Behind the scenes
24 Oct, 2018

BTS with our horny boys Tomas and Layton

Now you can watch our horny boys Tomas Kyle and Layton Charles as they get in to their first photoshoot together in the studio. I have taken this footage from the BTS cameras in the studio. The very hot session actually starts with some quick photos out by the Yarra river. I wanted to get some nice outdoor shots and give the guys a chance to get to know each other before we get in to the studio for more photos and the video session. Back in the studio I got some great shots of the guys kissing and stripping each other naked. You can tell throughout this shoot that they are getting very turned on. I didn’t let them go too far in these shots because I wanted to save some of the action for the video. The video from this scene is also now available to watch.

13 Oct, 2018

Hot flip fuck action with our mates Tomas and Layton

I love watching Layton in action with Tomas Kyle in this hot flip fuck video. The photoshoot with the guys was fun, but the real action to watch is Layton as he takes charge of this scene with Tomas. He’s barely got his clothes off before he pushes Tomas to the floor and mounts his cock. Things move very quickly in this scene. I guess they were already pretty horny from the photoshoot. But I really like that they take turns fucking each other as they move on to the bed. It’s another great action scene from our sexy mates. I will also post a BTS from the photoshoot soon. These guys are adorable!

Photo shoot
8 Oct, 2018

Hooking up our sexy mates Tomas Kyle and Layton Charles

With our sexy mate Tomas Kyle in town recently I got him over to meet British boy Layton Charles. You might have seen Layton in some very hot videos with our mates from last summer. Tomas was very excited about getting to meet and shoot with Layton. To give the guys time to get to know each other we headed out to the banks of the Yarra River for a little photo session. The passing tourists would have no idea that we were about to get into a hot naked shoot in the studio nearby. Layton is always horny and couldn’t wait to start playing with his new mate. You will see in this photoset that the guys get in to some hot positions for the photos. And I gotta say that Tomas is looking super fit as he gets naked and his fat dick is standing to attention. I stopped taking photos during Tomas sucking on Layton’s dick. I didn’t want them to go too far before we start making a video.

Behind the scenes
26 Jul, 2018

Luc and Tomas together in Melbourne for their first duo shoot

Tomas told me on his first visit to Melbourne that he would like to do a shoot with out adorable mate Luc Dean. The only problem was that Luc had moved interstate and wasn’t as easy to book in for shoots anymore. So when I heard the two were going to be passing through Melbourne over a long weekend, I got them both booked to come around for a shoot. By the time the weekend came around it was getting cold outside. So we only had the chance to get some shots in the lane before heading back to the studio for the stripping and naked shots. It turned in to a really fun shoot, which you will see in this BTS video. Tomas is a new comer to making porn while Luc has a lot more experience. This pairing was perfect. The photos look great and the video was really hot. Even though both Tomas and Luc are from different states now, I hope they will be back for more shoots this year.

8 Jul, 2018

The hot pairing of mates Luc Dean and Tomas Kyle

I always knew this would end up being a hot pairing of our mates Luc and Tomas. The photoshoot was fun, but I really wanted to see the guys in action. There’s a lot of passionate kissing as they pulled out each other’s dicks on the couch. I can already see Tomas’s precum on Luc’s t-shirt. I love watching Luc’s face as Tomas goes down deep on his cock. Then over on the bed Luc mounts Tomas for the first time to give him a long deep fuck. Then it was a nice surprise to see them flip and Tomas started fucking Luc. And Luc was enjoying the change so much that Tomas fucked a load of cum right out of him. They change positions and Luc licks at Tomas’s balls while he jacks off. It’s one of the nicest fucking scenes between mates I have seen. Both Luc and Tomas are sexy sweet guys. I’m so happy to have finally gotten them together in this shoot.

