Moving from Shooting to Editing

2 Jun, 2019

Australia gay porn website Bentley Race showcases the sexiest mates downunder

I'm always excited at the end of each summer shooting season to look back over all the shoots we did. Every year it always seem to go very quick!  It started early back in October with the shoot between returning porn star Tate Ryder and his mate Perry Jameson and ended last weekend with a city shoot with Andy Samuel. And in between we were shooting every week. I'm so grateful to all the guys who gave up their weekends to come around for shoots. And I'm excited about the new guys who joined us in the past couple of months. Now I have to get to work and edit all the photos and videos we made. There's a load of amazing shoots to load over the coming weeks.

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The long hot summer

21 Apr, 2019

Naked summer shoots in Melbourne

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As summer and the warms days of Autumn come to an end it's time to get busy editing all of the shoots. We have been shooting a tonne of stuff on every free day to get enough shoots to last through winter. It's been really nice staying in Australia over this summer. It meant that I got to meet a load of new guys and get them in to shoots with our old mates. And amazingly I still have some guys from Europe (last summer) to load up. So there is a tonne of new shoots coming. I can't wait to load all the new videos. There has been some really fun shoots (like the one above with Andy and Damien).

New Mates this Summer

27 Feb, 2019

Summer in Australia is in full swing now. I have been a little quiet on here because I have been so busy shooting new stuff for the site. There has been quite a lot of beautiful new guys getting in for their first shoots, and also bringing guys back from last summer for new couple shoots. I have actually had some trouble getting time to get all these new guys in and have had to knock back some good applicants. But hopefully I will catch up over the next couple of months and get everyone in for their shoots. In regards to loading the scenes on to the site, I am still posting a few shoots left over from Europe mixed in between the more recent shoots here in Australia. One of my favourite new models (pictured here) is 20 year old Andy Samuel from Colombia. His first shoot was a lot of fun. And there's many more to come with Andy.

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Back to Work

14 Jan, 2019

Aussie skinny dip in the pool

After a quick visit with my family over Christmas I hopped back to Melbourne to start shooting with the guys here.  It was a fairly slow start to the shooting season with a couple of model cancellations and a couple of shoots that didn't go ahead. But things are back in full swing now with the rest of January booked out. So I can't take any more new guys until next month now. But the good news is that some of our favourite mates are coming back for new shoots. And there are a bunch of new guys coming on board too. Sadly some of mates won't be coming back this summer because they either moved overseas, moved interstate, or got hitched during the winter break. There's always a chance I don't get to shoot again with our mates. So I'm always grateful for the new guys coming up.

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The Christmas Break

25 Dec, 2018

What a busy year it's been. On top of shooting a load of hot scenes with our mates in Australia, I also double up with all our sexy mates in Europe. So when I haven't been shooting in these past few months, I've been busy editing and loading up the new photos and videos. I'm on a short break now to see my family, and then later this week we will start back with the summer season of shoots.  But I wanted to stop and wish everyone a merry Christmas and a fun holiday season. It's going to be very hot here in Melbourne, so I hope you'll join us naked with our mates.

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Naked in the Park – Kell Fuller

6 Nov, 2018

Kell Fuller naked in the park

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It's been a while since I have been shooting out of the studio. My recent trip to Berlin in summer gave me the chance to try shooting out in the park. I figured that there was plenty of nude sunbaking out in the park, so I took Kell Fuller out one morning before it got busy in there to get some great photos. It really was a fun shoot. But I kinda realised that we could have been shooting anywhere. No one seemed to care that I had a naked guy running around the park. This is why I love shooting each year in Berlin. It was really great spending some time with Kell too.

Naked bike rider Kell Fuller stripped naked in Tiergarden

Summer Boys

29 Oct, 2018

Naked Aussie boys on the inner city roof in Melbourne

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Now that the days are getting longer and hotter in Melbourne I am getting ready for outdoor shoots again. I still have a load of shoots from my July visit to Europe. So I will be posting those amongst the shoots with our mates here in Melbourne. I am also pretty excited about getting some of the guys from the past back in for new shoots. There are a few surprises coming up. Some of these guys I have not seen for a few years. In the meantime here's the fun threesome rooftop shoot with Sam, Jesse and Layton at the end of last summer. I love our cheeky mates. Hopefully we will be seeing more of them too.

Wild Boys – Layton, Jesse and Sam

20 Sep, 2018

Hot gay Aussie 3 way action between Ben's mates Layton Jesse and Sam Sivahn on BentleyRace

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To round off the summer of shooting guys together I got Layton, Jesse and Sam back for one shoot together. These guys had already done shoots with each other, so I thought it would be fun to get them back for one all in shoot. It's the first time I have shot a group shoot by myself so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. The guys did all the hard work, I just made sure the cameras were catching everything. The photos in the studio look good. But it's the video that's the star of this shoot. Layton took over directing the action, and it was amazing. Lots of different positions. Lots of fucking. Even a few double penetrations there. The guys were definitely having fun. We also did some shooting outside which I will also load up soon.

New mates joining us – Ethan Czar

5 Sep, 2018

Polish gay twink star Ethan Czar posing naked for Bentley Race

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While I was visiting Berlin I met a bunch of new guys to shoot with. It was really hot while I was there so most didn't mind getting naked out on my little balcony. So I will be rolling out the new guys shoots in between the shoots I did earlier with my mates here in Melbourne. There are some really hot guys coming up, and some really amazing videos. Above is 22 year old Ethan Czar, who actually came around several times. I liked shooting with the Polish hottie. I got to catch up with some of our old mates too, like Kell Fuller and Marti Trifon. But right now I am flat out editing all those photos and videos from my travels. I will post a bit about each new model here as they come up.

Finishing up shooting in Berlin

26 Jul, 2018

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The past 5 weeks have gone so quick in Berlin!  I didn't think I would meet as many guys as I have on this trip. I've been a little quiet on the blog recently while I have been busy. As a result there are quite a lot of new guys now coming up, and a lot of hot galleries and videos. I am really impressed with the amount I got done here in the summer.  Of course the long days helps. Even shooting outdoors at 6am in full sun light was brilliant. I am now looking forward to getting back to Australia.

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