Behind the scenes
15 Mar, 2019

A BTS look at Damien and Layton’s passionate photoshoot

The BTS cameras were set rolling to capture Damien’s first meeting with the very horny Layton Charles and boy was it a passionate shoot. I could tell right away that Damien was pretty happy with the choice of partner for this shoot. In fact the session didn’t even finish when I stopped filming their first sex scene in the shower. As I was putting the gear away they were still playing around in the shower. In this video you can follow me directing the guys through their first stripping photoshoot together. Both Damien and Layton have appeared in a load of shoots in the past year, but this is the only shoot where they are getting together. And it turned in to one of the best shoots of the year. You can see from this shoot why they are two of my favourite mates to shoot with.

Photo shoot
14 Feb, 2019

Our handsome mates Layton and Damien

When our handsome mates Layton Charles and Damien Dyson met for their first shoot together I could tell they were really into each other. As they were selecting clothes for the shoots they were cheekily checking each other out and suggesting what they should wear. In the photoshoot they became really passionate as they would turn to kiss each other, and even sneaking an extra kiss between shots. I like shooting with these guys a lot so I was really happy to be able to get them in together before we broke for winter. And it also turns out to be one of my favourite couple photoshoots. You can also now check out the video Layton and Damien made in the hot tub afterwards.

Behind the scenes
23 Jan, 2019

Behind the scenes with speedo boys Damien and Layton

Starting in the hot tub our speedo boys Damien Dyson and Layton Charles are followed by our BTS cameras in his behind the scenes look at their hot tub romp. And what a hot shoot this was to round out the year. Especially with two of my favourite mates. You can tell through the photoshoot and their first video that Damien and Layton are really into each other. In fact the sex session in the shower continued well after the filming finished. I have one more gallery of the boys flirting on the couch which I will post soon. In the meantime you can now enjoy all of Damien and Layton’s videos.

12 Jan, 2019

Our mates Layton and Damien in a hot fucking session

The match up of my mates Layton and Damien has gotta be one of the hottest shoots of 2018. Right out of the gate you can tell these guys are into each other. And after all the kissing and teasing that went on during the photo shoot, the guys are now ready to get off. Starting in the hot tub (where we left the photoshoot) Layton and Damien are already kissing and peeling off their speedos. There’s a lot of passionate kissing before I follow the guys out to the bed where Damien shoves his fat cock deep inside Layton and begins fucking him. After trying a few positions we head into the large shower where Layton bends over for Damien again. It’s not long before Layton is pumping out a load of cum as Damien thrusts into him. Damien really is a hot top, and pairing him up with Layton for this video was just perfect.

Photo shoot
7 Jan, 2019

Our handsome mates Damien and Layton take a dip in the hot tub

In the lead up to making a very hot video our handsome mates Damien Dyson and Layton Charles got together in the hot tub to make out and get some nude photos taken. Both Damien and Layton have become regular models on the site, but this is their first time meeting. And right from the get go they were getting along really well. In fact they were already kissing in the hot tub before I got over there with the camera. They look cute in their blue speedos but they quickly slipped out of them in the hot water as the make out session got hot and horny. The guys start showing off their big erect cocks as the speedos come off. And Damien moves down to suck on Layton’s dick. It’s hard to hide his own excitement as his massive cock bobs up and down in the water. These guys are super adorable as they flash a smile to each other as they change positions. I can see why I love getting these guys into multiple shoots.

Behind the scenes
6 Dec, 2018

Our horny mates Dylan and Layton in the hot tub

This video footage is taken from the cameras I had hooked up around the hot tub for Layton and Dylan’s first photoshoot together. As you can tell the guys were really turned on as they slipped out of their speedos in the hot water. There’s a lot of kissing and grabbing during this shoot as I direct the guys in the tight tub. I’m glad I caught this footage because there are some funny moments between the guys. Of course this shoot was just the foreplay in the lead up to the hot video they made in the water and later on the bed. You can check out all of Dylan and Layton’s videos now loaded up in the member’s area.

25 Nov, 2018

Layton and Dylans first hot action video together

There is no start to this hot action video between Layton and Dylan. They just carried on from their photoshoot in the hot tub. As I started recording they were already into it. It’s gotta be one of the most passionate scenes on the site. Back in the hot tub I catch the guys kissing and slipping out of their speedos. Layton pushes Dylan up on to the deck so he can pull out his cock to suck on. And Dylan returns the favour, sucking on Layton’s fat dick before turning him around to lick his bum. But it’s out on the bed where the fucking begins. If you have seen Layton in action before you will know that he loves getting fucked. And Dylan is just the man of the job. I love how Layton fucks himself on Dylan’s dick until he blows all over his new mate. What an amazing scene this is between our horny mates. I can’t wait to shoot them together again.

Photo shoot
19 Nov, 2018

Hot fun in the spa with our mates Dylan and Layton

My sexy mates Dylan and Layton are taking a dip in the spa for their first shoot together. It makes sense that two of our most popular mates jump in on the same shoot together. And they really hit it off as we got stuck in to shooting their hot hook up in the spa tub. You will see in the photos that Dylan and Layton can’t keep their hands off each other. The speedos slipped off pretty quick once they got into the water. I had to keep interrupting their passionate session in the tub to get some photos. These guys are amazing to shoot together. Even though they have appeared in several shoots already this year, I think this is one of their best. I will load up the video that followed this fun shoot in the spa tub.

Behind the scenes
9 Nov, 2018

Stripping naked fun on the roof with Sam, Jesse and Layton

This has to be one of the most fun and chaotic shoots of summer as I follow the guys stripping naked on the roof in this BTS video. The BTS cameras around the rooftop capture me trying to direct Sam, Jesse and Layton through a stripping naked photoshoot. But I can tell that they really want to grab those super soakers and start shooting each other. It was really hot on this day so it was no problem to get naked fairly quickly. The guys were being very cheeky. Especially Sam. You can see the guys getting turned on as we progress through the shoot. But I don’t want this session to go too far because we still had a video to shoot in the studio later on. This video didn’t capture the water fight at the end as well as I would have liked it. And also there may be a couple of moments where the sound has cut out. But I didn’t want to miss capturing the fun of this shoot with our sexy mates on the roof.

Behind the scenes
24 Oct, 2018

BTS with our horny boys Tomas and Layton

Now you can watch our horny boys Tomas Kyle and Layton Charles as they get in to their first photoshoot together in the studio. I have taken this footage from the BTS cameras in the studio. The very hot session actually starts with some quick photos out by the Yarra river. I wanted to get some nice outdoor shots and give the guys a chance to get to know each other before we get in to the studio for more photos and the video session. Back in the studio I got some great shots of the guys kissing and stripping each other naked. You can tell throughout this shoot that they are getting very turned on. I didn’t let them go too far in these shots because I wanted to save some of the action for the video. The video from this scene is also now available to watch.

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