Photo shoot
2 Jul, 2018

My sexy scruffy mates Luc Dean and Tomas Kyle

I’m really excited about this shoot with scruffy boys Luc and Tomas. After almost a year away I finally got Luc Dean to visit Melbourne for a new shoot. This time pairing him up with our hot mate Tomas Kyle. It’s unusual that we get two guys visiting from interstate in to the same shoot. But since Luc and Tomas were already mates before the shoot, we planned to meet on the same weekend in the city. Of course Luc has previously appeared in a load of hot scenes with our mates. But for Tomas, this is just his second couple scene. We started out with a photoshoot in the lane where the guys got to be silly amongst the graffitied walls while I took some photos. Then afterwards back in to the studio we started taking more raunchy shots of the boys getting it on. I love Luc’s new Queenslander look with scruffy long blond hair. He is always so much fun to shoot with. These photos look great! I will also post Luc and Tomas’s first video together a bit later this week.

Behind the scenes
10 Jun, 2018

Hooking up Dylan and Tomas in Melbourne

Setting up Dylan and Tomas to meet in Melbourne turned out to be the perfect thing to do. After meeting out in the park we headed back to this studio where I could take photos of the guys get naked and a lot more intimate with each other. This was the first couple shoot for Tomas. I knew he would like playing around with Dylan. There’s lots of kissing as the guys strip down to their undies. I can see that Tomas is already boned up in his undies while kissing Dylan. We go a step further in this BTS video with the guys taking turns at sucking on each others dick. I can tell they are really worked up at this point, so we stop the photoshoot and move to to making a video. Tomas gets fucked really hard by Dylan. It’s a very hot video. In the meantime you can watch these guys having some fun in this photoshoot.

19 May, 2018

My hot mate Tomas is getting fucked by Dylan Anderson

After a great photoshoot up in the studio my hot mate Tomas couldn’t wait for his session getting fucked by Dylan Anderson. There’s lots of kissing and foreplay to start off this new video. By now the boys are acquainted and ready to strip each other naked one more time. The video starts in the city park where the guys first meet and get to talk about the shoot. Back in the studio there’s lots of kissing, stripping naked and dicks sucking on the couch. Tomas is already rock hard when Dylan pulls off his jocks. He goes straight down deep on his fat cock. Moving over to the bed Tomas then gets a good tongue fucking by Dylan before having his hole lubed up. Tomas doesn’t know this yet but Dylan is about to fuck him in all different positions around the room. I haven’t seen Dylan this worked up before. And Tomas is loving all the attention. This is one of the hottest fucking scenes this summer. What a great show these boys put on.

Photo shoot
14 May, 2018

Tomas Kyle is back for his first duo shoot with Dylan

I’m really excited about posting this duo shoot between my beautiful mates Dylan and Tomas. Tomas was visiting Melbourne for the weekend and wanted to come by the studio for a new shoot. So I invited Dylan around at the same time to see how the guys would get along. After meeting out in the park we headed back to the studio where the boys could get better acquainted. I started taking photos as Dylan and Tomas started kissing on the couch. Soon the clothes were coming off and they both had their erect cocks out. Dylan was down on his knees sucking on Tomas’ fat shaft. This is his first duo shoot and I can see that he’s going to enjoy his first session with Dylan. Once the guys are completely naked I can tell that it’s time to grab the video camera and let them go for it. Tomas and Dylan’s first video will also be loaded this week.

Behind the scenes
30 Aug, 2017

Video footage of Tomas Kyle’s first nude shoot in the studio

This is the behind the scenes video footage of my shoot with the red headed Aussie boy Tomas Kyle. Tomas came over from South Australia for a visit to Melbourne and to check out the studio. I like Tomas a lot. He’s kind of a surprise package. He may come across as being shy and a bit nerdy. But when he gets his gear off things change. The solo shoot with Tomas is one of my favourite new model shoots of this year. After the photoshoot I wanked off my beautiful new mate in his video scene. I’m hoping we will be seeing more of Tomas this coming summer. He’s a really sweet guy and I know a few of our mates who would love to get in to action shoots with him. Make sure you check out his gallery and the video we made in the studio.

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