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I paired up Beau and Jamie for this sporty shoot

Photo shoot
28 Apr, 2024
One of the hottest shoots of summer happened when I paired up our fit mates Beau Jackson and Jamie Fawkes. It's pairing I hadn't actually planned to happen. But when it did I'm amazing at how well they got along together. Before I could even take the first photo Beau was already on his knees sucking on Jamie's big cock. Both Beau and Jamie play footy so I had them dressed in sports gear and long football socks for this shoot. And when I saw the photos during the edit today I realised how many stunning shots we got. Jamie is super horny and loves playing with Beau's big muscle bum in that jockstrap. And Beau is totally drooling all over Jamie's throbbing cock. For a coupling between our mates that I had not imagined before, the photos and the video we made afterwards are really hot. This was so much fun to make. It's a coupling of our mates that I would love to do again. Beau and Jamie's video will also load up later this week.
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