Behind the scenes
7 Sep, 2017

Behind the scenes with the very handsome Micky Petrov

One of our favourite straight mates appearing in scenes this past year is the very handsome Micky Petrov. This is the BTS video from my latest shoot with the muscle boy in Berlin. And you will see from this video that I am shooting in one of the smallest rooms I’ve every shot in. But I was determined to get photos of Micky getting wet in a speedo. He has quickly become one of my favourite mates in Berlin to shoot with. He has a very laid back attitude to getting naked and showing off his super fit body in front of the camera. This is the reason why I invited him back for another shoot this year. We don’t actually speak the language so unfortunately I don’t know a real lot about Micky. But I think he’s a nice guy. And he looks amazing in his photos and videos.

Photo shoot
6 Jul, 2017

My muscly mate Micky Petrov stripping in the bathroom

My hot mate Micky is back this week posing in a speedo before getting naked in the bathroom. Micky is letting me take his photos while he gets naked and soaps up in the shower. This is my muscly mate’s second shoot in Berlin with me. After getting such a great response to his shoot last year, I caught up with Micky again on my last trip to Berlin. I like shooting with Micky a lot. He’s incredibly fit and doesn’t mind showing off his muscles. This speedo shoot on the bathroom is the perfect location for Micky’s new shoot. I’m hoping to shoot with him again in the future.

Behind the scenes
14 Jun, 2017

Shooting with my super fit mate Micky Petrov in Berlin

One of the sexiest of my straight mates is Micky Petrov. I met this guy while I was in Berlin last year. At his first shoot he was really nervous. The shoot turned out well, but I really wanted to get him over for a second shoot. Micky is a really nice. But unfortunately you can tell in this video that we don’t speak the same language, so communication was fairly limited. It was a fairly chilly and overcast day in Berlin when I met Micky at the hotel, so the shots were a bit on the dark side. Though Micky was looking hot as usual so I was motivated to make the best of what light we had to make him look great. I also kept him on the couch under the window for his video scene to make sure it turned out nice and bright. This is the behind the scenes video footage I took from the Go Pros and Sony I had placed around the room during Micky’s hotel room photoshoot. I love shooting with super fit guys like Micky.

14 May, 2017

My hot straight mate Micky is jacking off at my hotel

I think Micky Petrov is one of the hottest of our straight mates I’ve gotten to shoot with. Since he was nervous in his first shoot last year, I wanted to get him back in for a second shoot. This time he was much more laid back and ready to get off while being filmed. Micky is super fit. I love his tight muscly body and very laid back nature. I made some great shots with Micky that day in the bathroom and again on my bed. And this video is pretty dam hot too. You might even see a surprise appearance in this video. Micky is one of our many awesome mates from Berlin. I’m looking forward to shooting more stuff with him later in the year. In the meantime you can see all his videos now loaded.

Photo shoot
8 May, 2017

Flexing and stripping – My hot mate Micky Petrov is back

The first of my European mates I got to meet up with during my recent visit to Berlin was Micky Petrov. We met for the first time last year. I remember he was really apprehensive about modelling for me back then. I love this super fit straight guy. My mission during this photoshoot was to try to get him to smile, because I love Micky’s mischievous smile. And since we don’t speak the same language, this was going to a tough mission. Dressed in some track pants and a Bonds ringer, we got down to stripping on the bed, and flexing those muscles. Micky is a real hottie. He works his cock stiff on the couch as I continue to click away. Finally I get some shots of that beautiful hairy bum before I finish up and start his video section of the shoot. It’s really great seeing Micky again.

Behind the scenes
9 Sep, 2016

Behind the scenes at Micky’s first photoshoot in Berlin

This is the video footage from the BTS cameras as I shot with Bulgarian hottie Micky Petrov in Berlin. This was the first of two photoshoots we did on that day. So he was a little bit apprehensive about posing in just a speedo and then getting naked in the bath tub in this shoot. But the photos turned out great! Micky is a really nice guy. He is super fit. I have seen more recent photos of him since this shoot and he is now even bigger. There really is nothing better than a muscly guy posing and stripping out of a speedo. This scene was shot earlier this year when I was visiting Berlin in their winter. I’d love to shoot with Micky again. Make sure you also check out his second shoot, including his jack off video on the bed.

Photo shoot
3 Aug, 2016

Micky Petrov’s first nude photoshoot in Germany

One of the sexiest guys I got to meet during my stay in Berlin was the very fit 20 year old Micky Petrov from Bulgaria. This is the first photoshoot I did with him. So you can see that he was a bit nervous at first as he begun changing into a speedo in my bathroom. I begun directing him around the bathroom in different poses and then he slipped in to the bathtub where he wriggled out of the speedo in the hot water. I noticed right away that Micky has got a beautifully toned body so i get him to pull a few muscle poses which he is very amused by. Micky’s jerk off video is already posted and soon I will also post the BTS video of our shoot here in the bathroom. I’ll be looking Micky up again later this year. I want to do a lot more with him in his next scene.

Behind the scenes
31 Mar, 2016

Flexing and wanking – Behind the scenes at Micky’s first shoot

This guy is so dam hot! When Micky first contacted me he sent some pics in his gym gear. The photos of him in shorts made him look pretty fit, so I was really keen to meet him. I know he was a bit apprehensive about modelling for me. But by the end of it he was pretty happy and looking forward to seeing the results of the photos. I really like the shots where Micky has got a full boner by the window. It was interesting trying to direct the hunky Bulgarian when he knew very little English. But we managed to work through the shoot anyway. Make sure you also check out his jack off video which is now loaded.

13 Mar, 2016

Straight mates jerking off – Micky’s very first porn video

After seeing Micky’s very hot photoshoot I was excited too see the Bulgarian stud jacking off. I knew he was a bit nervous about the scene so I put some porn on the computer for him to watch. He had no problem getting hard dying the photoshoot so I knew he was be getting aroused pretty quickly. And I gotta say that Micky looks awesome while he is wanly. Those muscles in his chest and arms grow huge! I suggest he tries some different positions during the video so I can capture his body from every angle. Eventually my hunky new mate lays back on the bed and cums on his belly. And the big grin at the end shows how pleased he is with his performance. I think Micky looks amazing. Next time I like to see him some action with some of my others mates.

Photo shoot
8 Mar, 2016

Straight mates – Micky Petrov naked and showing off his big cock

I’m pretty excited today to post the shoot I did with the very sexy Micky Petrov in Berlin earlier this year. It took a lot of convincing to get the 20 year old Bulgarian to come around and model for me. And I’m really glad he did. Micky didn’t speak a lot of English so there wasn’t a lot of chat at the beginning. We got straight in to taking photos around my hotel room. I could tell that he was pretty apprehensive at first, but then warmed up to it as we worked through the shoot. As he takes off his shirt I realise that this guy is really built! He spends a lot of time on his fitness and it really shows. Even though he has a smooth torso he has a nice little hairy bum. Then as he gets totally naked it doesn’t take much for him to get that dick rock hard. Micky has got a very nice fat cock. It stands completely erect as I go down on the floor to get some shots between his legs. Afterwards Micky was really happy to see the results as I sent him some of the photos to check. I’m looking forward to editing his video scene this week.

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