Behind the scenes
12 Aug, 2017

Making Michael Prado’s first nude photo gallery in New York

Another hot straight guy to join us this year is 20 year old Michael Prado. His first photo shoot with me happened in this hotel bathroom in New York. And this is the first time doing a nude shoot with this super fit hottie. I could tell he was a bit nervous at first about doing the shoot. He soon loosened up once he finally got completely naked in the bathroom. I really like Michael’s accent and his laid back attitude. I had a really nice time shooting and chatting with him. Of course all of the guys come from different backgrounds and have interesting stories. But Michael’s life experiences really surprised me, for such a young guy. He’s a sweet guy, and I hope we will get to meet up again. His photos look great! This is the BTS footage taken from the cameras in the bathroom during our photoshoot.

Photo shoot
14 Jul, 2017

My straight mate Michael Prado’s speedo strip show

I really like this photoshoot with my hot latino mate Michael Prado in New York. Michael tells me that this is the first time he has done any nude modelling. Like all the photoshoots I did earlier this year in New York, I started with a simple speedo shoot in the bathroom. 20 year old Michael is super fit with big legs and a full bum. So he fills out a speedo really well. I get him in to the shower so he can get the speedo wet and soap himself up. When the speedo comes off I can see that Michael has a fairly big uncut dick. And while he’s still wet I get a load of wet shots outside of the shower. Michael has got stunning boyish looks and has no problem being naked while having his photos taken. I learnt during the course of the day that Michael is a super sweet guy and has some big responsibilities in life for a 20 year old. His personal story was really moving and I’m glad we got to meet.

Behind the scenes
24 May, 2017

Behind the scenes at my New York hotel shoot with Michael Prado

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with 20 year old Michael Prado while I was visiting New York. Michael was really apprehensive about coming and modelling for me. He’s a really nice and interesting guy. I had an interesting chat with him about his life in New York and the photoshoot went really well. Even though it was a fairly dull day in the city, the hotel windows let in lots of soft light, making his photos really beautiful. I was surprised to see this little guy was sporting such a big dick as he worked it rock hard during this shoot. Michael is super fit from playing sports and didn’t mind showing his naked body. I enjoyed the shoot we did and I’d love to get him in for another now that he’s past his first time nerves. This is the behind the scene video from Michael’s photoshoot. His first video scene is also loaded.

30 Apr, 2017

Michael Prado’s first video jacking off on my bed

This is 20 year old Michael Prado’s first naked video scene. After having finished taking loads of photos in my New York hotel room, Michael chose some porn to watch on the TV and we got down to the business of filming his first jacking off video. He was still a bit nervous starting this video. I got him to move around a bit so I could film him from different angles as he worked his big uncut dick. Michael is super fit and it really shows when you watching him wanking. All his muscles in his chest and arms tense up. This is really nice video for his first scene. It’s not long before Michael lays back on the bed and squirts cum on his belly. I’m really happy with the photos and video from this scene. Even though Michael was a bit nervous through the shoot, the results look great! He’s a really sweet and attractive guy. I’m hoping we can do another shoot when I get to NYC again. It’s great meeting such fit and attractive guys there.

Photo shoot
24 Apr, 2017

Meet my 20 year old mate Michael Prado from New York

During my vacation I got to visit New York and also meet up with some hot new guys there. One of the first guys to visit me back at the hotel was 20 year Michael Prado. I thought Michael looked pretty hot in the photos he sent me. And I was really keen to meet some new guys there. It was still pretty cold in New York so Michael and I ended up doing the whole shoot inside my hotel room. I’ve gotta say that Michael is super fit! When he started peeling off his shirt I could see his perfectly defined abs and chest. He tells me that he has played a lot of sport. Shooting with Michael was interesting because it was his first time getting photographed naked. And he was sure what to expect. Michael is one of the growing list of straight guys showing off their fit bodies on Bentley Race. And the real surprise comes later in the shoot when Michael reveals his very big uncut dick. It doesn’t take much for him to work it rock hard. Michael Prado is a really nice guy. We had fun making this shoot and I’m hoping we can do it again when our paths cross again.

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