There goes summer

17 Mar, 2021

Aussie boy Brad Hunter

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I can’t believe how quickly summer has gone by. It seems like just a few weeks ago that Brad and I took a road trip out into the mountains to shoot this outdoor set at the beginning of summer. It was so much fun getting out of the city after the longest lock down in our country’s history. I’ve been really busy since then getting all the guys back for new shoots. And now that we are into Autumn I am busy doing a bunch more shoots before we take a little break through winter. The guys have all been amazing this year. There have been some really fun shoots with the guys. I can’t wait to get to editing and posting them all.
One thing that was different this year is that we didn’t have the usual summer tourists joining us for new shoots since international travel has been banned here for the past year. Hopefully we will see travellers coming back to Australia later in the year. In the meantime I hope you have been enjoying the summer shoots with our mates.

Working from Home

1 Nov, 2020

Back in August when it looked like the lock down in Melbourne was going to be extended through September (when I had planned to start shooting again) I got in touch with some of the guys to see if they would be up for making a video at home. And I have to say, the guys have done an outstanding job on their videos. I’m so impressed! Our mate Nate even headed down to the beach to make his video. I love how creative the guys got with each of their videos. These photos are from just a few of them. But now that we head into summer I’m looking forward to see them all again for new shoots.

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Melbourne in Lock Down

3 Aug, 2020


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It’s been a while since I have updated here. Today is the first day of stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne as we enter a new period of lock down. I’m really grateful to all our mates who pitched in and helped me make several months of shoots to update the site over winter. We do this every year in preparation for winter. This year the shooting break coincided with winter and the lock down. I still have a couple of months of shoots to edit to load onto the site. If the lock down goes on longer I will look at options of how we can continue to produce new shoots for the site. I do have a back up plan that will take us into next year.

Meet my cute new mate Connor Peters

27 Feb, 2020

Aussie boy Connor Peters

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Amongst the new guys joining us this summer is 21 year old Connor Peters. From the suburbs of Melbourne Connor has become popular very quickly from his first shoot and also his promotion of his OnlyFans account. He comes off as being a little shy at first, but he’s really a wild boy. He’s had many requests already from other guys wanting to shoot with him and also an interview with the guys from Boner Magazine. Since meeting a few weeks ago we had already done a few shoots. I’m looking forward to seeing him pair up with more of our hot mates.

New Mates – Danny Vega

13 Feb, 2020

Danny Vega is the Venezualan muscle boy showing off his big black cock for Bentley Race

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Each time I add a new model I will add a post here so you can get to know the guys a little better.  In this case it’s Danny Vega. The muscly 26 year old from Venezuela. I met Danny through Cristian (who’s shoot I posted last week). When Cristian couldn’t come for his first shoot, he recommended that his friend Danny come along. So he was a bit of a surprise when he arrived. He’s a really sweet guy who was up for having a fun shoot. I couldn’t stop touching his big muscly arms. I think these impromptu shoots always turn out to be the best. And I still can’t remember why the shoot started with Danny having no pants on.


New Mates – Cristian Berry

11 Feb, 2020

Cristian Berry

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Now that the summer season of shooting is back on track I am releasing the shoots of all the new guys I have been shooting with. This means that there are a lot more solo scenes at the moment as the guys do their first shoots. I am also getting the guys from last year back for new couple shoots starting this week. So it’s a very busy time for shooting and editing. In the meantime here is our new mate Cristian who I met and shot with in Berlin. He was a lot of fun to shoot with and looks great in the photos and video. Over the coming weeks there will be a mix of the shoots I did in Europe and the guys from back here at home going up on the site.

The Christmas break in Europe

6 Feb, 2020

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I’ve been a little quiet on here the past few weeks while I was travelling in Europe over Christmas and the new year period. It was fun seeing Berlin again and then spending a a little time in Moscow.  It was probably the coldest bleakest time to visit Europe, but it was the only time I could get off from my day job to travel. It was great getting to see my mates Ralf (pic), Kell and Justin again while I was there.  There were a few other guys that I unfortunately didn’t get to see. We had a few nice photo sessions and drank a lot of mulled wine and egg nog. Overall it was a really nice trip and made a few new friends along the way. But boy am I glad to be back at home in warm Melbourne now. It’s time to get busy and get back to shooting. Over the coming weeks I’ll be loading up the shoots from Germany as well as the new shoots I am doing here now. I gotta say, I’m excited about all the beautiful new guys coming up.

Welcome back Cody

19 Nov, 2019

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The summer season of shooting has begun again and I’m really excited to have my cute mate Cody James back doing some shoots with us.  Cody was passing through Melbourne a few weeks ago and dropped in for a little reunion shoot. And I gotta say he’s look fit as! We are also kicking off the new season with some hot new guys joining us. Damien, Andy, Dylan and Sarpa are back with us too. The next few months are going to be very busy!

Mid Winter Edits

1 Aug, 2019

Aussie porn boys stripping naked for Bentley Race

While I like winter in Melbourne and having a break from shooting, I also start to miss shooting after a couple of months. During the break I have had an operation on my leg.  And while I am recovering I have had some time to review the shoots from later summer before we finished the shooting season. I am really impressed by the guys we have been shooting with. Hopefully we will get to shoot with them again later in the year when it begins warming up again. And until we start shooting again, there are still a load of hot shoots and a couple of new guys coming up over the next few weeks. Above are some recent additions to the site.

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Moving from Shooting to Editing

2 Jun, 2019

Australia gay porn website Bentley Race showcases the sexiest mates downunder

I’m always excited at the end of each summer shooting season to look back over all the shoots we did. Every year it always seem to go very quick!  It started early back in October with the shoot between returning porn star Tate Ryder and his mate Perry Jameson and ended last weekend with a city shoot with Andy Samuel. And in between we were shooting every week. I’m so grateful to all the guys who gave up their weekends to come around for shoots. And I’m excited about the new guys who joined us in the past couple of months. Now I have to get to work and edit all the photos and videos we made. There’s a load of amazing shoots to load over the coming weeks.

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