevin is still slippery and wet from the soap I got him to stand completely naked outside the shower so I could get some nice close up shots. Even those it was fairly dull in Berlin, the shots came out really great! And I’m really happy I found such a great model in Kevin. His photoshoot on the couch and his first video where he cums on me is already posted in the members area.

Behind the scenes
28 Apr, 2017

Shooting with the very well endowed 19 year old Kevin Babik

One of the nicest and cutest guys I got to meet during my vacation was 19 year old Kevin. I had been looking forward to meeting Kevin for 2 weeks after I saw the fetish photos he had made and sent me. I knew he was going to be a lot of fun to shoot with. And as a bonus, he’s a really sweet guy. Kevin had not long moved to Berlin from Poland and was still finding his way around. This is the first time he has modelled for another person. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen through this shoot. Kevin wore a tracksuit with trainers and started his strip show. Eventually he worked all the way down to just his socks, trainers and a rubber cock ring. As well as being super fit, Kevin is sporting a really big cock. Now this is one very sexy well endowed boy. He works it hard on the couch as I continue to click away. You can tell in this video that I’m taking way too many photos. But I wanted to make sure I got every possible angle of this gorgeous guy. I like Kevin a lot and I hope we can meet up and shoot again sometime. In the meantime you can enjoy his photos and video now loaded.

25 Mar, 2017

Jacking his huge cock and blowing on Ben – Kevin’s first video

This is my cute mate Kevin’s first video. After making that amazing photoshoot, 19 year old Kevin Babik got dressed again while I gave him some tips about making his first solo jack off video. It turns out that Kevin really loves to show off for the camera and this became one very hot video. We also get to watch Kevin play out one of his favourite festishes, playing with his sneakers while wanking. Also he gets in a little flashlight fucking, pushing that super fat cock in and out of the rubber fuck toy. But my favourite part of this video is when Kevin mounts me on the bed and blows a giant load of cum over me. What a seriously hot way to end our first shoot together.

Photo shoot
20 Mar, 2017

My new mate Kevin Babik and his big fat cock

Well this guy is so dam cute! This is one of the most fun and cute guys I met on my recent trip to Europe. Meet my new mate, 19 year old Kevin Babik. When I first saw a pic of Kevin showing off naked in some sneakers, I knew I wanted him to model for me. He took a bit of convincing, and I’m glad he finally agreed to do it. Some of the photos I took, even I was shocked by. I think this is one of the most beautiful guys I have ever gotten to shoot with. So first a little about my new mate. Kevin is a 19 year old who recently moved with his dog from Poland to Berlin. He hadn’t been in the city long when I first contacted him. It was another couple of weeks before we actually met. He told me that he likes playing around with trainers when he is having sex, he has a sneaker fetish. And I saw that when he made his first video. The photoshoot went really well, and I am amazed by the results. Even though it was a freezing day in Berlin, the sun was filling the apartment with some amazing light. Kevin is really fit, and completely surprised me with his massive uncut cock. I mean, that thing is really fat! I can’t wait to show him these photos.

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